Discover the first steps to reclaiming your health

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Find hope in your body’s ability to heal itself, no longer using bandaids to cover your symptoms.


Increase awareness of your unwanted health symptoms and know without a doubt their root causes and how to address them.


Rid yourself of the marketing garbage that tells you you must shrink yourself in order to become healthy. 


Assess your symptoms, learn their root causes, and get started healing with cutting edge strategies and protocols!


What You’ll Get Out of This 3 Day Clinic…


This 3-part email series is #LOADED with the latest in root cause strategy for people who feel they go to the doctor’s office and aren’t seeing the lasting results they want. There are no bio-hacks, no icky dieting plans, just authentic strategy and protocols that address the root causes of your health symptoms. 

Assessments & Action Guides


These downloads are available to you and will help you understand and assess your symptoms and then what actions need to take place in order to get started! Seriously, these documents are well-loved by my membership community and 1:1 clients and I’m giving them to you for FREE!



3 x Teaching Sessions


The video teaching sessions can be watched or they can be listened to like a podcast while folding laundry or driving to and from work. In these teaching sessions I discuss root cause of your symptoms from the assessment, a little known and little used strategy to take action on those root causes, and how to apply them to your bio-individual needs. 

A Clear Pathway


You’re probably like many of my clients and members and have tried all the health programs out there and they don’t work. You want a clear pathway to beginning of your healing and health journey. I’ve got you and even offer a bio-individualized path you can take! You cannot go wrong in either option!


Discover How to Take the First ESSENTIAL Step to Reclaiming Your Health That Most Practitioners Completely Miss!


Learn cutting edge strategies and protocols

Optimize your detox process

Accelerate your results and reduce detox reactions


Join the 3-Day First Steps Clinic!

I am NOT about quick fixes or bandaid solutions. 


You get enough of that in modern medicine practices. Instead, I am dedicated to take the time necessary to address root causes, doing the RIGHT things in the RIGHT order for that RIGHT amount of time to achieve the optimal results you want.


Opening drainage pathways is your very first step in your health journey.


Please understand that opening these drainage pathways is not the sole solution to achieving a lifetime of increased energy, peak mental clarity, and optimal metabolism. Rather it is an essential first step in this process. 

Have You Ever Said These Things To Yourself?


“Is there any program out there that will EVER work for me?”


“Welp, my family genes are so strong, I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to beat heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.”


“Does my doctor actually hear me? See me? KNOW me?”


If so, then this clinic is for you!

I get it.  I really do.

You feel like you’re exhausted with yet another option, just adding on top of the things that didn’t work before, wondering if maybe you’re just one of the unlucky ones who are destined to feel this way forever. 
You’ve tried every dieting plan out there, hired nutrition coaches, gone to dietitians, counted the points/calories/macros, joined the Facebook groups all because the doctor said you needed to lose weight and it would solve everything. 
My dad was diagnosed diabetic in his 30s and had his first heart attack at age 42 and none of the surgeries or medicines ever helped him get better. 
In fact, I watched the struggle for decades how the expensive medicines did nothing to prevent or help him really because now at 71 years old is in stage 4 heart failure, in constant pain like he’s never felt before- because now his independence is nearly gone.  He feels like a burden to everyone else. 
For decades he saw dozens of physicians, surgeons, and dietitians and was NEVER treated in a way that addressed the root cause of his diseases. 
Because this is a common story in my family, I was told to believe this would be my story, too. 
❌ No one told me that I could beat diabetes and heart disease by eating healthy food for my body, working out, and opening my stagnant drainage pathways.
❌ No one told me that I could detox, eat healthy foods, and exercise till the cows come home and still have stagnant drainage pathways that coorrelate to those diseases. 
❌ No one told me that the strategies in the First Steps Clinic are an essential part of healing and health.
❌ No one told me health was more than a pant size.
If Drainage Pathways are so important, why didn’t anyone tell my dad or myself about this? 


  • Wants to address one of the primary root causes of health issues from weight issues, cravings, blood sugar or blood pressure imbalances, hormone issues, to chronic fatigue, to brain fog, skin issues, and beyond.
  • Is tired of band-aid solutions found in most modern medicine
  • Wants to help their body detox naturally AND get the most out of any other comprehensive health protocols they may be doing 




  • Looking for a quick, one-time fix-all solution and isn’t willing to learn and apply new practices or protocols




  • How to identify various signs drainage dysfunction in your body right now and in the future
  • The root causes that lead to drainage dysfunction in the first place
  • The specific protocols, products, and practices you can use to support each individual drainage pathway prior to and during detoxification (and receive a product guide that links you to the exact products Danielle uses in her clinic)
  • How to modify the protocol based on your sensitivity
  • What steps you can take to bio-individualize this process for you and your health journey


So if you’re SERIOUS about wanting to take the FIRST STEPS to achieving a lifetime of increased energy, top mental clarity, and optimal metabolism






WARNING: This training isn’t for everyone. The information inside this training is more than you’d find in most functional doctor’s office and yet I’m offering this information for FREE. You must be willing to do the work.

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