Foundational Holistic Wellness

A high-touch, intensive clinical, bio-individual approach to your wellness that looks at your body from a root cause perspective. We see your unwanted symptoms like imalanced cholesterol, headaches, migraines, digestive issues, weight imbalance, blood pressure, blood sugar, thyroid issues and whatever other issues you might have and know that there is an underlying cause.

Danielle leads her team of nutritional therapy practitioners who collaborate over each 1:1 client in a 12-month phased experience where you will experience the most rapid, noticeable and lasting improvements on your symptoms and maybe even some symptoms you didn’t realize you even had!

We start by you filling out in-depth forms that include your initial evaluation, a 3-day food and mood journal, and a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. These are for informational purposes and not used as integrative evaluation data. You’ll turn the forms in a week before your initial meeting with your practitioner. We’ll discuss which foundations are showing imbalances and together create a plan for addressing these. You will have follow up meetings to assess or discuss progress of your implemented protocols and recommendations.

The Wilderness of Wellness

The Wilderness of Wellness is literally everything you need to take back control of your health, start healing, and live your life abundantly, not held back by your body’s symptoms or size.

You want…

  • To get rid of all the gimmicks- eating from templates, not seeing results from your workouts, managing points, shakes that make you bloat and feel like poo
  • To learn and not just follow rules
  • Access to a health care practitioner, not just someone at a desk, a call center, a coach in a box, or a “boss babe”
  • To not only look good, but FEEL good, too
  • More than just weight loss, although that may be a part of your healing need
  • To know what to eat for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle for the long term 
  • To waste less energy on trying to figure out the conflicting online advice
  • Mental health support that goes along with living a healthy life
  • Access to alternative approaches to health and wellness that includes nutritional therapy, homeopathy, mental health, mindset, spiritual health, relational health, nutrition, and fitness
  • Workouts proven to increase muscle mass, improve cardiovascular and blood sugar markers, and create a better metabolism 
  • Someone to recommend therapeutic supplements and foods to support your body
  • A safe online community off of traditional social media where you can engage and grow

And that’s exactly what you’ll find inside The Wilderness of Wellness.

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