Team CIMC are not medical doctors, registered dietitians, or licensed therapists. They cannot treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any of your concerns. Instead, they mentor you and teach you skills and offer recommendations to navigate your specific bio-individual needs. 

Danielle Hofer

Danielle works with lifestyle & holistic health clients who are serious about making the changes necessary for their goals.

She loves Jesus, has been married to her husband, USAF Retired Veteran Dustin for seventeen years and is raising and homeschooling her three children.  You can find her in her garage gym, out on the trails hiking or backpacking, fly fishing, and kayaking when she’s not with her family or working. 

She works with those who want to drop excess body fat and those who want to reduce
blood sugar symptoms, reduce heart symptoms, and remove
unwanted parasites and pathogens.

Danielle works with female and male clients who:
  • Want to drop excess body fat as a first step to healing their health symptoms
  • Feel resistant to change but know they need to change their life
  • Were brought up learning to eat and/or show love with food in order to hide or cope 
  • Notice it’s getting harder to maintain or lose weight
  • Want to reduce or prevent symptoms like heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol imbalance, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, ADHD, low libido, menstrual issues, digestive issues, etc
  • Have symptoms that they just don’t feel their doctor is getting to the root cause of
  • Want to go through parasite cleanse and work toward better cellular health
  • Have lost their voice, don’t even remember who they are or how they got where they are right now
  • Know their genetics are strong for disease but want to manage better than prior generations


Credibility: National Association of Nutrition Professionals Member, Nutritional Therapy Association member, Cellcore Biosciences Approved Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Prenatal Postpartum Coach, Girls Gone Strong Level 1, Macro Missionary Level 1, Masters of Education, Bachelors of Science Secondary Education, Personal fighter of obesity and obesity related diseases; codependency, anger, anxiety, and more. 


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Aria Haney

Aria works with clients who experience unwanted health symptoms, especially those related to the thyroid, gut health, and hormones.

Aria herself has Hashimotos and is familiar with living a lifestyle conducive to supporting her diagnosis. With a gentle spirit, who loves Jesus, and her family, Aria is an empathetic & wise mentor.

Aria with clients who:
  • Are fully committed to making changes with their diet and lifestyle
  • Want to get to the root cause of their chronic fatigue, autoimmunity (Hashimoto’s), digestive issues, anxiety, and chronic stress
  • Need help or inspiration with meal prep
  • Are ready to make mindset shifts and let go of limiting beliefs
  • Are ready to be empowered to take back control of their health 
  • Want to make more informed decisions when it comes to dietary choices


Credibility: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Classical Pilates Instructor, Group Fitness Certification, Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing & Product Management

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Thomas Hylton

Thomas, a follower of Christ, works with lifestyle and athletic clients who are ready to make permanent changes and are serious about taking their health to the next level.

Thomas is married to his wife of sixteen years and raising two ornery boys. He loves working with his hands restoring/remodeling his home, driving and restoring muscle cars, riding motorcycles, lifting weights, and competing in bodybuilding shows when he’s not working as an engineer or with nutrition. 

Thomas works with male and female clients who:
  • Are serious about making permanent, sustainable changes to their current habits and lifestyle
  • Are former/active military personnel, established busy professional, athlete/former athletes looking to perform at a high level
  • Want a health first approach to re-compositioning their body using science-based approaches
  • Are looking to achieve a balanced approach to eating by practicing consistency over perfection, thus avoiding an all or nothing mindset
  • Are disciplined in every other area of life but their health
  • Want to possibly step on stage for a body building show or an athletic competition of some sort

Credibility: NASM, ISSA, NFT, MacroMissionary Level 1, NPC men’s physique competitor, Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. An avid lifter starting twenty-three years ago and realized the importance of nutrition in athletic performance but also his ability to do life well. 

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Lillie Pallo


Coming soon!

Laura Zollman

Laura prepares the lessons & offers group therapy support twice monthly for The Wilderness of Wellness members and 1:1 clients. She also offers a 1:1 Healthy Mindset package with homeopathy support.  

Laura is a gentle spirit, has listening skills like no other, and is able to meet you where you are to provide help through mental barriers to your wellness progress. She also knows the CIMC process first hand as she has her own testimonials to our methods.

Laura works with clients who: 
  • Want to break through mindset barriers holding them back from living life abundantly
  • Feel like they’ve lost themselves
  • Struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, codependency, etc
  • Need support for parenting and marriage issues
  • Feel they are struggling with generational legacy issues from their family of origin
  • Need sage advice from a mentor who truly empathizes and can provide them next best steps to move forward
  • Want homeopathic remedy support for their mindset/mental health issues

Credibility: Bachelor of Social Work, Bowen Center assisting family with parenting techniques, assisted troubled teens through school programs, offered group therapy to younger children in the form of play & education; YMCA, active in church serving in many capacities, adept at Montessori approach;  Positive Discipline Parenting Method; Creating a Calm Parent; Joette Calabrese Homeopathy 1 Course & utilizing homeopathy remedies for years. 

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Diana Sheets

Diana is our liaison from practitioner to client ensuring you understand your telehealth portal, clarifying  recommendations from your practitioner mentor, helps you with your appointment scheduling,  any clarifying CIMC methodology questions. She manages CIMC on the back end, keeps our team running, and is a client services specialist. 

Diana works full time for Lincoln Financial Group, is a mom to two, and married to a
supportive husband. For fun her family likes to camp and be outdoors as much as possible. 

Credibility: MacroMissionary Level 1, Bachelor of Arts in Business Management 

Jessica Phillips

Jessica is the manager of The Wilderness of Wellness. She also provides client satisfaction care and helps you get the most out of your CIMC Packages. 

She posts, responds, and supports you with client satisfaction needs and all things The Wilderness of Wellness which includes helping you navigate and ensure you’re attending the events you want to be part of.

Jessica has the biggest empathetic heart, loves nature, and loves serving others. She has a daughter, a husband, and is a dog mama of two.

Sam Zollman

A disabled veteran of our US Army, Sam furthers CIMC’s reach by providing much needed audio and video editing for the CIMC Podcast, YouTube Channel, and courses on The Wilderness of Wellness.

He is a husband to Laura and father to four children.

Jacquelyn Thompson

Jacquelyn is currently on sabbatical due to finishing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition. She is not taking clients at the moment.  

Jacquelyn works with lifestyle clients to help them achieve and  maintain a healthy body composition, all the while supporting the body’s cellular health.

She is newly married to her supportive husband, Karan, is a bikini competitor, working on her masters in clinical nutrition, and has a heart that cares for vulnerable animals. 

Jacquelyn works with female clients who:
  • Wish to have a bikini body and want to compete on stage or just want that type of body without competing
  • Are divorcees who have somewhere along the way lost themselves and their health and want to restore their wellness
  • Are brides-to-be and want to look & feel their best for their wedding day
  • Are young women struggling with navigating their nutrition and fitness
  • Gym goers who are tired of doing the work but not seeing physical changes 
  • Want to lose weight but need help navigating restaurants, dining out, etc
  • Busy professionals who travel a lot or have a lot of meetings throughout the day and healthy nutrition seems unattainable

Credibility: Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition*, Certificate of Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics, ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA Fitness Coach, ISSA Yoga Instructor, Associates in Culinary Arts, 

Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with Jacquelyn and learn more about her services below. 

You are a bio-individual, not a template or earner of points. We are here for you. The only thing we ask of you is to be honest with yourself and with us. A lot of change comes when we allow ourselves to be honest in a safe environment.

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