Mom–Tourette’s Lunch

Today I had the privilege of meeting my dear friend and mentor for lunch.  I took the children with me and we went to a local restaurant attached to the mall.  I was looking forward to this luncheon because she always lifts me up.  Remember, I’m surrounding myself with those that encourage me!

The kids and I get to the restaurant, get seated, and I go ahead and order for them since we were a bit early.  As soon as I sit my bags down my daughter starts to cry.

Really??  She was just put in the high chair for two minutes max!

I grab her a couple of snacks that I thankfully remembered and gave her her sippy of milk.  Nothing worked.  I finally gave her my phone and put on Daniel Tiger.  Silence!  Woo Hoo!!  Score one tally mark for this mama right here!

That imaginary tally mark not quite dry from my imaginary marker is already about to be erased when Dietrich says he wants to watch with sister. Then he complains but not embarrassingly or anything thank goodness.  It appears this luncheon may be a bit like talking to me on the phone… mother’s tourette’s….you know that syndrome where you’re talking to the person on the other end of the phone and can correct a child mid-sentence and continue your conversation all in one breath?

Well that was my lunch.  But it was so nice.  I got to get away and talk.  I got to have adult interaction.  I got to be encouraged, uplifted, fed spiritually and physically.  I was reminded who I am and what I stand for.

Lunch ended quickly because of course that high-strung, needy little girl couldn’t sit still any longer.  I strategically chose this restaurant because of its proximity to the mall’s play area.  So we strolled on over to the play area and were able to continue the conversation while the kids blew off some energy.

Though the daughter tried… she was tired, cranky, walked around with her hands on her hips.  She threw a few fits.  Probably six at the max in 20 minutes.  She got pushed by a boy and then she pushed him back and he pushed her straight to the ground.  Dramatic crying ensued.  Conversation paused.  My eyes went straight to that boy’s mama and I hate to admit, but if judgement could have shot through my eyes straight at her, it would have.  Maybe that would have gotten her attention away from her phone….

Do you have days like this?  Days where it just seems one of your children or maybe all of them are extra needy?  Maybe they make it difficult to have meaningful conversations with friends or maybe they are difficult to take out in public?

The way I choose to see it is that my daughter won’t always need me like she does now.  I probably won’t even notice the transition from her neediness to independence.  It is a growing process.  She’s less of a leader and more of a watcher or assessor.  She’s constantly assessing her situation and environment around her.  Will I remember this when she is older?  Will I remember just how great of a people reader she is (just like her mama) and trust her judgements?  Will I be let in on her assessments?  Will she be needy now so she understands what it is like to be comforted so that when I am in need she can comfort me?

While it may seem like I was annoyed (ok I really was at that mama that was too busy on her phone to even see what her boy did to my high-strung girl!) and may have had my mind going 6 bajillion different ways, and it was!, I really did enjoy my time.  I enjoyed the personal relationship I got to further build and learn from.  I enjoyed that time with my children that I will never get back.

Anyone else relate?  What do you do? How do you cope?!  Help some mamas out and leave a comment.  Let’s start a mama conversation about difficult outings.

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