Hey, I'm Danielle

Know Better. Do Better.

You can know what to do, but actually doing it is another thing.

I love Jesus. I love my family. And I get joy from having a front row view of people growing toward their goals because of what I’ve taught.

It wasn’t always like that, though. More of my life than not, I was held back by my weight and impending health conditions. It was February 2013 when I was sitting in the waiting room of a heart hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana waiting for my father to come out of a quintuple by-pass surgery, nursing my baby daughter, that I realised heart surgery was a common future for me. Sitting at over 300 pounds, diabetes and heart disease were on my horizon. While it felt common, I knew deep down heart disease is not normal. During that time I knew that I didn’t want to be a statistic. I didn’t know what was next, but I knew something had to change.

It took four more years, and I knew. It began with me admitting that I had a problem with food. In the past, I had done all of the fad dieting, MLM products, the pills from the doctor, and nothing stuck. I knew I needed to eat less and exercise more. I knew better. I needed to do better.

One day I had an OBGYN appointment, and my doctor invited me to a crossfit event about a 30 minute drive away from my house. I joked and laughed it off, because I had a baby that didn’t sleep, and I would have had to leave the house at 0400 to get to the gym on time. With that in the back of my head, I had an endocrinology appointment. My endocrinologist also suggested that I try a crossfit gym. I laughed and told him that my OB recommended the same thing and that I would look into it.

Saturday evening, my family and I were walking into church, and my friend who is a crossfit level 2 trainer invited me to join her next Friday at noon for free. I had no excuse.

I showed up that Friday to that gym with people who did not look like me, who did not have a life like me, and yet I was welcomed. Every single exercise was specifically modified for me so that I could participate no matter my body’s limitations. After that workout, I knew that it was about the food and not about the exercise. So at that moment, I scheduled a consultation with nutrition support at that gym. By handing over control of my food intake, I was able to get the help I needed to take what I knew and actually do better for myself.

I am a teacher by trade. It’s actually my gift. I get pure joy out of teaching what I have learned and help people apply knowledge to their lives. From inner-city middle school english teacher, to women’s ministry leader, to stay at home mom, to homeschool teacher, to now business owner, I am able to apply my skills and knowledge to help people live life abundantly.

Being limited by your physical size and or health conditions is embarrassing. We miss out on life experiences. I help people climb stairs without pain or shortness of breath. Fit in airplane seats with the original seatbelt. Explore the outdoors without fear of failure. Play with kids and grandkids all afternoon without pure exhaustion. I help people find the underlying root cause of the excess weight on their bodies. Most of all I help people find their confidence again.

My Credentials

  • Traditional Naturopathic Doctor
  • Cellcore Biosciences Approved Practitioner
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified Prenatal Postpartum Coach
  • GirlsGoneStrong Level-1+
  • MacroMissionary Level-1
  • Masters of Education: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • Bachelor of Science: Butler University
  • Personal fighter of long genetic lines of obesity and obesity related diseases; codependency, anger, anxiety, and more.

Naturopathic Services

The Wilderness of Wellness

The Wilderness of Wellness

Everything you need to take back control of your health, start healing, and live your life abundantly, not held back by your body’s symptoms or size.

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