"Danielle's results were exactly what I was looking for in my life."

"You'll learn so much. She will teach you how your food choices affect your body. Danielle has been so helpful by teaching me how to make better food choices to help me feel full longer without having food cravings and have mostly stopped my binge eating habits. She will never tell you you can't have something.

So far, I've lost 13 lbs in just over a month. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm confident that with Danielle's help, my days of being considered obese are numbered."

- KS

“I’ve never felt comfortable sharing as much and being as open with someone before. I tried to go at things alone and still kept things a secret for fear of not if, but when, I would fail again. Danielle’s faith in me has ignited a confidence level I’ve never had before, and her tenacity to not let me fail keeps me going. She makes me own up to my mishaps, but doesn’t make me feel ashamed. She helps me find the root of the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on it.”

- Carol

“I’ve learned so much more about what drives my addiction, and the deeper meaning behind things. I’ve also learned so much more just about balancing my food and life and making sure I’m taking care of the most important things. ‘Diet’ tips and tricks I had learned in the past weren’t really all that healthy and I’m learning more about feeding my body for what it needs, not just feeding my emotional wants.”

- C

"Danielle's results were exactly what I was looking for in my life. I didn't want a quick fix, I wanted to change my life so that I had life long tools to keep myself healthy and living as long as possible. If you aren't seeing results, try working with Danielle. Invest in yourself. The price includes so much that it is worth it."

- Theresa

Naturopathic Services

A clinical, bio-individual approach to your wellness by looking at your body from a foundational perspective.

The Wilderness of Wellness

Everything you need to take back control of your health, start healing, and live your life abundantly, not held back by your body’s symptoms or size.

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