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If you remember my first blog post was about not settling.  I don’t.  But with that came some topics that required further discussion.  Today I’d like to talk about the crazy issues going on in the mommy-hood life: competition.

You’ve been there, don’t tell me you haven’t.  You felt either better than the mom that has a screaming, tantrum-throwing child in the local Target.  Or maybe you were that mom with that kid and people looking at you with judging eyes.  Motherhood has become a competition of who is better than the other.

  • Working mom VS Stay at home Mom
  • Well-made up mom VS Glad I brushed my teeth today mom
  • Christian mom whose child knows bible verses VS Mom who barely gets to church on time
  • Children always seem to behave well VS Tantrum mom
  • Moms who don’t yell VS Mom who can’t stop yelling bc she’s at her wits end
  • Vaginal birth VS C-section
  • Fill in the blank  VS Fill in the blank.

I’m sure you can fill in so many more, but these come to the top of my head first.  Why can’t we just be moms and support one another?  What are we trying to do?  Why must a person will well-behaved kids intimidate you?  Why must we stare at a mom in the store when her child is going nuts?  Do we take the time to even see how close she is to tears?

A lady that I attend MOPS with shared a story about going to the Children’s Museum with her children.  She said how she was struggling with them because the kids weren’t behaving and so forth.  I’m not sure what the exact wording was, but it was clear she was distressed and frustrated.  Wouldn’t you know it, a mom walked up to her as she was trying to get her kids in the car to leave, and gave her a bag of chocolate.  Smiled, and walked on.

Chills?  I want to motivate you and me to do that.  Not necessarily gift chocolate to every mother that has insane children at the moment.  I want to challenge you to do something out of love for that mom.  Stop and ask her if you could pray over her and the children. A working mom that is complaining or struggling–send her flowers, give her uplifting words.  A stay at home mom who is complaining or struggling… That mom in the grocery line that has a child throwing a fit because he can’t get that one item… get down on eye level with the child and say, “You know sometimes we are allowed to get a special treat/toy.  But when we behave like this then we definitely don’t deserve it.  Let’s show your mom that next time you’re here, you deserve that treat/toy by behaving correctly.”  Something… anything…

Let me tell you this.  Encouragement is something that is hard to come by in today’s world.  I took the kids to Aldi shopping with me on pay day last month.  Our son is great at shopping, but our daughter who is 16 months now is not so great.  She does pretty well getting through the store, but hates the check out line.  She screams the whole time while I’m waiting, trying to get the items on the conveyer belt, and it is embarrassing because she isn’t quiet!

Two times this has happened and I’m by myself with the kids.  Two different times I’ve had a sweet African American lady help me out by encouraging me and talking to my daughter.  Entertaining her a little so I could finish.  A second time I had a sweet Apostolic woman do the same.  She came over to me and said, “Mom you’re doing a great job.  Always keep those kids with you as you do your daily routines and needs for the house.  I had 6 boys, homeschooled them, and we went through these difficult times too.  Keep it up.”

I cannot tell you how amazing I felt.  Blessed Beyond Belief.

Will you choose to bless a mom beyond belief?  How will you respond the next time you see a mom?

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