Better Habits Better You Course

Opens January 1, 2022! If you register today you can hold your slot for when it opens! 

The Better Habits Better You course is all about creating habits at your own pace that actually matter to long term wellness. Think about this course as a way to drown out all the conflicting information you’re constantly seeing. 


  • 26 weeks of content to support you for half of a whole year or more to creating healthy lifelong habits
  • Online app that houses your course, your resources, and access to Danielle Hofer, NTP and a community.
  • A workbook to print out and utilize as your self-care organizers including a calendar, habits, reflections, journal prompts, and more.
  • Functional fitness workout app- show up to the gym or your home gym with confidence.
  • Video teaching sessions, handouts, guides, recipe packs, shopping lists, etc.
  • Access to Danielle Hofer, NTP and her assistants to help guide you along the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to schedule appointments to meet with you?

1:1 sessions are not included in this course. This is a self-paced course and you are able to post inside the group activity feed or schedule discounted 1:1 sessions with Danielle or an assistant. 

Is this a program to lose weight?

While this course is not intended to help you lose weight, that may be a side effect. In fact, you are not given a set number of nutrients you are to be getting nor do we ask you to use an app to calculate those. You’re more complex than an app’s calculator can determine. This course will help you feel better, look better, and find confidence in your health and wellness journey.

What happens if I get behind on the course?

That’s the beauty of how I set this course up- it is for your OWN pace. I walk you through weekly check ins with yourself as if you’re working 1:1 with me. You’ll want to make sure you’re honest with yourself and your reflections before you move forward. Habits are like dominoes. If you don’t master and set the one up properly before the next one, all the dominos will begin to fall. 

Is the workbook included?

Yes! The workbook is included, but you’ll want to print out the e-book and get it spiral bound. 

Why did I set up an account on your telehealth account if the course is run through your app? 

By setting up your account on the telehealth platform it allows you to sign legal documentations, schedule appointments with me, and I can see your health history and history with me before we chat. 

Do I have to buy anything else other than the course?

You may just want to print and spiral bind your workbook, but other than that you don’t have to buy anything else to succeed with this course. 

hey, i’m Danielle

I love Jesus. I love my family. And I get joy from having a front row view of people growing toward their goals because of what I’ve taught.

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