Courses are all accessible under the membership platform, The Wilderness of Wellness. These courses are designed to help walk you through your bio-individual needs for the pursuit of wellness. Instead of the traditional 1:1 mentorship, you can utilize these courses on The Wilderness of Wellness and the meetings offered for you to get the support, education, and foundational approach you need. 

When you join The Wilderness of Wellness, you’re offered an assessment where at the end you’re given your next best steps and a plan of action. Follow the plan of action, show up to the live meetings offered, engage on the platform, and you’ll find the success you’re looking for and more. 

Many courses utilize Danielle’s highly sought after Cellcore Practitioner Code. Cellcore Biosciences looks at health and wellness from a foundational level, always looking at root cause. By utilizing these therapeutic nutrients alongside these courses Danielle’s created, you will find yourself on a journey to wellness like no other. 

The comprehensive protocol from Cellcore Biosciences is a course every one should go through no matter how healthy you think you are or how sick you might feel. If you’re looking to start somewhere on your wellness journey, wipe the slate clean, let your body function at its most optimal levels, this is a great starting place for you. 

Some common symptoms that these courses improve can be found at this link

Our bodies are born with detoxification organs: colon, liver & gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, and skin. Over time, with exposure to toxins internally or externally, our detoxification organs can have clogged pathways just like the plumbing inside your home can experience. This course walks you through the Cellcore drainage protocol and usually lasts 30-60 days depending on your sensitivity. 

This is the best starting point for every body’s needs and a prerequisite for many other courses. 

Scrub the gut’s regular “house cleaning” functions of unwanted materials and common intestinal build up in this 60 day course. Continue assisting the body’s routine elimination of toxins. That includes supporting kidney and liver drainage. Gently nurture the gut’s natural, healthy balance of bacteria and other microbes. Keep digestive juices flowing and intestinal contents moving.

You’ll begin seeing parasites and other unwanted matter come out in your stools in this phase.  

Pre-req: Prepare Course

This course must not be attempted prior to working through Prepare and Support courses. 

Ramp up efforts to support a healthy immune system balance and function. Support normal, systemic detox with Carbon Technology. With an ability to travel beyond the gut, this is the game changer for your protocol needs. Nurture the body’s natural detoxification of mild environmental exposures to unwanted elements.


This course lasts 60 days.

Pre-req: Prepare & Support


Peel away the layers that have stood in the way of a vibrant life and optimal health. Turn the tables on everyday toxicity and go deeper. You’ll support the body’s routine detoxification of mild environmental exposures to elemental toxins and man-made contaminants. The body was made to work well. Enjoy the fruits of effort to support the body’s healthy detoxification and favorable performance. 

This course lasts 60 days.

Pre-reqs: Prepare, Support, Build

In this course you will nurture immunity by fortifying your immune system’s natural ability to handle foreign invaders. Support the clean up of unwanted microbial factors. You’ll tackle what’s hiding. Promote immune cell activity deep within your body, such as in the joints, organs, and nervous system. Get to the root of stubborn issues. And you’ll nurture your body’s normal health-promoting functions by providing what’s needed to help preserve optimal well-being over the long term. 

This course lasts 60+ days.
Pre-reqs: Prepare, Support, Build

After completing the five courses: Prepare, Support, Build, Address, & Conquer, you’ll want to sustain that progress with this course.

This course will education you on how to support all that progress you attained with updated lifestyle habits, food choices, and use of therapeutic nutrients to support the deeper cellular health so your systems and root issues may resolve themselves as your body takes time to heal itself.  

This an ongoing course and allows for customizable add ons of therapeutic nutrients depending on your needs.

Fat Loss & Metabolic Courses

This course is meant for those with significant excess body fat to lose and a BMI category of upper overweight and obesity.

You’ve done it all. You cannot afford the 1:1 mentorships or maybe you want to start out working on your own through a course. You may have tried all the prescription medications and yet you struggle with sustaining any weight loss and body composition goals.

This course is different in that it acts as if you’re working alongside Danielle Hofer, NTP but at your own pace. She provides you all the tools you need for sustainable fat loss, body weight maintenance, and all the root issues that may be the cause of your over eating habits in the first place. 

Coming soon!

You’ve worked hard to get the weight off but now what? This course helps you to learn the basics of revere dieting which is also known as taking you back to maintenance. 1200 calories or less is not the end game.

You will learn how to live at your new body composition and then grow muscle tissue, support bone health, balance blood sugar, and continue to navigate life in harmony with food. 

Coming soon!

Optimize is designed to support the entire body and all of its processes by enhancing mitochondrial function, improving cell metabolism, and promoting cell repair and renewal. 

This is ideal for helping clients address concerns related to chronic inflammation and/or cellular dysfunction at the root level — such as blood sugar regulation, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, low energy, low immunity, metabolism, and more.

This course may may be a great starting place for you to get you over the hump of your current lifestyle issues.

You can also utilize this course for periods of high stress, post menopausal belly fat concerns, PCOS, menstrual issues, hormone imbalances, thyroid support, afternoon fatigue, insomnia, and more.


Coming soon!

Lifestyle Courses

Calling all athletes- whether the regular gym goer or athletes in competitive sports, this course is for you. 

The assumption for health when it comes to athletes is that they count their macros and workout so they must be healthy. And, yet, they experience symptoms of slow recovery, poor sleep, poor hormone health, aren’t recovering well, and their zeal for life has kind of gotten away from them. 

Athletes/consistent gym goers are usually exposed to over use of antibiotics, painkillers, corticosteroids, pre-performance stimulants, post-performance sleep aids, travel, work, family, and life stressors. This all is a recipe for a taxed central nervous system, digestive issues, poor diet, gut issues, autoimmune triggers, joint pain, constipation/diarrhea, poor amino acid profiles despite adequate protein. 

Have you hit plateaus in your performance? Are you ready to level up and grow to the next levels? Then this course is for you!

Coming soon!

Most people don’t know they are exposed to toxic mold. Mold illness results from mold growing indoors and producing toxins, such as mycotoxins, which can be harmful to the body.

Experiencing symptoms such as bloating, body rashes, brain fog, chest tightness, excessive fatigue, scent sensitivity, shortness of breath, and sinus infections? These may be signs pointing to mold toxicity. 

This course is a 4 month course approach to detoxing mycotoxins, optimizing cognitive and mitochondrial function, and supporting the gut microbiome, liver, and respiratory system.

Coming soon!

Gut Repair is a course for beginners new to foundational wellness who want to reduce specific symptoms listed below; or for those who are veterans of foundational wellness who just need a bit of upkeep after a vacation, food borne illness, a virus, antibiotic use, or other imbalance. 

This course and group of therapeutic nutrients can help to improve your symptoms of: bloating, gas, belching, diarrhea, constipation, skin issues, allergies, indigestion, chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor brain processing, hard/dry stools, alternating IBD/IBC, lower abdominal pain relived by passing stool or gas, use of antibiotics in the last year, fingernail or toe fungus, history of bladder or kidney infections, mucous in stool, suspect nutrient malabsorption, diverticulosis/diverticulitis, stomach cramps, fiber not helping constipation, history of pimples/skin eruptions, known food allergies, bad breath, feel full while eating, temporary relief with antacids, etc. 

Every month around the full moon, Melatonin drops and down regulates the immune system. There’s a spike in serotonin that enables parasitic activity during a full moon. A full moon cleanse is the perfect time to provide extra support to your body while removing unwanted pathogens at the height of their activity. 

Learn more on this blog post. 

Pre-req: Prepare Course. 
You must open your drainage pathways before you do a full moon cleanse. Start this now to prepare for your Full Moon Challenge!

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