Gut Repair Course

Gut Repair is a course for beginners new to foundational wellness who want to reduce specific symptoms listed below; or for those who are veterans of foundational wellness who just need a bit of upkeep after a vacation, food borne illness, a virus, antibiotic use, or other imbalance. 

You will be required to purchase four therapeutic nutrients from Cellcore with my practitioner code and be consistent in taking these nutrients to see a change in your gut health. 

The therapeutic nutrients you must purchase are therapeutic grade and there is nothing else like them out there. One product creates a sticky jelly-like substance inside your digestive tract to cling to all things that should not be there. Another product supports your liver, blood sugar, remove unwanted factors disrupting your immune system, improve bile flow and thus your ability to emulsify and digest fat and absorb nutrients properly. The third product binds to ammonia, improves sulfur pathways, and improves oxygenation of the cells. The last item you will purchase helps to keep the flow of your digestion going properly. 

This course and group of therapeutic nutrients can help to improve your symptoms of: bloating, gas, belching, diarrhea, constipation, skin issues, allergies, indigestion, chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor brain processing, hard/dry stools, alternating IBD/IBC, lower abdominal pain relived by passing stool or gas, use of antibiotics in the last year, fingernail or toe fungus, history of bladder or kidney infections, mucous in stool, suspect nutrient malabsorption, diverticulosis/diverticulitis, stomach cramps, fiber not helping constipation, history of pimples/skin eruptions, known food allergies, bad breath, feel full while eating, temporary relief with antacids, etc. 

What clients are saying…

  • My bloating was gone in just a few days! I feel so much better already and cannot wait to finish and move on to the next steps!
  • I used to pee all the time and now I think it was because I wasn’t actually emptying my bladder fully. I’m now peeing and feel done and empty.
  • I struggled to sleep for years. Within a few days of starting this course’s protocols I was sleeping 7 hours straight! I feel so much better!
  • Water weight has been an issue for me. I’m not overweight, and train in the gym a lot, eat all the right foods, but I always struggled with managing that water weight. After a few weeks into this protocol it is easier for me to maintain my weight.
  • I didn’t realize how stressed I was because now I can actually go hard and make better mind muscle connections in the gym! Gains are coming again!
  • My anxiety has been gone and mental clarity is back.   

Is this a parasite cleanse?

Yes! This is a safe method of starting the removal of unwanted elements in your body, specifically in your digestive tract. I offer more complete approaches to this as well and have next steps if you’re ready to go deeper. 

Where this course is hosted?

This course is hosted on my private Mighty Network and it is available via an app on mobile & on a web browser. 

Once you make you click purchase for this course material you’ll be sent to my telehealth platform to fill out paperwork and make your purchase. You’ll be sent an email immediately with details of joining the course and purchasing your products. 

Do I get access to you as the practitioner during this course?

Yes! You have an activity feed inside your course that you can post all your questions in and you’ll have access to discounted 1:1 calls with me, as well. 

How do I know what Cellcore Products I need?

Once you purchase and have filled out your paperwork, you will be sent an email directly with your link and information about how to join the course. Once in the course you will find an Overview and Welcome Module. Inside the Overview and Welcome Modules you’ll see the exact products we are using and my practitioner code in which to order under. You must order under my practitioner code. So if you’re working with another practitioner or have ordered from another practitioner, you must switch your code before working with me. 

How much do these products cost?

The cost of the products for this specific course totals $201.80. The cost of this course’s material is $29.99. The cost of my platform is $12.99/month and you may remove yourself at any time, but I guarantee you’ll want to stay once you see what we do here at CIMC on the network ;).   

What else do I get in this course?

You get access to my private social network where you can build community with like-minded individuals! You also get to be part of my Cellcore Community Space a place where people just like you are working through other parts and aspects of the Cellcore products. This platform does come with a monthly fee of $12.99 and you can end this subscription at anytime. 

What do I get inside your Private Network?

  • Priority access to me, your practitioner
  • Monthly recipe packs that include shopping lists
  • Workout app to show up at the gym with confidence or use your home equipment with confidence
  • Access to the Functional Fitness Space to ask workout questions, share video for form support, exercise swaps, etc
  • Weekly common health concern articles with actionable next steps
  • Discounted one-off 1:1 calls with me
  • Learn how to calculate the amount of protein and calories you should be eating & how to monitor that
  • My Pandemic support protocol
  • Webinars, trainings
  • Discounted Mental Health Group Therapy sessions
  • Discounted Homeopathy 1:1 appointments
  • Discounts on future courses you may enroll in!
  • Community in your pocket


Does this 30 day repair fix all my digestive problems?

Simply put, no. Thirty days is not enough time to allow your body to heal. This is just the beginning of your journey or it is an upkeep in your journey. 

I’m still not sure if this is the right place for me to start. 

Awesome! Let’s schedule a consult today and see what is the best choice for you in getting started. Schedule that consult here

What if I want to go deeper than just a 30 day program?

Excellent! You can work 1:1 with myself on your Foundational Holistic wellness, your body composition goals with the Complete Lifestyle Wellness 1:1 support, or you may want to schedule a consult and see which option is the best fit for you! Schedule that consult here.  If you’re ready to learn more, head to my Services page to learn more about the services. 

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