I am Found– Book Review



Did she see me? Does she really know who I am? Can my husband handle my story? Will I still be loved after I’m found out?

We all mess up. I screw things up so bad I look ridiculous at times. It happens more often that I care to admit. A recent time I remember is when I was sitting in a meeting about taking a product to the next level. My mouth opened before my brain said stop. Everyone’s eyes were on me. No one talking. My face went hot. Like so hot sweat beads started to form on my forehead’s hairline. Then I tried to play it all off and more sweat trickled down my temples. That I couldn’t hide.

My face and sweat showed what I tried to mask– my shame. Shame is part of life because we live in a fallen and imperfect world, but we don’t have to sit in it and hide.


The Bible study, I am Found: Quitting the game of hide and seek with God and Others is a call to get out from under your fig leaf and bring your shame to light. The study focuses on taking hold of our stories, even the messy, and owning it.

The study is in-depth, but not overwhelming like some studies on the market can be. It takes scripture and brings it to life in your story. You will explore Scripture differently than you may have in the past.

I am Found will forever change your life and move you to a place of confidence in your own story, your relationship with others, and your relationship with God.

If you’re interested in doing this study but don’t have a small group to do it with, consider joining me at IgniteWomen.com. We are offering I am Found as a virtual bible study. You just need to register to become a member (free) and purchase the workbook and you’re set!

You can purchase I am Found for $10 here.  For a limited time, each purchase will come with a free journal to use alongside your study.

Visit author Laura Dingman’s site here to learn more about her story.

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