Vitality Stack

Carefully sculpted to make sure your brain, heart, eyes, and other vitals are working at peak performance. Choose between separate bottles or convenient individual serving packets.


Better Habits, Better You Course

Develop healthy, life long habits that will leave you looking, feeling & performing at your best! This 26 week course will have you focusing on the “big rocks” of lifestyle wellness so that you can find confidence in your health. Who this is for: those looking for a real change to their wellness status and is also a great starting place for those not quite ready for intensive 1:1 nutrition support.
Coming January 2022

The Roadmap to Health

Improving your body’s symptoms by honoring the innate intelligence of your body, you will open your drainage pathways, support your detoxification organs to do what they are supposed to do, and reach down into your cells creating energy and healing opportunities.  Some outcomes you may find desirable: reduced symptoms of… parasites, blood sugar, cholesterol, brain fog, constipation, gas, yeast overgrowth, and more.

Coming January 2022

Cart to Plate

Discover easy weeknight meals, meal prepping techniques, and tips & tricks for balanced energy, budget, and lifestyle. Learn how to plan your meals for the week, organize your shopping list, how to buy, prepare, and eat foods so they don’t to waste, how to save time and reduce stress around meal planning and prepping, plus Monthly LIVE cooking sessions with your chef!

Gut Repair Course

Gut Repair is an introductory course for beginners new to foundational wellness who want to reduce specific symptoms OR for those who are veterans of foundational wellness who just need a bit of upkeep after vacation, food borne illness, a virus, antibiotic use, or other imbalance. 


More info coming soon!

CIMC Popular Services

Foundational Holistic Wellness+


A clinical, bio-individual approach to your wellness by looking at your body from a foundational perspective with Voxer access to your practitioner.

Empowered Complete Lifestyle Wellness


This is the most popular package for CIMC. This package will help you learn what macronutrients are, learn about what drives you to eat or overeat, and recognize why you got to the place you are now. We take it deep here. We also address things like habits, past traumas/hurts, learned behaviors, coping mechanisms, and the cycles you may find yourself in.

Inner Circle Group Wellness


Focused group approach to wellness.

My Favorite Products

Buy Me A Coffee

A fun way you can send me a thank you for content, mentorship, coaching, counseling, or learning something from me. My best focus comes when I’m drinking coffee and hyper focused on my tasks at hand.

Imperfect Produce

Saving food waste and saving money with a company that has the best customer service, and local produce, meats, dairy and dry goods products around. You have the ability to just take what they pack for you, or you can add and delete as much as you want during your shopping window. You can even skip weeks if you’re on vacation or out of town without penalty.

Barebones Bone Broth

Healthy broth for cooking and sipping. Use code CIMC for 15% off every order.

Beauty Counter

Activate Your NRF2 Pathway

NRF2 is best utilized with NRF1 & NAD. 

Axio- The brain Energy

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