Title: How Do you Give If You Have Nothing Left To Give

Date: December 29th 

Time: 7pm Eastern 

Speaker: Thomas Hylton from Lifestyle Designed Nutrition 

Cost: FREE

The cost of caregiving and over-booked calendars can lead to feeling overwhelm and burned out. 

When we get to the points of overwhelm and burnout, we are simply taken out of the game of life and forced to rest with sickness. 

Yet, if we do rest before then and pull back we feel guilt and shame over not doing “enough” or being there for our people “enough.” We may be letting people manipulate us into doing what may seem good, but not good right now

Join us with our special guest speaker, Thomas Hylton, as he takes us through this idea of making sure we take care of ourselves so we can  be healthy and whole for those people and tasks that need us.


The Wilderness of Wellness is a retreat from media’s influences into your wellness. We all grew up standing at the grocery check out with our moms and the magazines on the racks showed us we should always be trying the next diet and our waists should look just like the Slim Fast can sucked in with a belt. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge into a different world of wellness- wellness that supports root cause of your unwanted symptoms, The Wilderness of Wellness is for you. 


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