Welcome to Motherhood!

Motherhood is a wild ride.  Last night my husband and I took our two children out to dinner for appetizers at our favorite brewery, Rock Bottom.  Some of the back story:  My husband’s 36th birthday was Friday.  I already scheduled a play date that morning with some friends from MOPs, but he took the day off anyway.  He ended up being gone nearly the whole day because he needed his car worked on.  He was so upset that he was gone so long, tired, and hungry that of course he was a bit cranky.  I was a bit cranky, too, because I wanted to take him out to a lavish dinner with our family and enjoy one another.  That of course didn’t happen.  Saturday rolls around and he had a prior commitment to going to the county HAMvention.  So again he was gone longer than expected, plans changed, the kids were hungry and tired so I fed them and put our youngest down for a nap before he even got home.  Needless to say I was upset again that we weren’t going to get to go out.  As a consolation, we chose to go to Rock Bottom Brewery for appetizers.

We pile the kids into the car, ensure sippies, snacks, and our youngest’s food is packed.  Of course I needed to make sure diapers were packed and ready to go as well.  I parallel park downtown near one block from the restaurant (score one for Mama!) and we walk across the downtown city streets to get to our restaurant.  Now this restaurant holds some major importance to us as this is where I went to eat while in labor for our second child!  (another story for another time).  We ask the hostess to seat us outside as it was a beautiful Midwestern day.  We order our nachos, the oldest has to potty.  My husband takes him to the potty.  Once they are seated again, a super fit woman comes up to ask me about my diaper bag.  She says she’s pregnant but looks like she just got out of the gym in her super short work out shorts and tight tank top with cute hair and cute headband, ok you get my point.  Anyway she was pregnant with a tiny little pooch I saw as she walked away.  My husband and I look across at our surroundings and together notice this very relaxed couple sitting against the windows outside just sipping on their beers, enjoying their appetizers slowly, and people watching.  Almost simultaneously we look at each other and reminisce how the days used to be.

We were that couple with nothing to do but enjoy one another’s company.  But now we are parents.  We had the desires of our heart fulfilled with two beautiful babies in front of us.  We realized as well that we’d probably never have that again until the children are in college or possibly high school at the earliest.  But the best part is–my husband STILL wants to spend that time with ME!  He desires me and my time, STILL!  After 8 years of marriage, and nearing 11 years of being together exclusively, we’re still into one another and still enjoy each other.

So moms, if you’re feeling like life will never be the same again after having kids–it won’t!  You mold your life and relationships around your new life with children.  Sometimes it may be an abrupt change, but it’s so worth it in the end when you look into that child’s eyes and hear them say, “Lubb you, Mommy.”

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