Are you ready to live life abundantly, not held back by your body’s size nor health symptoms, improve your mindset, healthy habits, deepen your relationship with Christ, and build relationships with other like-minded women?

My proven, signature framework, the Success Path, is helping Christian women, just like you, do just that. And I want to share it with you!

Take the endless research, trying new dieting programs that always over promise and under deliver, save time and energy while feeling supported as you start your holistic health journey on your own terms.  

There comes a time…

when you just can’t move further in your health journey without the right kind of help
  • No more downloading freebies & attending free seminars that teach you snippets but never the full thing nor how to modify it to your life. 
  • No more scrolling social media for free tips that you try to piece together (but they fail to get you any real results.)
  • No more wasting time reading food labels at the grocery store, doing workouts at the gym hoping you’re doing the right things for your needs. 

Trigger Warning:


is there a benefit to you being unwell? 

There are benefits of staying unhealthy, actually.

Identity. Security. Attention. Not having to face fears of change. 


The woman, ready to take radical responsibility of her health and wellness knows she needs tools, skills, and an environment around her that encourages her to continue taking care of herself even when it’s hard and seems impossible. 


Fact: Your environment is responsible for 90% of your results.

The Wilderness of Wellness is


  • Deep conversations that aren’t just about one area of their life: i.e. Bible study groups talk about surface level spirituality or Mom groups just talk about kids. We encompass all of who you are.
  • Address your wellness at a self-paced method- you cannot get behind!
  • Access to my exclusive 6 Phase Success Path (step-by-step health coaching)
  • Monthly challenges that provide a minimum & maximum to help meet your goals each month.
  • Endless healthy recipes so you’re never in a rut when it comes to meal planning.
  • Learning with my up-to-date trainings monthly (Being a membership, you have the ability to rewatch these if you can’t be there live, again doing health at your own pace!)
  • Get access to a monthly group coaching call with me and your WoW sisters (group coaching is extremely valuable as you learn when your peers get their questions answered too).
  • Connect with other like-minded women across the glob inside my members only platform!  This is where members help one another, collaborate, and form tight bonds that last a lifetime!


When you’ve Mastered the WoW Success Path Framework You Will:

  • Say goodbye to all-or-nothing and yo-yo dieting patterns that have plagued you for years. 
  • Become a woman that allows her no to be no and yes to be yes without having to explain away your decisions. 
  • Break cycles and patterns in your life that have actually been holding you back from living your life by design vs living your life by the default ruts. 
  • Break the habits that ensue when when life gets too overwhelming and then you self-harm by isolating, eating your emotions, or engaging in enabling behaviors. 
  • Not have to count calories, macros, or eat from a list of good and bad foods. 
  • Know exactly what to do with your lifestyle habits, what supplements to take to support your overall wellness, and live life not held back by your body’s size nor symptoms. 

Here’s what you get inside the Wilderness of Wellness:





a FREE symptom burden assessment plus session with me where you’ll walk away with a protocol just for you just for being on the waitlist!


Hello! I’m Dr. Danielle!

I’m a wife to a retired USAF veteran, a homeschooling mom of three, I love Jesus, climbing mountains, and I’m the founder of The Wilderness of Wellness. 

Hey Sister, I’m so glad you’re here. This means you’re ready to transform your health and wellness in a way that brings your whole being into account, not just your health. You want to experience spiritual support pointing you back to Jesus and you want to have freedom from the diet culture. 

This is how I know you’re awesome- you’re ready to join the other like-minded, intergenerational group of ladies in this community who area experiencing what it’s like first hand to live life together and get healthy all at the same time. 

Oh and all those feelings you’re feeling right now? It wasn’t that long ago I was in your shoes. Investing in yourself can be scary, but it’s worth it – I know because I’ve made the same investments into my own health and wellness.  

In fact, to this day I STILL invest in myself. I surround myself with practitioners, mentors, and coaches and never stop building my skills. Why? Because I know there is no cap to the value investing in myself can bring.

The real question becomes:

How can you get the health results you deserve without having to conform to an overhaul dieting plan that perpetuates scarcity mindset, overwhelm, and promotes the American Heart Association’s non whole foods plan that gets you sick anyway?

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