A Change of Roles

It’s that time of year again and my Facebook newsfeed is full of my friends posting pictures of their children’s first day of school.  This time of year makes me a bit nostalgic: it’s been the definition of who I am.  You see, I am a teacher and student by nature.  I love school so much that I’ve contemplated my next degree and even thinking of getting a degree in a different area! (Sh! Don’t tell my husband!!).

Something else this time of year does to me is make me see the ever-changing roles in my life.  I was a student for many years.  I then became a teacher.  I enjoyed every bit of my teaching experience and those students of whom I miss dearly.  I do miss the classroom, but my role has changed.  I’m now a mom who chose to stay at home because I was unable to give 100% to my students, husband, and children.  I give kudos to those moms who make it all work for them, but going back for one semester after having my first child was devastating to my home life.  The house was a mess, the laundry was never done, and I never had time with my husband because I would spend all my time in the evening with our son and then grading papers or planning.  Something had to give–and I gave up teaching.

Now I look at my 3 year old son.  We have enrolled him in preschool this year at a local private Lutheran school.  Little did I understand the change of my role in his life until now.  It still seems surreal.  I am a mom of a 3 year old who is so excited to go to school.  He’s yearning for a social life and an education.  In him and this little bit of his personality I see myself all over again.  I see how much I enjoyed learning and the act of school.  So my role of constant caregiver is slowly coming to an end for my son.  I’ve done my job right.  I’ve created a boy that wants to be independent and learn on his own.  Hopefully I can foster that and continue to teach him how to think for himself, be a strong and independent young man, always choosing the right, but if he happens to make a wrong decision along the way–he will know without a doubt I will be there to help him right his wrongs.  I will help him learn from his mistakes.  I will not hold his mistakes against him.  In fact, I will grow alongside him.

So with that said, even though this family is embarking on new territory in parenthood, there are nothing but positives that can come from it.  We will be growing together and facing this life together as a family.

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