I am a wife

Today my husband had to drill so it was just like any other work day: Husband gets up, gets around and leaves for work (he’s active Air Force), I get up when the kids get up and take care of them all day.  I got to thinking, though, and I was a little annoyed my husband had to drill today.  Then I started thinking, well I’m just fortunate that he is able to train those guardsmen that fly to help keep us safe.  So, instead of wallowing in my sorrow of being home alone yet again, I took the kids to the Fashion Mall.  Norstrom is having their Anniversary sale and last year I got some really good deals for our and the upcoming baby girl.  This year the sales were terrible but I did get my first pair of TOMS!  Woo Hoo!

Enough about my day.  The topic of this post is about being a wife.  I have never before entered into a relationship with anyone that truly resembles how our relationship with Christ should be.  I struggle with pride–I don’t want to give in to anything.  I don’t want to be wrong.  Simple as that, but as hard as that.  It causes riffs in the relationship with my husband (because we are both this way–ok wait EVERYONE is full of pride).  It has taken eight years of marriage to realize just how much work a marriage is.  Marriage isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s not to be entered into lightly because it takes a lot of work–on each individual.  I’ve changed so much since being married.  I’m learning what it means to submit to Jesus because I submit to my husband in certain areas.  Year by year a little piece of the old me goes away and the new united me has a vibrant presence.  Just like my relationship with Christ–the more I give in to Him, the more little pieces of me go away and the light of the King can shine through me.

But just like anything else in life, marriage takes work.  I find it amusing but so refreshing to see the use of our son’s new bath crayons as a positive reinforcement to our relationship.

IMG_5892It may look or seem dumb to an outsider, but simple words of affirmation mean the world.  When I saw my husband left a note to me saying “I appreciate you” it was almost like an answer to prayer because sometimes I do feel unappreciated as a wife or mother to his children.  Being a mom or wife is a job that one doesn’t go into expecting big rewards because it is totally under paid (monetarily) and very tiring and frustrating at times.

So in essence–when I hear the news of someone becoming a wife, I pray for them.  I want them to know marriage may be the best years of their lives, but it will also be the most difficult as you fight from molding yourself into the other person.

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