A teething girl

I know it is something natural and happens to all parents.  I’d heard the horror stories of screaming, inconsolable babies that kept parents up at night.  Our first was an easy teether.  Only a few times was he fussy but most times we didn’t realize he was getting teeth until they were already through.  The molars were tough, even had an ear infection around that time, but even that was just a day and he was fine.  Those horror stories I heard… have recently become my nightmare.

Our daughter of course is completely different that our son.  She’s been teething now for the past three days and the teeth are just taking their sweet time coming through.  She is getting her top side teeth first.  They are very blunt for being the side teeth, but this poor girl is in pain almost all the time.  The only relief she’s had is ibuprofen and Tylenol alternated and tons of frozen chewies or frozen fruit in one of those mesh teethers.

The plus side of teething: I’ve taken this chance to wean her from exclusive breastfeeding to breast milk in her sippy!  Woo Hoo!

Anyone else have any horror stories to share with us?

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