First day of Preschool

Our son is just 3 years old, but we knew about Christmastime last year that he was ready for a more structured school-like atmosphere.  In January I enrolled in at a local Lutheran preschool.  So today was the day.  Today was the day that I dreamt about often, even as a youngster.  School is seriously in my blood!

I had the idea that Dietrich would wake up excited, not able to get dressed fast enough to get ready to go to school.  I dreamed of a luxurious breakfast, a cute Pinterest-inspired picture of his first day of school.

Dreams are just that… Dreams!  This morning Dietrich didn’t want to get up.  He cried because he had to get up early.  “My eyes hurt.  I’m still sleeping Mommy.”  I finally get him dressed in his new school attire a Gymboree polo and khaki shorts, tennis shoes, and socks.  I unwrap a granola bar and a nutrigrain bar, throw it in a bowl as he sits on the couch waking up.  I hand him some milk in his sippy.  I give him about 10 minutes to eat what little breakfast that was and then I rush him to get his teeth brushed.  We grab the rest of said breakfast and head out the door ensuring he had his “bap pap” and all necessary supplies inside.  The pictures I got were from the side (because I ran to get one) and the rest were from the behind.  He didn’t hold a cute sign that said any of his goals, likes, etc.  He had a rubbermaid container holding his unfinished nutrigrain bar and his sippy of milk with a blue Monster‘s backback on trying to crawl into the car.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he cried on the way into the building because Mommy and Daylan weren’t going to stay with him.  But when he saw his teacher he was off and forgot about us.  That was a plus, so happy he made it just fine.  Mommy and Daddy had no tears and Dietrich was finally secure once he saw his teacher.  I felt like I got something right!

UNTIL…. pick up!  I sat my alarm on my phone for 11 am so I wouldn’t be so deep into something I forgot what time it was.  I sat at home making Reading Logs for the two kids and got it prepared so they could track their reading every night.  My alarm goes off at 11, I hit snooze, finish up what I’m doing, then get in the car and head out.  As I hit the second stoplight from the house I had a realization.  I WAS SUPPOSED TO PICK DIETRICH UP AT 11!!!!!!

I cannot tell you the panic I felt in the pit of my stomach.  I grab my phone, call Dustin quickly, have him give me the phone number to the school.  I’m typing it into my phone, trying to drive the 45mph around everyone to get down to the school.  I call the office and they were so supportive and asked if he was “128”.  Yep that’s my kid… He’s in the office and he’s just fine.  So I pull up, nearly run into the office, and the secretary was so very kind and sweet and reassured me this happens all the time.  Oh really, I thought?  Where are the other kids that got left behind?  THERE WEREN’T ANY!!!

Two things learned from today:

1.I’m obviously not one of those moms that cries when their child goes to preschool.

2. I don’t think I’ll forget my kid again.

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