Change of Scenery

I’m one of those people that could sit at the mall, in my own world, watching everyone go about their lives. Not saying I’ve done this or anything, because I haven’t actually sat down to do this. But I do watch everyone as I am walking through the mall.

The woman dragging a screaming child along with embarrassment colored on her face–I see her. The elderly couple holding hands power walking with their snow white New Balances–I see them. The single woman, dressed to kill in her fresh, in-style clothes–I see her too.

The group of teenage boys. The boys I probably wouldn’t have thought much about in prior years, I see them. I see boys trying to find their place as men in this world. Enjoying each other’s company because they don’t want to go at this alone. Usually just strolling the mall trying to get a little attention to boost their precious egos so they feel relevant.

I think teen girls are who keep the malls in business, still to this day. I see them. I see them trying to find their confidence, trying out different behaviors, seeing what will get them attention and feel relevant.

I love studying people and watching their behaviors. It is what causes me to really love humanity. My heart breaks when I see injustice. Or a teenager going about life that will ultimately end in demise. My heart breaks for the woman who is so made up that what she’s hiding is no longer covered.

Precious. Precious lives God has created on this earth.

So knowing this about me, it isn’t a stretch to see that I’d be drawn to reality tv. The Real Housewives on Bravo, to be exact.


I fell in love with the Peaches of Atlanta, the Oranges in Orange County, The Belles of Beverly Hills, and the whole different culture that is New Jersey.

I know many other women watch these too because they are still getting the viewership to keep them in business. Originally I was so mesmerized by the lives of those behind the gates of the O.C. Being from the Midwest, their life style is so foreign. It’s exhilarating. It’s beautiful. It’s plastic and looks perfect.

Soon I’d get drawn in to the drama, the insecurities, the outward appearances. I’d compare my children’s birthday parties to their displays of small carnival experiences. I’d see that I wasn’t beautiful enough for my husband. Discontent with my house and what I didn’t have all came forward.

Why? Why did I subject myself to this? How did I let this happen to easily?

Simple. The Enemy knows just how to get his foot in the door of each of us. He is limited in his abilities to see the future, but he can see the right now. I opened the door for satan to enter my life, through a stinkin’ tv program.

You see, I was “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10). You are created the same.

God knew your name BEFORE creation and prepared in ADVANCE our work.

Do you grasp that overwhelming fact? That your God has a purpose for you that he prepared at creation?  Um seriously?!

My purpose is not to sit watching The Real Housewives and wallow in what I don’t have or comparing myself to those lady’s lives. Because honestly, we really are all struggling with something and hiding behind something else.

Make up. Plastic Surgery. Money. Food. Alcohol. Porn. Drugs. Shopping.

Going deeper and more personal… my 2 year old daughter grabbed an US Weekly magazine from the kitchen and brought it to me. I wasn’t quite sure if she meant she wanted to read it or if she was just handing it to me as a favor. But I’ll tell you one thing, it opened my eyes to what I didn’t want my daughter to experience too soon–Seeing beautiful women and comparing their photoshopped images to herself. Thinking that is how she is supposed to look or act.

Wake up call… I need to continue to be the woman I want my daughter to look up to and to be better than. Watching that series of shows does not show her what I want her to see. Her purpose isn’t in the plastic life. It is to further the Kingdom of God–and so is ours.

I challenge you today. Let’s start to unveil who we really are. Unveil the purpose for which God has created us.

Where have you visually allowed open doors for the enemy to attack?

Feel free to start the conversation below.


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