My favorite local coffee roasting!
My favorite local coffee roasting! Hubbard & Cravens

Last year, to start the year I did the Daniel Fast. I went into it thinking I would be fasting over the ministry I’m working with: for provision, the right heart, etc.

What I got out of it was so much more. I can’t even begin to describe what’s happened, yet, because it is still on going. Watching God move so intimately in my life–I’d never trade that for anything.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Daniel Fast, a simple run down–no dairy, no meat, no bread, and no caffeine for 21 days!

I did okay for awhile with the food restrictions. It got boring and all and I did have less energy. But what I didn’t realize is how dependent upon coffee I was.  I remember a time during this three weeks that my husband needed something from Target. I just parked on the side that his item was and he ran in quickly to get it. What I didn’t think he’d do, was grab that all-too-tempting cup of coffee from Starbucks on his way in.

If eyes could kill he would have been dead on the spot. He had the audacity to bring that steaming cup of whatever bold roast that was into the small confines of the car. I looked at him and said, “really?!” His response, “Oh, I’m sorry I forgot.”

I had to drive home smelling that beautiful comfort and deliciousness…

Why do I I still remember this conversation and situation nearly a year later? Why do I even care? What’s it matter?

I am actually writing this on December 24th. The night before our Savior was born. The night that a beautiful teenaged woman would give birth to a baby boy that she did not get to keep long in her life. Well, actually, he never really was “hers.”

All too often we get into the mindset that things are ours. Those of you who are mothers, you probably get it. This is MY baby and you will NOT take him from me. Ya know, Mama Bear? But really, your precious bundle of joy is actually God’s gift that He entrusts you to raise FOR Him, not for yourself. Remember this world is not about us, it’s about furthering His kingdom.

So how does coffee and that story of coffee relate to this? Coffee is a gift to enjoy from God. It is not meant to be a dependence for me to find comfort. I truly find comfort in waking up to see my husband has started a pot of coffee for me before he leaves for work. Then I enjoy the rest of the morning and sometimes afternoon, chugging and/or sipping on its sweet comfort.

I use coffee to wake up. It is warm, soothing, gives me a bit of energy to get me over the hump of waiting the hour after taking my thyroid medicine.

I use coffee as a means of not eating. I struggle with controlling and losing weight. If I just have another cup of coffee I can stave off my hunger for another hour, at least.

I use coffee as comfort. It is warm. It’s familiarity makes me confident and able to face the day. Get my tasks done. In fact I’m sitting here staring at a cup of coffee that needs refilled. Why? Because I want more comfort.

I use coffee as a social excuse. In our country, when we socialize it is usually over food or drink. I don’t want to use alcohol for personal convictions, so I will choose coffee. It has fewer calories, and yes I do like my coffee black.

After that Daniel Fast at the beginning of 2014, I craved coffee and went to it as a dependency of comfort. Back in November I started feeling the tug of needing to fast again. I had the audacity to tell God I did not want to do the Daniel Fast again. It was so much work and I didn’t want to give up my coffee.

I kept praying and kept trying to avoid the inevitable. God was telling me coffee. Coffee. Ugh really?! Again?

I’ve had a situation in the recent past that God asked me if I was desperate. I mean I actually heard his voice in my heart ask me. God I am desperate for you. If coffee is what you want me to give up so I can find my comfort in You instead of a beautiful cup of freshly brewed coffee? I’ll do it.

After all, it’s just coffee, not a kid or anything like Abraham was asked to do! If you’re unfamiliar with an amazing story of desperate for God no matter what He asks you to sacrifice?  Grab your bible and check out Genesis 22:2-8.

So I will be fasting coffee. Every. Single. Day. for 21 days in January. It may end up longer than that because of some physical needs for my body during this time. God has made it abundantly clear that coffee is to go, at least for now.

God has big plans for me this next year. I don’t want to miss a single moment of what He is doing in and through me.

I’ve given up New Year’s Resolutions. Because those are behavior modifications, not lasting changes. I’ve decided to give God the priority and let Him be the guide of what He wants to work on in me.

What are you doing for your New Year? What plans do you have? Has God asked you to do something you really don’t want to do?

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