Common Mom Problems

So I went on google and searched “issues moms face” and something interested popped up first:  “5 Common New-Mom Challenges”.  As I read there is one of those pages that you have to click next to see all the information (annoying!), but it’s interesting to see what these new mom challenges are and I wanted to see if I had experienced them.

1. Breastfeeding.

I agree that breastfeeding isn’t the easiest of all tasks that moms do.  Not only does mom have to learn it, but mom must teach a baby that has just entered the world how to do it.  There is no language that can be used; the child doesn’t understand moms words.  It is all about practice practice practice.  It’s difficult and easy to feel thoughts of giving up especially with how tired moms are after laboring and delivering!  In my mind I always told myself it’s a rough three weeks, and once I get to three months it will be natural.  That’s it.  Think of it as a marathon–by three months you’ll be thankful you don’t have to wash bottles, or lose one only to find it has mold in the nipples or stuck to the bottom of the bottle. (Not that that’s happened in this house, ha!).

2. You Hate your Husband

Like the article says, “hate” is a strong word, but it’s true.  It’s natural to think a hundred times that you are going to leave your husband or how in the world will I ever look at him the same?  It’s hormones!  Get yourself on walks, exercise, get out of the house.  Get yourself feeling like an individual again.  Learn to love yourself and this new role you’ve taken on.  Let your spouse in on what you’re thinking.  Let him know you’re struggling. Communication is key.  (And Exercise was my key!!).  My husband and I would joke before and after having our second child because we knew it was coming.  He was supportive and I was vocal about how I was feeling.  He acknowledged and helped me through the problems.

3. Feeling fat.

It happens.  You’re not in the same body anymore.  You’ve just grown a HUMAN BEING in that body!  How in the world will it ever go back to before?  Most likely it won’t.  It will change and stay a different shape even if you’ve lost all your baby weight.  The best part about this is that husbands tend to like the body afterwards better than the body before.  They have a stronger appreciation for your body.  It’s carried and grown his child.  It’s gone through a ton of trauma and he appreciates it.

4. Issues of going back to work or your job.

This was a struggle of mine.  I did go back to teaching for a semester and I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t like the idea of someone else raising my child/ren.  I am one that gives 100% at my job and cannot give 100% at home to my husband and kids.  I fought it!  I fought it hard, but ultimately I gave in and decided to be a stay at home mom.  Some moms can’t make that decision.  Some moms choose not to.  But regardless of your choice, make the decision and make it work for you–whatever that may mean.

5. Perfection.

Perfection is a lie and it comes straight from the enemy.  I struggle with this daily in my own life, let alone when it came to being a mom.  I played the comparison game.  I found myself sad and really down on myself when I was playing that game.  So I decided instead to search in books for help in places I thought I was struggling.  After researching, I realized I wasn’t struggling in the areas I thought I was–I was struggling with MY OWN PERCEPTIONS.

Don’t play this game.  Don’t allow comparison to take over your life.  You are who you are.  Your style of parenting is different than others because you’re equipped differently for different issues.

As I look over these “common mom problems” I do see that these probably were my biggest fears and concerns as a first time mom and even to this day.  Motherhood is a choice.  We either just pass through it without paying much appreciation to it, or we really work at it.  We allow ourselves to be changed.  We allow our attitudes and outlooks to be real.

What did you struggle with as a new mom?  Did you struggle with any of these or are you still struggling now?


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