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Every day I look at my sweet children, my home, and know I needed to post something!  There’s always something going on that’s worthy to share for other mothers and wives to fine some kind of solace.  These past few weeks have seemed to be somewhat hectic and all I wanted to do was sit when I had a moment of time to myself.

My daughter turned one.  She isn’t a “baby” per se anymore.  I already see her as a having a young woman’s eyes staring back at me.  I see her soaking up everything I do or don’t do.  (More to post on this at a later time).

My son has begun really enjoying learning his Bible verses for preschool.  He’s enjoying the social time and learning self-control, how to play with other children, and really enjoying learning.  We sat down for an early dinner one night and he bowed his head and prayed over our food for us!  OUT OF NO WHERE!  My husband and I looked at each other with jaws dropped open, looked at him and sang our praises to him!  Dietrich thrives off of positive reinforcement and that boy has been praying up a storm!

It’s harvest season here in Indiana and with that comes major sinus and allergy problems for my family.  We’re all coughing, hacking, sneezing, blowing our noses and all that fun stuff.  We’re also enjoying trips to the orchards, upcoming pumpkin patch visits, a new year of MOPS, and holidays quickly approaching.

I’ve started working for a wonderful company in its pre-launch stages.  I couldn’t ask for better people to work with.  It is truly the beginnings of a bigger answer of prayer than I ever imagined.

My husband is nearing his 18th year in service in our United States Air Force.  He can retired in two years!!  How crazy is that?!  I don’t know if we’re more excited or more nervous about what steps lie ahead.

With all this going on though, my family has kept themselves grounded.  We are very into communication, into spending as much time with one another as we can.  There aren’t many days that go by that we don’t have dinner at the dinner table.  That we aren’t engaged in something fun as a family.  Dustin finally let me play Rummy with him again.  He claims I count cards and the only way we play is with at least two decks.  Psh!  I’m just that good haha.

How do you keep your families grounded when reality hits?  When life gets busy?  When the holidays come around?

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