Give him some credit

In the million things running through your mind, do you ever just discount what your husband says?  Why is it that we tend to not trust our own husband when he recommends something or suggests another?

I’m guilty as charged.  Just tonight, for example, I was discussing my new running regiment.  I talked about how my shoulder blades and the area just beneath my shoulder blades were so tight and sore, almost as if I was having trouble breathing.  My in-tune-with-me husband suggested it was the weight of my chest.  I just snubbed that aside and said, “It can’t be that.  I wear the best support bras for running and I no longer have any milk in them.”  After that we both just went on our ways.  He was kind enough to give me his response, but I immediately discounted his thoughts.

Later this evening I had the opportunity to discuss diet, fitness, and then my pain from running came up.  Sure enough the wonderful woman said exactly what my husband said.  But you know what, I gave her credit from the start.  I didn’t even question anything she said.

Two other times I’ve specifically discounted what my husband thought were when we were trying to get pregnant and my husband knew I was pregnant before I did.  Pregnancy is such a touchy subject in our marriage because of the struggles we had to start our family.  He told me to go take a pregnancy test (because every woman who struggles with fertility always has ovulation tests and pregnancy tests in her house when actively trying).  Of course I shouldn’t have discounted him.  He was right the three times I’ve tested positive.

As I’m learning, I see why we are to marry.  I see how marriage is the practice of being the bridegroom for Jesus.  Do I discount what he says in His Word?  Do I discount Him by not praying BIG enough?  Do I make it known how much I admire Him?

I see my husband in yet another light tonight–he is my bridegroom.  He is my partner that knows me better than I know myself.  He is in-tune with me and I need to accept that and allow him to be.

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