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I had the distinct honor of being chosen to review the book Wife after God. Let me begin by saying that I somehow stumbled upon this blog, Unveiled Wife,  when it was quite new.  I then decided to just subscribe so I’d get the updated blog posts in my email.  I subscribed to follow Unveiled Wife on Facebook.  Daily I was seeing the encouragement posted for us wives.  It helped me see that even in the darkness of a marriage, (we all have ups and downs), that God is at work.  I have begun to see my husband differently.  I have a different attitude toward my husband.

I’m so excited that Jennifer decided to write a devotional.  Devotionals are usually something I scoff at, I’m not going to lie.  I hear people talk about them and they seem to use them as their only relationship with Christ, or even their only readings they do of Scripture.  But for some reason, I knew that a devotional geared toward action in marriage was the hot ticket.

Upon downloading this advanced copy to my iPad, I began reading.  I then realized it was a devotional, meant to take time and actually do.  I had to stop myself from continuing to read.  The devotional is set up with a Contents page.  So let’s say you’re struggling with an area in your marriage and you want to work on that section for now.  You can actually just go to that page and begin your devotion that way.  It does not have to be read from front to back.

There is a very detailed introduction.  If you’re new to the whole devotional or journaling aspect of study, then Jennifer lays it out there for you.  She tells you exactly what you need to do: Read specific scripture so you know the purpose of this devotional.  Have a Bible.  Have a journal of some sort and shows you an example of a journal entry formatting.

After the introduction, she jumps right on in to Day 1.  The devotionals start off with scripture for the day.  Then there is a “Thought” followed by a prayer over the topic of the day.  But what was the most meaningful for me was the Challenge.  I absolutely loved the challenge because it forced me to think about my husband.  I know that sounds harsh, but with the world I live in of a one-year-old and a three-year-old, I sometimes forget his needs or even forget the priority of our marriage.  We all do.

Something that is very interesting that I’ve never seen done before is a “Status Update”!!  I mean, hello!  This woman gets the reality of our world.  We love to post new status updates to Facebook, Twitter and so on.  She even tells you want to say on it and gives the Hash tags!

Lastly, there are journal questions each day.  These journal questions are sometimes hard to answer because I never thought of my marriage in this realm before.  So sometimes the questions are answered periodically throughout the day because I needed time to focus on the questions and answer them after thoughtful prayer.

I recommend this devotional to married women of all stages in their lives.  This isn’t just for newlyweds.  This isn’t just for those married for a few years.  I can see myself re-evaluating with this devotional for years to come.  I see the need for focus on my marriage.  Children are important and need us now.  But our marriage still needs watered so the lawn will still be green and vibrant once we’re empty-nesters.

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