Favorite Things–September 2017

Today I’m sharing my five favorite things this month. I missed August. The perfectionist in me made me remind you that I missed it. September has been an inspiring month for me and below are some of the items that have helped me along the way.


Cultivate What Matters: Write the Word Journal & Powersheets

Write the Word Journal

In May, when I realized my life was changing in a big way, I knew I needed to be rooted in God’s Word or I’d never have a chance at transitioning smoothly. The rhythms of my life were changing and I didn’t know what to expect.  What I can expect, though, is God’s Word to remain the same no matter my circumstances.  Something else I knew was my free time was going to be limited. A Beth Moore study wasn’t going to work for me. The She Reads Truth studies weren’t deep enough for me, in this important transition. For weeks I searched Instagram, because Instagram is my new Google. I started following this company called Cultivate What Matters. Their posts were very inspiring and spoke straight to the heart of this perfectionist, control freak, and goal setter. I saw they had these things called Powersheets, but was more interested in their journals. They are so pretty!  There are five different ones for the different needs you may have: Cultivate Faith, Cultivate Gratitude, Cultivate Hope, Cultivate Joy, and Cultivate Renewal. The last one, Renewal. That’s what I needed.

I struggle with journaling, but this is completely different than anything I’d ever seen before. When you open the beautiful journal the pages are thick and lined with shiny gold lines. It isn’t intimidating like opening up a blank journal with no direction. This gives you a section for Today– You fill in what today is to you. Is it the date? Is there something you’d like to remember about today? Then there’s a section that lets you write out what you’re grateful for that day. Let me tell you that’s been eye opening. It’s helped me to see something positive in every single moment of every day. I like that. Then the larger section on the first page is for you to write the word. You’re given a scripture passage to write out. I’ve chosen to write mine all out using my Bible app so the translation is the same. You can use whatever version you wish, you can journal it out, you can take notes at the bottom, you can make it look pretty with stickers and washi tape and water colors.


The back of every day has a place to write out your thoughts. This is huge for me. I use this to write down what I did that day. What complications I had and I can easily turn that to prayer. I can turn the fun things that happened into praise. I can focus again where my mind needs to be and find renewal– find an energy I didn’t have before and continue to keep me focused through my new life rhythm.


The last thing each day leaves you with is a word to hold on to for the day. This is hard for me. I rarely leave one word. Instead I tend to put a focus phrase. It’s interesting when I go into my journal for that day I always end up with a word I didn’t ever think of beforehand.


It’s almost cheating on this because there are two beautiful products from one company. I’m a planner. I’m also a person who can be overwhelmed with so many things. I say yes to way too many things, but I’ve learned from experience with the PowerSheets and from following the Cultivate team on Instagram, that saying No can also open up to so many more yeses. Better yeses, in fact.

If you’re someone who feels overwhelmed, you have too much on your plate, and yet aren’t reaching your goals, you have got to check out these PowerSheets. They have changed my life. I’m learning to say no. I’m learning “imperfect progress” is okay, too. It’s progress. I’ve been more accountable in the things I want to achieve. Things are happening, because of the PowerSheets.

Vital Proteins

I could not get away with another favorites thing post without saying Vital Proteins. The benefits are indescribable, too. It’s not an over-night thing. I’ve not used lotion in three months. I’ve only used lip gloss and balm from Lipsense when I want to look extra that day. Before I’d go through tubes of chapstick quickly. Essentially the products detox and anti-age you from the inside out. I’ve linked below some more information from people smarter than me.

Here are some resources to help you figure out how to incorporate them in your diet, but believe me when I say they do work!

Stay Lively



The products I use:
Collagen Peptides (blue container) every morning in my coffee.
Beef Liver (1 pill) every morning before I work out.
Spirulina (1 pill or 2 pills) every morning.
Vanilla Collagen Peptides in smoothies or baked goods.
Beef Gelatin to make a foamy latte or in my smoothies to make a whipped ice cream texture.
Collagen Veggie Blend for when I’ve been neglectful of my veggies during the day.

People always ask me where I purchase these products. Usually I’ll just buy directly from their website because the shipping is free. I live one state over from where it ships from so it’s usually here in one to two days. Fresh Thyme markets typically have it, Whole Foods, and others.


Trish McEvoy

Most things in this life don’t elicit much of my obsessiveness like skin care. I wrote a blog post about how 2016 aged me. It did. This year with so many life transitions and other things like a third child who created many of those wrinkles and gray hairs due to my lack of sleep and concern for him.  Why shouldn’t I think he wasn’t in control of my skin care issues as well? Ha! I’ve always used high-end products for my face. As I started puberty my mom was vigilant and took me straight to Merle Norman to start a skin care regiment for me. I’ve always known to take care of my skin because my mom always has.

But as we age our needs change. For example, our feet grow a whole size bigger after a third child. Our bodies don’t return back to normal as fast after the third, I’m convinced. It’s one thing to look past our physical size because we are nurturing our child and know the neediness in this stage will be gone. It’s another thing to see our reflections in the mirror look physically aged and weathered. I started to feel bad about myself for the first time in a long time. My skin care regiment wasn’t working. I was noticing more pores than ever before. I started breaking out. I didn’t break out when I was pregnant. I do know my hormones are a mess because I’m still breastfeeding at 18 months, but something had to give.

A few weeks ago, I remembered I was mutual friends with a gal who worked for Trish McEvoy. Girlfriend is gorgeous– inside and out. She exudes confidence, beauty, and boldness. Her skin is flawless. If you were to look her up on social media you’d swear she uses filters, but she doesn’t. Normal me, I looked into the products and did some research before reaching out to her like a creeper.

She scheduled me an appointment with a friend named Megan. I showed up, looking all “mom,” totally not a Saks 5th Avenue-type woman,  feeling like this was my last chance to finally see and feel good about myself. I was whicked away into a spa room, treated like I was royalty. Then Megan proceeded to help me learn how to look flawless with a little or a full face of make up.

In just 3 days of using products I already see a huge difference. My pores are shrinking. My skin is perpetually soft and moisturized. I have a just-been-to-the-spa glow without make up on. The women, behind the counter of Trish all had flawless skin that never need a filter.

Right now there’s a skincare set on sale and the fall planner is on available. If you need a consult for skincare needs, please contact Megan. You can shop online with her to check out the products, too. She treated me like we were friends from way back. She was sweet, kind, understanding, and taught me some application techniques to make me feel better about myself.

**I do not get any perks for sharing her contact information or shopping links. She is simply that good and professional that I want everyone to feel the same.

Mount Pleasant Christian Church Community Center

Something else that makes me feel human is the ability to run without worry, specifically on a treadmill. Some gals told me about a church down the road who had just built a gym and it was open to the public. I was already a member of Planet Fitness, but there is no childcare available. I cannot work out anymore during the week unless I have access to childcare because Dustin’s always gone. Del has already made a name for himself there and he is loved on so well while I’m upstairs running and lifting. I’m so grateful for the time I get.




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