Favorite Things–October 2018

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I’m excited to share with you my favorite things this month. Each of them are attached to this theme I’ve been on the last few months– Intentionality. Take a look and let me know what you think and what your favorite things are right now!







I talk about them every year but they launched the 2019 powersheets Oct 24thand I bought them at 10:01. This year I bought the “Best Year Yet” bundle. I’m so excited to continue this intentional life. During the first week of December, I will begin planning my goals and focus for 2019. Last year my word of the year was dedication. I was dedicated to the processes that were in place to help me succeed and grow.

I’m not narrowed down, yet, to know my focus for 2019. I know it will come to me when the time is right. What I do know– I’m excited to dig into these power sheets and continue to live the best life I have!

These bowls (Affiliate link)








I eat a lot of veggies and large salads with a heck of a lot of meat on top for lunches and dinners. My large Tupperware bowls were my go-to bowl because of the size. I had room for days to not only have a large meal, but enough room to stir without spilling over the edges. The problem came when I went to reach for a Tupperware bowl and it was missing. Where was it you ask? Holding left overs in the fridge, you know doing its intended job. After much frustration and trying to figure out an alternative, a gal I follow on Instagram shared these bowls that were a solution to my meal needs! These bowls hold a half of a Costco-sized salad mix greens with 128g of meat on top with plenty of room to stir, even. Yes they are serving dishes. Don’t mind that judgmental description. They are meal bowls, people. Meal bowls.

Nrf2 Activator


Honestly I was reluctant to try this stuff for almost four months. I pulled the trigger. I’m glad I did because my life has changed from the inside out.

I posted this picture above to social media and the response took me by surprise. I posted with the caption of something like it was my turn to stay with the dragon boy because this boy is a *tad* demanding. That day was no exception. He’d been fussy, unsettled, nothing could make him happy, and quite frankly, I was super excited he fell asleep. No one commented on that. I’m convinced people forgot how dragon-esque he is. Instead of commenting on him, they commented on me. The comments took me by surprise, but I realized yet again this Nrf2 activator definitely changes the body from the inside out. Our bodies are made so innately that we can heal from the inside out. Nrf2 activator doesn’t get all the credit because Jesus has done a lot of work in there, too, but you get the picture.

Nrf2 Activator is NOT a weight loss pill. It IS clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress up to 40% in the first month’s use. What’s oxidative stress you ask? According to Google, “Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.” Insert Nrf2 Activator and you get a scientifically proven, seven-time patented, third party researched, NASA Astronaut-approved, method to make your body a power house against oxidative stress.

Examples of oxidative stress in my life that have been improved with use:


–Severe Allergies

–Severe Sinus issues

–Body aches


–Faster recovery of a knee injury

–Faster recovery after hard workouts

–Better sleep

–No seasonal depression yet (October I always went dark. Not this year!)

–Ability to think clearly, no brain fog

This little yellow pill is a gold mine for my body. It can be for yours, too. I’d love to talk more about it if you’re interested in researching more!

These jeans from Ollie Marie Boutique



I’ve lost three and a half to four (depending on brand) pant sizes in seven months. This mama needed some new jeans that didn’t make me look like my rear was dragging excrement along with it. Insert these jeans. I wear them like sweatpants they are that comfortable! I will be buying more when I get the chance. Yes, they are a little more expensive that I’d normally purchase, but—She is a self-made career woman. She’s also dealt with weight loss. She’s a debt free company AND debt free family. She is practical and real. I will support businesses like this. Plus these jeans are to die for! Get them now!

American Heritage Girls/ Trail Life





I debated about sharing this as a favorite thing because it’s not a product, specifically. Trail Life and American Heritage Girls is one of the favorite things of our family right now. Trail Life is for boys. It is similar to Boy Scouts that we know about, but this is more of a focus of growing up men to be real men. That means they are a place a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership program for boys and young men. This is a place where men build each other up and teach the next generation what it means to be a man and how to handle themselves which character, the way God intended. It’s exciting to hear what Dietrich learns when I pick him up.




American Heritage Girls is another Christ-centered scouting-type of group, but for girls. This is a group’s focus is “Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.” Each meeting Daylan experiences trooping of the colors, a bible study, a craft, and has opportunities to provide service for the community and country. She leaves so refreshed and excited about this group, too.

Both of my kids get to be a part of a group that helps them to learn about God, be his hands and feet, and honor our country/community, etc. They both learn survival skills. They also get their hands dirty volunteering.





Right now Daylan’s current service project is fundraing wreaths for Wreaths Across America. She will be laying wreaths at our local national cemetery on our American Veteran Graves. The more wreaths she has the more she can lay. Not only will she lay the wreaths, but when the season is over, she will be cleaning up the graves as well. We are so honored we get to be a part of this group and this fundraising event.  Daylan’s goal is 50 wreaths. Please consider donating a $15 wreath here!

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