How Macro Nutrition Coaching Limited My Impact: From Nutrition Coaching to Root Cause Healing

Join me, Dr. Danielle, as I share my personal transformation from a macro-focused nutrition coach to a holistic naturopathic doctor. Discover how to break free from diet culture, embrace food as medicine, and unlock the secrets to a healthier, more abundant life. Learn to trust your body, let go of what no longer serves you, and thrive in your wellness journey. Dive into this episode for an inspiring catch-up and actionable insights for your health and spiritual well-being.

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  Welcome to the crying in my cheesecake podcast, where we are in pursuit of living life abundantly, not held back by our body size or symptoms, nor are we held back by our hurts, habits, or other obstacles in life. Learn the secrets to crush it in your health, wellness, relationships, and spiritual life. I am Danielle, your host and practitioner.

And in this episode, we are just going to do a quick catch up. The last time I posted an episode was April 9th or April 3rd, actually. And it was entitled something. I did something scary this week. And I kind of wanted to catch you up, because since I did that scary thing, a lot has already changed. A lot of good has come, a lot of things of just release have come, and I hope to inspire you that no matter how scary change is, That you see, it is worth it.

You see, back in April, I was terrified. I knew that when I started my business, it was nutrition coaching. I was a nutrition coach. The only thing I knew was about macros. The calories, your carbs, your proteins, and your fats, basically. And maybe a little bit of fiber. That’s all I knew. And I knew that when you had these dialed in, that you could lose weight.

And that was so exciting because I have experienced it myself by following macros, but something else that happened with macros is that I found myself having more and more symptoms pop to the surface, even the thinner I got, the more fit I got, more and more symptoms were popping to the surface. I was eating things like, I don’t know, half or whole large pizzas and still losing weight.

And that was exciting because I was like, Oh, I didn’t have to give up anything I love. But when that was the only thing I ate that day, while it may have helped me lose weight, because we know it is calories and calories out of how you lose actual fat. Okay. Like that is a real thing. But when I’m eating things like whole pizzas, I’m eating things like candy and chocolates and, you know, pastries every single day just because it fits in my macros.

It wasn’t a healthy person. And so I saw the limitations I was having not only with myself, but with my patients or my clients at the time. And macros seem very restricting in a way, but they also seem very much perpetuating the dieting culture. Again, macros are important and I’m not going to say that they are not, but only treating someone or coaching someone based on macros is not the end all be all.

I felt like I was doing a disservice to my clients. So I moved on and became a nutritional therapy practitioner and I saw how food can harm and food can heal. And the, let me go back real quick to the macros. When I was eating whole pizzas and things like that by myself, I was getting cystic acne. I was bloating.

I was having bowel issues. I was having reflux. I was eating Tums like it was going out of style. Um, I was, I was drinking probably two pots of coffee again. I was having bladder issues. I was having a lot of issues happening and I was starting to get depressed again. I noticed the anxiety and depression because anxiety and depression are a spectrum.

I noticed those two things popping back into my life again, let alone the cystic acne. And cystic acne is typically on most people along the jawline and their neck and chest and even the back of your neck can be cystic acne. And nutrition wasn’t doing it. Like the macros wasn’t doing it for me. So then I started learning about how foods can actually be used as medicine.

And that’s kind of what nutritional therapy is, it’s learning how to eat foods that help heal your body. And using food, like going back to the innate intelligence of the body with food. And I loved what I was able to do with my patients, but then I realized, or my clients at that time, and then I realized that I was very limited again, in that I wanted to be able to treat the underlying things, the foundations.

In people’s bodies that were that food cannot touch because our food no matter whether you’re eating organic or you’re eating clean or you’re eating healthy, whatever that means to you, our soils are so depleted of nutrients that our cellular level is struggling. And food doesn’t remove toxins. Food can actually bring toxins into the body.

Healthy foods like specific greens can actually harm the body if you have, you know, a clogged liver. I call it biliary stasis, but it is basically a liver that’s not flowing well. If you don’t have a gallbladder, you need support. There are other things that we need to be doing back down at the cellular level that food cannot address.

So then insert becoming a traditional naturopathic doctor, this has opened the door for so much healing that I get to witness. I get to witness the beauty of God’s design, his innate design of the body that it is always speaking to us and it is always going to overcome and adapt and sometimes overcoming and adapting means that we get reflux, bowel issues, insulin resistance, blood sugar issues, all of those things.

Those are all signs. That our body’s overcoming and adapting to something and sometimes that weight gain that we have is actually not fat and if it is fat, there’s fat put being put on the body for a reason. Yes, it can be the food. It could be the food quality and the choices that we’re making with our food, but again, it’s not the food’s fault.

It is an emotional issue. It is a much deeper issue. It’s usually a cellular issue that we know that we can get a hit of dopamine. We can get a hit of energy from that McDonald’s drive thru, the Taco Bell drive thru. We get a hit of dopamine and then that gives our body energy to move forward but then we just feel gross afterwards.

So it’s not just about the food. And I don’t want to boil you down or let you think that food is the end all be all and what’s making you healthy or not healthy. And I’m going to tell you, I’ll be the first one to tell you that. the Optavias, the Medifast, the Ideal Proteins, anything that you’re eating a food from a box or from a, um, a bag, uh, something like that, you’re likely, and I’m saying from a company, it is likely very, very highly processed and those people will talk about your bowels not moving and you need to take Smooth Move tea or drink Smooth Move tea and you do all these things.

Food is not the problem and putting highly processed foods in your body is also not the answer. Neither is ozempic most likely. Ozempic is causing a lot of problems and ozempic and the other name brands of just the same thing, the peptides. It’s the simalgitude, it is a peptide. The GLP 1 receptor, that’s just for a peptide.

It’s for a peptide that helps you to um, Your hunger and your fullness hormones. It helps to reinvigorate those and remind you and actually like use those, but the problem comes in with what’s carrying the peptides. What’s carrying that peptide is heavy metals, toxins. We don’t know if mRNA is used in them.

I don’t know if mRNA is used in them. I question everything now. I used to be one of those gals that would just believe what I was told because I’m a cop’s daughter. Surely everybody has the best for me. My family’s big into politics. Surely those people that represent me care about me. And really what I’m learning is that we’re placing blame in the wrong places.

And we are blaming things like Big Pharma, and I’m not saying Big Pharma is not to blame, but I’m also blaming our insurance companies. I’m blaming, um, the, the med schools that are only giving our doctors like little bits of information. And I’m thinking like, we have learned so much, right? We have learned so much in how many decades that there has been med schools.

And why are we not teaching them? what’s working and what’s not. And instead the schools are being funded by the American Heart Association. If you want to look up what the American Heart Association does is that they literally create the most restrictive diets and take away the most nutritious foods from you because then you can be weak and then you can need medicines and you can need surgeries and you can perpetuate more insurance money and all of this.

And how do I know? I’ve witnessed it. I’ve witnessed it with my own dad, with my own patients in front of me. And it’s not fair to you for me to just stay as a nutrition coach. It’s not fair for you for me to just stay as a nutritional therapy practitioner. I want to be there in the roots, dirty, in the dirty, in the ugly, and support you in that.

In the healing, the trust of your body, like learning to trust your body and your body trusts you. That miracle switch, that letting go of things that are no longer serving you. The people that are no longer serving you, the communities that are no longer serving you. It’s okay to outgrow things. Letting go of what no longer serves you.

And that’s what I, that’s what I let go of. Partially. When I let go of my one to one nutrition coaching package and I have actually let go, the more I let go of, the more I get to use my nutrition coaching skills, the more I get to use my nutritional therapy skills, but for a full holistic view of who you are and what is actually going on and actually being able to treat the underlying root issues of your, uh, of your problems of what’s going on.

Because you deserve that, you deserve more than 10 minutes, you deserve more to be boiled or to not be boiled down to just food. You have a life, you are more than that. So what was interesting is as I let go of the nutrition coaching package and the fear of, of that and the fear of letting people down and you know all of those things, I realized it opened my hands to so much more.

I held a retreat for my wilderness of wellness ladies. 10 ladies came in from out of town. Most of them were out of town and they stayed and the deep processing and the deep intimate experiences they got to have with me and with one another was beyond. We talked about what it means to be healthy. What do we do?

What are the areas of life that we need to deal with in order to be healthy? And what does that look like? How do we do this but not feel overwhelmed? We had worship. We had, uh, Kristen from Lauren’s AF. There’s an episode as well prior to this about from Kristen. She came in and talked to us about non alcoholic living and what that looks like to entertain now and be supportive.

And there is nothing healthy about alcohol because the benefits that people say alcohol have do not outweigh the. consequences. And the consequences are that as soon as alcohol hits the body, everything in the digestive system shuts off except the liver. And the liver is focused solely on detoxifying out that toxic, that the toxin, the poison that alcohol is.

There are so many other ways in history and ancient living that they received the quote unquote buzz without needing the buzz and without harming themselves. So we talked about entertaining and changing the way we think about entertaining people and what should be at our parties and things like that.

We talked about being all in, there’s no moderation. Moderation is just an excuse or an enabling word. To be who, like have one foot in and one foot out. Moderation is a lie. There is no moderation. There’s no such thing because moderation could mean to someone. I’m going to get drunk on the weekends or I’m going to indulge in bolt, um, binge on the weekends, but I’m not going to do it during the week.

But those weekends count. Those weekends count. And those are, we’re only guarantee or we’re not guaranteed any more weekends. We’re not guaranteed any more days. Why would we miss it? Why would we waste it? Why would we not support and honor the, the creation that God allows us to live in this body? I’m just as guilty too, y’all.

Like it’s not just, I’m not saying this as a, I’m higher or holier than thou. I’m saying this because it’s a reminder to me too, that I need to be serious about my every single moment. I’m not guaranteed that when I leave this office, that I’m going to be able to get in the car and go home. I may be going to my eternal home.

I need to live every moment as it, as if it is my last, and I want to be sober minded and not controlled by food, not controlled by people, not controlled or harmed because I was guilted into something. When we live our lives because we are guilted into, or we feel guilt hanging onto something that no longer serves us, it just minimizes us and it doesn’t allow us to grow anymore.

And at the retreat, I also talk to the ladies about how to stop making excuses. Because excuses are really just this space of, I don’t know what my priorities are. I say what they are, but they mean nothing to me. I make no decisions out of my priorities. I make no decisions out of my core values. I don’t even know who I am.

I don’t even know what stage of life I’m in. I have lost myself somewhere along the way, serving someone that probably needed it. I But I’ve lost myself. So I taught them how to start making decisions out of their priorities and no longer having excuses. And you know what? It requires us looking different from the world.

It requires us looking different because everyone, it just seems like they just make decisions every last, like last minute, like, Oh, this sounds good. Let’s go to this concert. Oh, that’s cool. Let’s go on a girl’s day. Oh, that’s cool. I’m doing nothing. And my friend just texted me, let’s go get coffee. And my first response is, yes, let’s do it.

Except I haven’t taken care of myself today. Except I haven’t cleaned my house today. Except I haven’t given my kids my eyeballs today. Except I haven’t whatever it may be. And that’s not fair to you. That’s not honoring yourself. That is again, filling your calendar so that you don’t take care of yourself.

And all of these things perpetuate us and leave us empty at the end of the day. We feel empty and we’re like, oh, I guess I’ll just have to try again tomorrow. Except we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

And I, again, this is a huge awakening for me. I just had to deal with this. And I think it just happens every like different seasons of life, right? Like this idea of having to let go. So that my hands are open to the next best thing. And the next best thing from serving my one to one nutrition coaching clients was going, was being able to serve fully and wholly to these ladies at this retreat, I was energized.

I was on fire and I was having a blast. I got to be fully present because I didn’t have to worry about being strained. I didn’t have to worry about having such a huge client nutrition load that left me feeling depleted because that’s the only thing I was talking about. And the people that were there for the nutrition coaching did not seem to care to go deeper into their root cause, health.

And so then that tells me that’s not who I wanted to work with. So it became a chore to show up and I’m not even going to lie. It was costing me 3 a visit. Each of these patients, or these clients I had, it was costing me 3 a month. I wasn’t charging them enough. I wasn’t getting enough. And it became this bitterness.

Not at the person, it was at me. Because I didn’t speak up in time and ask for what I needed. Didn’t ask for, hey, I don’t, this is not what I want to do any longer. So I got bitter with myself and it was hard to show up for myself in that, in that space. And I wonder, are there spaces for you that you need to start letting go of so that you can open your hands to something more?

You know, the first week of July, I’m opening the wilderness of wellness again. The Wilderness of Wellness is a space for women only right now. Sorry guys, if you’re listening, working with me one to one is all you’ve got right now. Um, but the Wilderness of Wellness is opening its doors the first week of July.

I’m going to pop the waitlist, the VIP waitlist down below in the show notes. If you are interested in joining a group of women that are like minded, going through similar things, That they are the first people that they send a message to when life is getting rough or they want to celebrate something.

If you’re interested in learning at your own pace, the nutrition piece, the nutrition coaching piece, all of my nutrition coaching has gone into the Wilderness of Wellness now. I took the best of my one to ones and I took the notes and I went through and created a very systemized success plan. Success path for you.

And I’ve learned what worked and what doesn’t work and what order and all of that. And I’ve made it self paced because you can never get behind. It’s just a community. You can never get behind. There are monthly challenges. There are things in there like group therapy that would cost you a normally 149 or more per visit to a therapist.

And this is with, with a on staff social worker. You have access to me once a month where you can get root cause support. I will be, I teach once a month and then at the end I coach in that, in that, uh, space. I do coaching. So if you have a root cause issue, you want me to treat you, you want me to, um, support you, I will be doing that every month.

And it’s all for a fraction of my one to one cost. My one to ones, right now my package is 750 for my new patient package. And you get a lot of time from me. Don’t get me wrong. You get a lot of time, a lot of very individualized support. But in the wilderness of wellness, you get a lot of support, not just from me, but you also get my nutritional therapy practitioner that’s on my team.

You get my social worker and you get my VA. We are a team in there for you. But even better than that. You get everybody else, all the other ladies in there. And why is that so important? I cannot be at your beck and call every single moment of the day, but a community can, a community can, a community can show up for you when you need it most.

A community that is safe. I worked so hard to draw in just the right type of woman, the woman who loves Jesus, the woman who votes through her biblical view and biblical lens, the woman who loves other women, who wants to serve other women, who wants to be a stronger woman, but right now she doesn’t feel it.

She may have blood pressure issues, blood sugar issues, weight gain, may just not know what to do. But in this community, I teach you what to do for you specifically, but also at your own self paced and with and alongside others. So if you are interested in that, I’m going to just urge you to get on that waitlist.

That waitlist is down below in the show notes. And when you get on that wait list, you will have access to multiple bonuses that are coming for you. And I am so excited for them because one of the bonuses is a personalized, um, A personalized symptom burden assessment with a protocol just for you. And I will send all of that over to you once you, once you join the wilderness of wellness and when the doors open.

And I just truly cannot wait to add more women to this and build this into a space where you just know you are safe so that you can be vulnerable because vulnerability leads to human connection and human connection leads to change.

Thanks for listening to the Crying in My Cheesecake podcast. I hope it encouraged you to make the next best step for your health. Take a look at the show notes for more information or other links I mentioned in the episode. And if you got to this point, come and find me on Instagram and send me a DM.

Tell me you listened to this episode and what you got out of it.

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