Just Because It Works, Doesn’t Mean It Is Healthy

We don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a weight maintenance problem and even more than that, we have a health maintenance problem. You see, fad diets are forever going to live on because you keep doing them. Most people people want the fast results without the work. This episode goes into the real issue behind the systems, programs, and whatever else that work, but are not healthy and encourages you to do better.

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Welcome to the Crying in My Cheesecake podcast. I am Danielle, your host here, and the last few episodes, you may have noticed a little something different. I have cut out the intro music. Maybe one day I will have more music created, but right now I don’t find it necessary that we need to have some intro music. I just think it’s awesome just to kind of talk and get into the topics of the day.

Today’s podcast is called “just because it works doesn’t mean it’s healthy.” I’m just going to kind of go off on that a little bit and hope that you’re here for the ride. This morning I woke up it’s April. Most of you that listened to me, or if you follow me on Instagram or if you know me in person, you know, the, I work ahead on projects because I don’t want to have a deadline of something and let you guys down because, oh my gosh, life just happened. That is something I’m trying to mitigate in my life, even in my weekly life, every Sunday I look at the calendar so that I know what’s on the calendar, what’s coming up, my nutrition, clients meetings, I have things, my children have things my husband’s doing. That way I’m prepared and I don’t have that freak out, oh my gosh, I completely forgot this, last minute, that’s the worst thing that is something I cannot stand is when I feel rushed or someone has let me down because they make me feel rushed.

So all that to say, I am recording in April. It is, I don’t even know what date it is, April 18th. I went to bed last night and I just cracked my window open. I live in Southwest Ohio, and I live in the Midwest. No, Oklahoma is not the Midwest. So if you think Oklahoma is the Midwest, I’d like to know the last time that they got snow in April or even may or if they know what a actual pork Tenderloin is, or puppy chow or scotcheroos or some other anyway, I’ll just stop there for a minute.

Maybe that should just be another podcast episode. Yes. I have hard feelings about this. So, I woke up and it was kind of rainy, which is normal here in Southwest Ohio. We’re in a valley here and I’m just like, okay, it’s raining, whatever, but it soon switched over to sleet and then it quickly switched over to snow. There is actual white snow on my grass and my patio furniture, the trees, everything outside. It’s probably less than freezing and I’m not one of those women that goes out and covers all of her plants because I don’t ever remember to cover my plants. I’m just grateful that they stay around. In fact, I’ve accidentally over sprayed some weed killer onto some plans and they’re still alive.

So I’m like, you know what? This is clearly a plant that understands me and gets me and is very forgiving. I love forgiving plants. I try, I did try for a good two years to have indoor plants, and I can’t do indoor plants. For some reason I forget about them, they’re not on my calendar, I completely forget about them.

They don’t talk, they don’t yell at me. They don’t tell me what they need. I mean, dogs. Tell me what they need. My kids. Tell me what they need. My husband tells me what he needs. My clients tell me what they need. If someone’s not talking to me, I am not going to know what you need. I’m just not, I’m just not that kind of person.

So back to the topic, just because it works doesn’t mean it’s healthy. This is something that’s been on my heart and I didn’t know how to actually put it into words and it’s been on my heart for years. When I lived in Indianapolis I had a bunch of friends and a bunch of acquaintances go through a program called Ideal Protein.

Yes, I’m just going to drop names in this episode. And if it drops my reviews, it drops my reviews or my ratings. I’m just going to do it because I want, in full transparency, I want people to be safe and feel that I’m not going to blow, smoke up their rear ends or I just want you guys to make educated decisions.

So there’s this company called Ideal Protein and it’s on the south side of Indianapolis and a bunch of people did this program. This program is kind of like what you think. It gives you your ideal number of protein and your ideal weight. So these people, or this process of this company is to basically have you drop dramatic amounts of weight in less than a year.

And when I say dramatic amounts of weight, I’m saying a hundred pounds or more in less than a year. Now I want to preface this, that there are some people that need to drop a hundred pounds in less than a year. Those people are not the general public. Yes, many of us are overweight, many of us need to drop some weight and that’s that I’m not negating that either. But the people that do need to drop a hundred pounds in less than a year and less than a few months, that needs to happen under the care of a doctor with lots of blood work, with lots of support and lots of making sure that the nutrients and things are actually being absorbed. So this Ideal Protein, and I almost did it quite frankly. I literally almost did it, but God kind of kept pulling me back like, there’s something wrong, just watch. That’s what God says to me a lot is just watch. So I did, I watched and I watched these people go from eating normal foods and living a normal lifestyle to being obsessed with their foods. These people could not eat carbohydrates and I mean carbohydrates as in like even fruits and vegetables that are completely safe and healthy. Organic or not, they were not allowed to eat fruits and vegetables, except for things like peppers, I believe cauliflower, maybe broccoli, I don’t know, and I don’t think carrots, I may be celery, but so basically things that were very, very low carb and mostly filled with water.

Then they had to have a certain amount of protein in the evening that they had to cook themselves. Then during the day they were eating these packets of food and they were eating, not just packets of food, but then they were taking all these vitamins, they were constipated, and then they were only allowed to take smooth move tea. You weren’t allowed to have even, I don’t think you were allowed to have diet soda, I don’t know. There were so many rules around food. These people, of course, gained all their weight and then some back, and not only did they gain weight, but they gained almost PTSD or PTSD, like dieting issues mental issues when it comes to food, like the relationship with food was completely broken.

There’s another company called Medifast, and I believe around the Midwest, again, I’m not a hundred percent familiar, but what I am familiar with are the stories that clients have come to me talking about. And in Medifast, I think it’s very similar. You’re using shakes, you’re using all these different, chemically induced and I mean, chemical, as in you’re using fake human made hydrogenated not organic, and I could be wrong. If that’s the case and whatever, but the thing is they had another terrible relationship with food and they were eating no food. They were eating companies, food, packets, food bars, food shakes, and taking vitamins, all these things in the name of health.

But one of my clients had to have a full hysterectomy because her reproductive organs started shutting down. We are desperate. There’s another program out there called Optavia and there are so many reviews are so many things. It’s very, I would almost say cultish because with Optavia it is actually owned by Medifast and with Optivia, they’re offering these amazing results, which they are getting results, and I will preface this with saying we don’t have a weight loss problem in the United States, we do not, we know how to lose the weight we can get the weight off, but we cannot sustain it. And so, the thing is, is that with Optavia you’re still buying the food. You’re still having to do all the XYZ, the vitamins, all the things, but you’re also having a quote unquote coach. What I like to call a coach in a box, kind of like beach body, a coach in a box and a coach in a box that the test that they take is what the company wants them to know. Not what actual health and wellness is, and all the deeper things.

There’s no physiology like deep physiology. There’s no understanding of bio-individuality. There’s no understanding of all this stuff. So they have a coach in a box who then, so they have lost the weight themselves and they found success and they’re excited, and they’re really wanting to share this with people because they have new found confidence in themselves, all these things, and then they are taught.

Oh, if you go and recruit someone to work underneath you or to do this as well, your food is free or some other kind of, there’s some kind of what do you call that? Perk a perk of getting people to work underneath you. But the thing is, is that you have to continue to do their system and their system is very template.

And that’s what, again, it works, but it is a template. Same with WeightWatchers, WeightWatchers is a template. Now they’re trying to say, oh, we do this individualized service. You take a quiz all of that. Tell me, when is the last time you took a quiz and it was geared exactly toward you? You got a result exactly toward you? I think Buzzfeed is pretty darn good about getting close to your personality. Like, which dog is your personality? Which cheese is your personality? They’re pretty darn close. But when it comes to your health, it’s not a game, it’s not funny. You have outside extenuating circumstances that change day to day, week to week. So when you get a program from someone that has a template, that template is not going to incorporate, oh my gosh, her blood sugar is going to be way out of whack today because she had this, oh my gosh, her tire was flat. She did not get to go home and have her leaning green or her whatever points or whatever.

Weight Watchers also teaches unhealthy relationship with food that you have to earn it, like if you exercise, you get more points. No, you don’t. When you exercise, you get health and longevity and strength and all the things you don’t earn your food, we need food to live. But the funny thing is, is that with ideal protein, Medifast, and Optivia people are spending over $500 a month just on that, let alone their, their family’s groceries and all of the things and who knows what else they may need, you know, bottled water, all the other things, but people will spend $500 a month or more. If they’re guaranteed a fast result and they get a product to do it. I’m going to repeat that people will spend $500 a month, or any dollars a month for a fast result. And, a tangible product to do it with.

Why do we fall for the scams of the $149 shakes, when you can go to Costco and go get a shaker. You can go to Legion, Legion is my favorite protein shake and so as PE science, you can go there and you can get the humongous tubs for 60 some dollars, and I’m saying humongous tubs. It’s going to take you probably three, four, or five months to go through for most people, if you’re using them as just extra protein in your daily life and not every day.

But, what I’m getting at here is, people want something tangible that makes it feel like they’re doing something. What they don’t want is an actual certified, educated mentor, or one-to-one service where they actually have to make the interchanges. Because when you do that mentorship, like with my company, with way that I teach my practitioners and the way I work myself, is we’re very, bio-individual based. We look at you as a person. We look at you as your whole life. We look at you with a family, if you have kids, if no matter what stage of life you’re in. If you’re pregnant, trying to conceive. If you have little ones, if you have big ones, if you are an elder, if you are elderly, if you are grandma, if you’re grandpa, we have all of this in between.

And we also hold you accountable to what happens during the week. We also talk and dig into, why are you not able to go to the bedroom and have a relationship with your husband or with your wife? Yes, we do work with men as well. Why are you not able to show up for yourself, speak up? Why do you continue to take that cake from your mother-in-law when you know, dang well that that cake is not serving you and that you’re trying to stuff yourself.

It’s no different than drinking alcohol in front of your in-laws because you can’t stand them or because you can’t speak up for yourself. Why do you continue to make all this smorgasbord of food for holidays when your dad is super overweight, already had weight loss surgery, and on his way to liver failure? Why when you have a, dad who has heart disease and diabetes or a mom who’s struggling and she’s doing her thing, why do we continue to do these things?

That is what Crying in M Cheesecake does, CIMC team CIMC, starts to help you face what the actual problems are in your lifestyle, not, here’s a template or here’s a meal plan.

Do we have those? If you need those? Absolutely. We can do those. We never start there. We don’t start there. And the thing is, is that some people have come to me and like, oh my gosh, I want to, I want to do it your way. You have been able to do this for so long. You have so many successful clients, all these things.

I want to do this, but the thing is is that those people are coming to me and they want a template. They want something tangible to hold in their hands. They don’t want to face or stop what they’re doing, stop their life and actually start changing their life. And that is the thing that just because something works doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

So just because these other programs I brought up, they all work. They will work for the weight loss. They give you the results that you’re asking for. What they don’t give you is the actual lifestyle change. They don’t give you the bio-individual look or the bio-individual accountability. That’s what they don’t give you. They don’t give you that, Noom. Noom offers all these things, all these services, but it’s a call center. You are getting a call center as your quote unquote coach. It is not someone that actually gets to know you sees you face-to-face and understands you and gets to know who you actually are.

Like all of these things, just because these places do work, if you’re doing that, if you’re hurt by these companies, that’s what I’m here for. I want to help validate your hurt. I want to help validate like, oh my gosh, yes, maybe I am someone that needs something tangible like that, and that I have done this wrong for a while, or I have done this in a way that is still continuing to not allow me to heal. When we are doing something and we want a tangible thing to fix us. That is us also saying, okay, I really don’t want to change, I don’t. I don’t really want to make the effort to , go to bed on time. I don’t want to make the effort to make sure that I’m getting enough protein and make sure that I’m hydrated enough. I don’t want to take the effort to even take a photo of my food so that my mentor or my practitioner can see what I’m eating and understand what’s going on in my body.

I’ve had people that refuse to take pictures of their food. I’ve had people refuse to work with me or even talk to me and they can’t even wipe their own rear-ends. They’re so big when people want to change, they will have to change. It’s kind of like when, we think about sin, repentance is literally doing a 180, like acknowledging, oh my gosh, this is wrong.

God, please forgive me and help me heal from that and doing a 180 and choosing not to walk that way again, choosing not to turn back around. This is the same thing when it comes to your nutritional wellness. I think that we forget that we have to turn, we have to make that step first in our relationship with God, with our relationship with God, he is always there every time that we feel that he’s not near it’s on us, we have stepped away. And just like that slow step away that slow fade that song from back in the early two thousands, maybe. Was it early 2000? I don’t even remember. I feel like it’s still 1995. Yeah. And now I’m realizing when my kids tell me, mom, you were born in the 19th century. And I’m like, what? Wait. And was I born in the 19th century?

Was I born in the 20th what century is it? Oh my gosh, this is just showing my, anyway, I was born in the 19 hundreds. What is that century? Is that the 20th? That’s the 20th century, right? Or the 21st. Okay. Anyway guys clearly this is not my forte. My forte is talking about nutrition. I hope you enjoy that.

All that to say, people want an easy button. We go to the doctor, we get our blood work done] and he says, oh, you’ve got high cholesterol you want the pill, you don’t want to actually go and not eat cholesterol free, but you don’t want to get rid of the processed crap out of your diet. You don’t want to stop going through the McDonald’s, the Dunkin donuts, Burger King, is burger king even around, you don’t wanna stop going to Taco Bell. I haven’t been to a drive-thru in so long. So I don’t even know what’s out there at the moment and I feel bad, but that’s just shows how much I have healed from my issues of going through the drive-through.

But when you have cholesterol issues, You don’t want to give up the fried food. You don’t want to give up the French fries. You don’t give up the fried tenderloins everywhere you go. The fried fish, the bottomless fish and chips. You don’t want to give that up instead? You’re like, oh, well, I’ll just take the Lipitor. Not knowing that that Lipitor is going to actually deplete your body of minerals even more. And it’s going to deplete your body of one specific mineral that is important to your heart health, which is magnesium. Magnesium helps muscles contract and relax. And when your heart, which is a muscle can’t contract and relax anymore, because it’s being depleted as a magnesium and other minerals that keep it going, and by the way, fat helps that is your heart’s preferred energy source. So, you’re probably trying to eat low fat, which means you’re increasing your high carbs, which means that you’re increasing your blood sugar, the insulin, throughout your blood, which means you’re increasing inflammation, which means that your heart is going to have even a harder time pumping, which means you’re going to eventually have a heart attack anyway, or a heart incident anyway.

So, you want a button, you want a button, a pill, something tangible that allows you, or enables you to keep doing what you’re doing that allows you to not change the Adipex. I don’t even know if they even have Adipex any more. It was a weight loss pill I took it like three times with my endocrinologist and it, and it did, it took away my appetite.

You know what? It didn’t do. It didn’t address my root cause of why I was overeating I still went and ordered the same food I was going to eat. I just couldn’t eat as much of it. I was still eating nachos and super fatty burgers with super fatty bacon. I’m not knocking that cause I still eat those things, but I was eating all of it at the same time and it just lowered my portions, that’s all it did. Which helps, but again, it didn’t get to the root cause of why I was actually struggling with my nutrition and why I was overeating.

Just because something works doesn’t mean it’s going to make you healthy. Doesn’t mean it is healthy and it doesn’t mean that you are going to be a whole new person afterwards. Talk to me about those people that have sustained their weight loss that have sustained their health after being unhealthy.

Talk to me about those people who have used these products or these programs, where are they five years from now, or from, from the time that they reach their quote unquote goal? Where are they? 10 years. Where’s that company 5, 10, 15 years down the road? You have value. You have more value and more purpose on this earth than, than anything else than even the Sparrow.

God loves the sparrow, makes sure that the Sparrow has his food every single day. The Sparrow does not go without. How much more does God value you, that He put Jesus on the cross to die for you? 98.5 degree blood dripping down that cross for you. And yet you want a pill you want the easy way out. You want a template. Hard work, the reason why, so few people are actually healthy is because they do the things that the other people don’t want to do. So I challenge you, take your first step, take your first step of doing what you don’t want to do in the pursuit of health.

If you enjoyed this episode, I would really appreciate if you could rate this podcast at five stars and leave me a review, what that does is it helps me get this podcast out to other people looking for similar content. So what you say in the review or however you write the things in the review or even the five stars when people search for a topic, that stuff is going to come up, this podcast will come up. So please do me a favor, it’s a free way you can support this podcast. If you do want to support this podcast with financial, like, support me, keep going all of that kind of stuff, you can go to buymeacoffee.com/cimc. It’s just a fun way to show me that you appreciate this content and that you would like to see more coming.

Thanks so much.

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