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This morning I got started on the dishes that  were neglected for the past few days.  Sadly I didn’t get to them because of how disgusting it is to have a sloppy kitchen, but really we were out of bowls, forks, and the pans I needed for the day were in the sink…  So just making sure you know I did this out of necessity, not because I strive for a perfectly clean home or maybe I’m admitting that I don’t always get my dishes done :).

Either way, while I was putting the first load away (yes, I told you there were a a few days of neglecting going on here… don’t judge you do it too!), I heard my son freaking out about something.  Right now I cannot remember what it was, but he was so worried about something.  I told him to relax as I bent down placing the Rubbermaid in the cabinet.  He said, “Mommy I not relax.  I upset.”

As I tried to console him and figure out what the problem was I started thinking about my own times that God or even Dustin will tell me to relax, but I can’t.  I now expect my son to relax, but I cannot?  How double standard of me to think his problems aren’t real to him or that he could just relax and think about it a few.

Too often we get ourselves so worried about something that we cannot relax.  It consumes all of who we are.  If it is not healthy, righteous, and full of Truth, then we are allowing the enemy an open door into who we are.  We know that the enemy is lurking just waiting.  He’s like a filthy snake slithering around, poking, prodding, trying to step in.  But if we allow ourselves to be consumed with things that aren’t of Truth, then we are just saying, “Hey Satan, come get me!”

I think that’s why it broke my heart today to see my son so consumed with something, like me, that he couldn’t do anything else.  His focus was on the issue at hand.  I am thankful I was able to realize what was happening at a deeper level today.  I now know that not only myself, but my son needs to have prayers regarding this.

Is there something you do that consumes your whole being that isn’t righteous, True, or healthy?  Do you see that in your child?  What is your plan of action?

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