Silent abyss

This blog has been a priority for me. I’m really try to blog on topics that really matter to moms.  Maybe it is a pick-me-up when the days call for it.  Maybe this is a haven to just know someone else is dealing with issues too.  Maybe you come just to be nosey and see what’s going on in my life as a mom/wife/daughter of God.  All of those aforementioned things are great!  I’m glad you come!

The past week I’ve been pretty silent on all forms of social media.  I entitled this blog post the “Silent Abyss.”  I know many of you may have heard the word “abyss” before, but maybe don’t pay attention to the real meaning behind it.  According to, abyss is: a noun,

1. a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm.
2. anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite: the abyss of time.
3. a. the primal chaos before Creation.

    b.the infernal regions; hell.
    c.a subterranean ocean.
So bear with me here, first, an abyss is a noun… it is a thing.  It is an intangible thing.  You can’t touch it.  The three definitions that follow portray the depth to my silence.  It is deep, immeasurable, it is primal to my very creation, and as deep as my soul.
I had the privilege of attending MOPS MomCon2013 in Kansas City, MO 2 weekends ago.  It was the best time I’d ever had in my life.  I cannot say it was the best because it was just fun.  That was not it.  It was all workshops, preaching/teaching sessions, and worship.  This was a time I’ve never had before that forced me to really look at who I am to the core.  Why God spoke my name BEFORE creation.  What I am called to do.
With fabulous speakers such as Beth Moore, Lysa TerKeurst, Jen Hatmaker, Kathi Lipp, Elisa Morgan, Alexandra Kuykendall, I heard words differently–words spoken deep into my being thanks to the Holy Spirit.  I heard things like conditional lovers, challenged to write my story, challenged to be a strong and courageous, vulnerable mother.  I was challenged to be something I fully am not–a submitted woman to Christ.
Don’t get me wrong, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, in obedience was baptized, and have formed a personal relationship with my Jesus.  I’ve even taught and plan to continue to teach women the grace and glory and awesomeness that is our Jesus.  What I haven’t done is apply these things to the changes I’m experiencing.
I haven’t changed how I do things for the changing things in my life.  I haven’t been active in pursuing what it is to be a great wife along with a great mom.  I haven’t placed into action the things I’ve learned.
I needed this silence to dig into my abyss and be placed in check.  So with that said, be looking for some amazing posts on what I’ve learned from MomCon and what I’ve learned during this silent period!
What are your thoughts?  Have you had to take a period of time to really understand who you are and what you need to be doing?  If you have, are you still applying it?  If you haven’t, why not?  I challenge you to take time and really let go of social media or whatever hogs your time and come to terms with what is you.

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