Me Time

Me time.  Time away.  A break.

Is this thought process right?  Do you struggle with this idea?  Do you always feel the need for “Me time” kind of things?

Just a night out with the girls.  It’s just a weekend away.

I struggled with this often.  I also struggled with this with my second child who was exclusively nursed.  That little turd did not take a bottle for anything!  She and I were attached 24/7.  I rarely left the house without her or simply didn’t leave at all.  I started getting that thought in the back of my mind of wanting a break.  Wanting to just have me time.

The problem with “me time” is that it can actually be inhibiting.  Me time can quickly turn into selfish desires.  Me time can consume your thoughts and make you look forward to time away from your kids yet again.

I know there are times that moms just need a break.  Moms just need an hour or so to just recoup and get back to the right mental state or be rejuvenated to go at this motherhood thing full throttle.  But Me time should NEVER be used as a means of just simply getting away.

Me time isn’t “earned”.  It isn’t even a right anymore.  It is a privilege and a means of respite meant to be used sparingly.  So the nights out for the girls isn’t prohibited, but it is limited.  Your responsibility is to your children.

I’ve struggled with this thought and after much prayer and thought on the topic, I fully understand that Me Time is very selfish and can be misused and abused.

So what do I do for a “break”?  I get an hour a day at the gym.  It cuts into my time with my husband once he gets home from work, but it is what ultimately makes me healthy and makes me feel good about myself once I get home.  I’m prepared to take on the rest of the evening and the next morning with the kids.  My Me Time is a sacrifice in one area to keep up on my own health.

What do you do for a break that isn’t selfish?  What do you think of Me Time?

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