My Daughter & Miley

This morning I woke with my daughter, fed her breakfast, got her milk and turned on the TV to the Today Show.  Matt Lauer was interviewing Miley Cyrus today.  I guess she’d already performed one song and was having a sit-down interview on stage.    There is a lot of controversy today about Miley.  She’s turned from an innocent Disney Hannah Montana image to this harsh, grunge, pierced, tattooed, odd hair style, sexually provocative, not-caring-about-what-others-think kind of girl. (Please note I’m not saying tattoos and piercings or even hairstyles make a bad person.  Talking about change of a person here to a complete opposite.)

After the interview she performed her next song, “Wrecking Ball.”  It was the first time I’d heard the song without the provocative images from her music video that I have seen clips of.  The song is powerful and well-written.  I actually caught myself enjoying it.  Then I hear something to my left.  My 1 year old daughter was singing, too.  She was actually on beat with the song.  She was enjoying it, too.

Then something stops me.  My daughter isn’t just taking in the song, but she’s taking in that image as well.  Right now my daughter is nearly a blank slate.  She is learning constantly and at a super fast paced rate.  She’s taking in my behaviors, behaviors of others around her, and behaviors of those on TV that catch her attention.  I realized I don’t want my daughter recognizing that good music must coexist with images that aren’t modest or upstanding.  I realized I don’t want to make that correlation either.

As women it is so easy to become brainwashed.  It’s happened since the beginning of time.  God made our minds special. He made us to be perfect.  But sin entered and sin was introduced to the woman first.  We women have a ton of influence on the other women and men in our lives (and our children).  If we allow ourselves to soak in the images of the big screen or those that are “making a statement” then we need a wake up call.

We need to make a point to wake up.  Read, watch, surround ourselves with people and things that we want our children surrounded in.

What lies are you believing?  What lies are you allowing to brainwash you?  What are you exposing yourself to?  Would you want your daughter believing/do the things you are?

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