Note to Self


This morning I opened up my Facebook account and find a post from Tyler Perry.  He posted the link of this video he did for CBS Morning News.  It’s so heartfelt because it is about taking different perspective of ourselves.  We’re looking at what God sees us as.

Then I got to thinking… how do we see ourselves as moms?  Do we see ourselves the way God sees us?  Do we see our own children the way God sees them? (insert gasp here).

Sometimes on Facebook our out in public I hear mothers be so rude and harsh toward their children.  I hear mothers complain about their children.  It breaks my heart.  There are so many women that struggle to even get pregnant, those women that are single and don’t have a family, women who don’t get pregnant at all… and yet these women are complaining.  What does your “Note to self” say?

Let’s take a different look at ourselves today.  Let’s take a different approach to parenting.

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