Parenting Styles of today…

I have major issues with today’s parenting styles.  I have issues with styles of the old.  I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means, but my career and my educational background have shown me what works and what doesn’t.  I recently came across this video on youtube. (attached below).  I cannot even get through it!

This is an 11 month old child arguing with her mother.  Arguing.  Now in order to argue there must be at least two parties on opposing sides.  Never ever should an 11 month old have grounds to think she is in charge of anyone else.  I will never let a child tell me what to do.  Obviously here the mother has not established the relationship of who is in charge and what she says she means.

A lot of parents today don’t follow through with their threats, either.  Or if they do give threats they are completely ludicrous.  For example, “If you don’t pick up those toys, I’m going to throw them out.”  Really, Mom?  You’re going to throw out toys that you spent too much money on, worked too hard to afford, and at least provide your child some engagement and learning opportunities?  Even an 11 month old knows when you’re bluffing.  Take the time to actually provide a consequence that is in response to the infraction.  Toys on the floor that won’t get picked up?  Simple–sitting straight up on the couch with no tv, no pillow, no distractions until that child deems it necessary that those toys will be picked up.  It must also be explained why toys need picked up– someone could trip and hurt himself, the toy could break if someone steps on it, the house will be clean, etc.  But our society today is all fast paced and we don’t take the time to actually tell the child why they need to do what they’re doing.  Discipline starts as early as they are mobile.  As soon as a child can go get you something and bring it back, they understand the word No.  Establishing an open and fair relationship with your child, he will know you must give consequences for negative behavior.

There will be another more post later or even a page about discipline as I get some time!

You decide about this video below.

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