Surgery on a baby

I know many people out there have endured watching their children go under anesthesia and probably for much more difficult issues or situations than we did.  There is nothing more intimidating than hearing from a doctor that something is wrong with your baby–I don’t care how it is phrased or what it is about.

So our story began the week before Thanksgiving.  Our daughter had a routine ultrasound on her kidneys and bladder to be done at Riley Hospital for Children.  We went for what seemed like, forgive my repetition, routine appointment.  The nurse practitioner took a little longer to come into the room to discuss the ultrasound, but I didn’t think anything of it.  When she came in, she explained she had a ureterocele in her bladder that could be housing bacteria or possibly blocking her ureters from emptying her kidney completely.  So we were scheduled for a nuclear renal scan.  You can read the rest of the story here.

So fast forward to December 5th.  I had to have Daylan at the hospital at 6:15 in the morning, which was a blessing so she didn’t go hungry for too long.  Dustin had to take Dietrich to school at 8:20, then he came to the hospital to support us and be there with us until discharge.  The surgery went very well and was completed successfully.  Dustin and I don’t get worked up much over anything that’s serious.  That’s something we are as a couple–strong in stressful situations.

For the duration of her surgery I had my nose buried in a book.  Phil Robertson’s book, Happy Happy Happy to be exact. With focus on another life living right by Christ helped me keep perspective.

Are you a mom that freaks out at the littlest thing or the big things when your children are involved?  What does that do for you?  Cause stress, strife, arguments, fights, overeating, something else?  What can you do differently to stay grounded in stressful situations?

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