Victoria’s Secret to Jockey

This little post came to mind last night as I was getting ready for bed.  I pulled out my underwear and sock drawer and looked at its contents.  My wild and cute professional socks were shoved to the far back and under everything.  I noticed the labels on my underwear.  While it used to be nothing but Victoria’s Secret undies of all types, I now see those labels sparingly.  What I do see are more and more of my Jockey underwear.

As funny as it is, I’m glad to have noticed this.  It’s showing a progress of my life.  I started out with a ton of stylish and cute undies.  Now that I’m a mother I see underwear as a necessity and comfort is my utmost necessity in that area!  Now let me set the record straight-I still haven’t ventured into the granny panty phase of my life yet, but I notice that my underwear have become more conservative over the years.

Let’s take a look at other women for a minute… I mean weren’t you anyway?!  Always comparing each other and all.  But seriously, let’s take a look.  A woman that is wearing low-cut tops, super tight or very short shorts, or let’s just picture that woman that wears very revealing clothing.  While it may look fabulous on her, and you may be thinking, “I could never pull that off like she does,” think about something else.  What is that woman insecure or searching for?  Over the years I’ve noticed (even in my baby middle schoolers) that women who tend to show off more of the goods, tend to be needy or missing something in their lives.  They aren’t secure in who they are.  They are searching for compliments and attention.  Did you ever wonder why the conservatively dressed woman tends to be genuinely happy?

It’s because she is.  She’s secure in what she has going on in her life.  She’s secure in who she is and her life here on earth.  She’s done with the finding friends, finding who she is–she’s secure.  While she struggles with what the rest of us do, she is actually confident, radiant, and dare I say more beautiful than that scantily clad woman.

So today I hail all those women that notice their youth lingering in their underwear drawers.  To those that still partake in that lifestyle, just know that once you’ve become secure in yourself, you’ll also appreciate the comfort in your pants 🙂

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