The Power of Personalized Holistic Health Support

Are you ready to break free from the cycle of disappointment, unfulfilled promises, and quick fixes in your wellness journey?

You’ve probably started umpteen different dieting protocols over the last how many decades and you’ve gone into the new but similar programs thinking you’ll get a different outcome.

For example, you’ve started Weight Watchers, Noom, Optavia, Jenny Craig, Shakeology, etc. You’ve been told you’ll get a coach to help you along in these processes and you even get to choose which path you want to take!

It sounds all amazing because you’re told you’ll get the support you need for your goals. Yet here’s the issue:

  • Weight Watchers coaches are at a call center, the plans you choose are templates from like five different options that your quiz points you to– Not personalized at all.
  • Noom coaches are usually at their homes, the way to progress is to surrender to their limited templates, and the worst part? They’ve gotten rid of over a thousand coaches and replaced with with Artificial Intelligence– Not personalized at all.
  • Optavia, where do I begin? They are coaches in a box who have gone before you overhauling their lifestyles in ways that are unhealthy and eating foods from boxes or packages that are highly processed and refined. Of course you’re going to lose weight eating less than 1000 calories a day. Wonder why you’re not supposed to exercise? Bc it’d put you in even more of a caloric deficit that would cause even more issues.
  • Shakeology and Jenny Craig- if you have to buy a company’s food for results thats a huge red flag that it isn’t sustainable.

I want you to know something: You are not bad, wrong, or a failure because these sorts of dieting plans didn’t work for you. The truth is, these plans or programs are not sustainable on purpose. They want you to achieve the instant gratification knowing you’ll cycle back on and off of them and their products for years to come.

These programs also do not address your unique needs, empower your mindset, nor do they guide you toward a life of abundance.

Here at CIMC we do all of those things and more. A personalized holistic health care team is the missing piece to your wellness you’ve been searching for and haven’t found until now.

Inside my Foundational Holistic Wellness Package you’ll:

Get the Personalization You Desire: Living life abundantly goes beyond following generic wellness plans or templates. It’s about honoring your individuality and crafting a path that aligns with your unique needs, preferences, and goals. You realize we were created with innate intelligence. Our body is always trying to overcome and adapt to its environment internally and externally. You come to the table with a life experience unlike anyone else. You will learn what you need for your specific life right now. Not the idea life. This approach is crucial for sustainable and meaningful transformation.

Overcome Wellness Challenges: Have you found yourself trapped in the cycle of trial and error? Perhaps you’ve struggled with inconsistent results, unclear guidance, and frustration. This leads you to feeling overwhelmed and honestly probably wanting to throw in the towel on trying yet another time. This then goes deeper, making you feel like you don’t deserve to experience life abundant, not held back by your body’s size or symptoms, or even worse… that you are a lost cause. When working with me you will discover the deeper reason you face challenges in your mindset and health journey and you can specifically break free from those old patterns. .

Embrace Holistic Wellness: Holistic wellness isn’t just about the body – it’s a comprehensive approach that considers mind, body, spirit, relationships, and lifestyle. When you work with me you’ll uncover the interconnectedness of these aspects. This may bring up past traumas, experiences, coping mechanisms, a spiritual weakness, and it may be an emotional journey breaking free from the other aspects holding you down. Addressing you as a whole being leads you to a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

But that’s not all… This package is a holistic well-being concierge service.

Concierge care is defined as having personal access to the healthcare provider, highly personalized comprehensive care.

By working 1:1 with me you get access to:

  • Three-Way-Chat with me and an assistant practitioner for any need, think ongoing conversations between appointments
  • Monthly appointments with Danielle
  • Workouts designed for your specific need on the Train Heroic app with form feedback and modifications
  • Three functional lab tests
  • Lifestyle addressed
  • Accountability
  • Root cause foundations addressed
  • Mental health and mindset support
  • Counseling services where you can talk and be heard
  • Recommended protocols to follow each month
  • Access to discounted supplements
  • Nutrition direction and education
  • The right questions to ask your primary care manager and specialists
  • Monthly stress assessments
  • My Abundant Living Blueprint Binder

Symptoms I Address:

I address anything that holds you back from living your life abundantly. The most common include: weight, hormones, sleep, stress, blood sugar, blood pressure, thyroid, inflammation, and cholesterol. You can find a full list of symptoms I address here.

If you’re interested in transforming your wellness, you can download my information sheet here. Inside this info sheet will tell you how to proceed forward in working with me. This Foundational Holistic Wellness package will empower you on your path to abundant living.

In fact, listen to Julie share here story here.

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