Blood Pressure: Everything You Need to Know

Danielle introduces you to her first real science-type training. So many people are on blood pressure medicines early on in their twenties and are told to manage their blood pressure with a pill and to reduce their salt intake. That’s about all we get anymore for help. Danielle walks you through the science of blood pressure and provides you practical take aways on your next best steps. This episode is a look into her mind as she’s working with clients who may experience symptoms of blood pressure imbalance.

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Welcome to the crying in my cheesecake podcast. I am Danielle and I am your host here, and this is episode two that I’m actually recording for YouTube.

So if you listen to me normally on your favorite podcasting app, you’re going to still receive all of that audio there, and that will still come out weekly on the podcasting app, but if you would like to watch me and see and just interact and kind of see my mannerisms, when I talk, you can also watch me on YouTube.

So I am going to try to incorporate more science stuff into, science stuff, that’s real technical, right? So more science trainings into my podcast so that you can get a balance of who I am like the way I think, behind the scenes, when I’m working with clients, or I’m trying to teach someone about their health and wellness or their symptoms or whatever they’re having.

So I’m going to just try again, like I said, at the beginning of season three, that I want more of my voice out here. And while that may sound very annoying to some people, I just want to. Like truly encompass and share who I am. So today’s episode is talking about everything you need to know about BR blood pressure.

So I want you to think about this, how many people, maybe yourself included, how many people do, you know, struggle with blood pressure or are on blood pressure medicine, or even start blood pressure medicine in their twenties. And we just, it seems like this phenomena that we are constantly being put on pills as a preventative or there’s there’s the pill is the fix action of everything. And I just wanna remind you, I’m not try, I am not a doctor. I am not prescribing a cure or anything like that, but I want you to start thinking differently about your health, and I want you to think about this concept here.

You are not deficient in blood pressure medicine, I’m gonna say that again, you are not deficient, or we as a culture or people are not deficient, in blood pressure medicine. So if we’re not deficient in that, that must mean that there’s another root cause as to why we’re having blood pressure imbalances, okay. So as we go through this seminar, because I’m recording video and it just seems like I’m supposed to say seminar, but as I go through this topic for you.

I want you to be thinking that in the back of your mind, that there is a root cause. So in this episode, you are going to understand what blood pressure is, what causes your blood pressure to go out of whack or out of balance and what you can actually do about it. Because I want you to think if we, you know, like you hear all the time that doctors like, well, just lose weight and you can get off your medicine.

Clearly there is a lifestyle thing there that means that we don’t need it, or we can reverse our blood pressure status, okay. So first of all, so what is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of your blood vessels. Most of this is from the heart pumping blood through the circulatory system.

We usually call this blood pressure because it refers to the pressure of the large arteries. Your systolic means arteries, and it means blood pressure out the top of the heart. I’m like pointing, and I talk with my hands. So this is another vulnerable situation, if you’re watching me, I talk with my hands a lot.

So the systolic, I want you to think arteries systolic top a cyst, a cyst is like a zit that has a white head on the top. Systolic is the arteries, the blood coming out the top.

Diastolic is the arteries between beats. So that’s the bottom number, the bottom number, your top number systolic. The bottom number is diastolic and it’s the arteries out through the top and in between the beats.

So a healthy range of blood pressure should be around 120, like less than 120 or over less than 80. And if you’re looking at my screen, I believe I did the greater than less than signed wrong and backwards, I apologize, I am not perfect. So again, more vulnerability here anyway. So a healthy range of blood pressure is like around 120 and less and around the bottom number would be the diastolic would be 80 or less. That is actually considered healthy.

So blood pressure is not solely based on your body weight. It is not irreversible, meaning it is reversible. It’s not it’s when I say blood pressure is not irreversible. I mean like you don’t have to have blood pressure imbalance the rest of your life. That is not a forever diagnosis that you’re going to have to be taking a pill for forever the rest of your life.

Your blood pressure is not static. It doesn’t stay the same beats per minute, all day long every day. It is not your heartbeat. So, you know, sometimes when you’re wearing like a smart watch and you see your, the blood pressure thing or the blood pumping on there, or the heart pumping or whatever it may be, it may be like, oh, okay.

My heart, my heartbeat is my blood pressure, that is not that’s your pulse. So blood pressure is not only managed by medicines, it is not hereditarily predestined. So my mom, my dad, I believe my brother, probably everybody that I know in my genetic lineage is on blood pressure medicine on both sides of my family, because we see that, we see that, oh my gosh, all these people have blood pressure problems.

So of course I’m going to have blood pressure problems. That is not the case. It is not hereditarily predestined, but also I wanna give this huge caveat, like this huge caveat blood pressure is not to be glossed over. It is not something to play with. Some causes of blood sugar or blood sugar. Clearly my favorite topic is blood sugar.

Some causes of blood pressure imbalance includes stress. So stress adaptation, when I talk about stress, everyone’s just like, Ugh, stress again. My doctor told me to manage my stress. I hear online. I need to manage my stress. I hear on TV ads and even on TV shows, I need to manage my stress. Well, what the heck does that even look like?

Stress adaptation is what happens when we continue to stay in a stressful situation and just continue to live that way. Our bodies adapt to that. I want you to, this sounds very over the top, but I want you to think of it this way when you are well, not you necessarily, but when someone takes a hit of Coke, when someone takes a hit of Coke, that first high they get is fantastic. It’s like this mental clarity, I don’t know, from personal experience, I hear from textbooks, but it’s this person like this clarity that is like none other, and there’s like supernatural energy that these people have. So I’m assuming, and like equating it to like, if I have a double shot of espresso and then another double shot of espresso.

So what happens is the next time that they take it, they’re seeking that same high that they just got from that first hit. So that first hit, they had, they felt awesome, but like, oh man, I wanna do that again. But what happens is, is when you take another hit, it’s not gonna meet this. Okay, it’s going to take two hits now to get to that same level of focus and clarity and so forth.

This is an example of when someone can OD after they’ve been sober for a while, and then they head straight back into that, that level of use that they were using, and then they die. They overshoot what their body is capable of because stress adaptation, our body is so freaking fantastic. And it’s such a miracle that your body was meant to adapt and overcome.

And so when you put a stress on, let’s just say, it’s, we go to work every day, that’s a stressor. And then, oh my gosh, we got kids. So now our bodies have to meet this new level of stress we have. So it has to adapt and overcome. And then let’s just say we have a financial issue on top of a job on top of a new family on top.

So then we have that and we have to meet that again. Stress adaptation means our blood pressure is going to rise. That is how our body physiologically adapts to the stressors that are outside of our bodies. So anytime you have a ton of stress in your life, think first responders think the military think I, I just think of first responders, cuz I think of my dad.

I think of my dad patrolling in his police car. All the time sitting and then like having to be on high alert at all times, like there was just nonstop stress. He had a family, he had a wife, he had, you know, all things going on and it’s just, you continue to adapt. Your body is a miracle that way. So, that is one thing, is that stress adaptation that causes blood pressure imbalance.

Oh my gosh. If I say blood sugar, I just need to like put money in a jar or something. Blood pressure imbalance. The next thing that causes blood pressure imbalance is lack of sleep, lack of sleep. How many times have you just said, oh, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, or how many times have you said, oh, I’ll just, you know, maybe when the kids are outta the house, I’ll sleep again, sleep should be a humongous priority in your life.

If you are someone that is trying to lose excess fat, or you are someone that’s trying to put on excess muscle, excess muscle, you don’t have excess muscle to build muscle. Lord help me with this. If you are someone that’s trying to build muscle or lose fat, or you are, or you’re sick, or you’re trying to heal something, or you are even just trying to live a healthy life.

If you’re not sleeping seven to nine hours at night, you’re not healthy. Your body doesn’t get to reset. And eventually I will do a seminar, a webinar on this and a podcast on sleep, but the lack of sleep causes your blood pressure to become imbalanced because it also causes another stress adaptation.

Another one is a lack of proper exercise. When I say proper exercise, I don’t mean being on the treadmill 60 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day. I don’t mean that is like cute video on the screen. I don’t mean exercise that is, you know, I walked up and down my driveway for 40 minutes today. When I say proper exercise, I mean, strength training.

And I use the word proper exercise on purpose because there is like, all exercise can be exercise, right. But. The modality of exercise matters. And I do need to do a webinar on this too, but the modality of exercise matters in my mind, we are given a finite amount, a finite, is that right? Yeah. We’re not infinite.

We have finite amount of time on this planet. And if we have a finite amount of time on this planet, why would I waste my time with a stupid beach body video that is not going to give me the body, that of those people on the video? But it’s going to just cause me to get up off the couch. Now, if you are not a workout person, and this is like your, like, if that’s the fun thing that gets you off the couch, then I’m not going to bash beach body.

But if you really want true and proper exercise, you need to be doing some form of functional fitness. When we. Go to the grocery store and we have bags in both hands that is called a farmer’s carry. We practice in, functional fitness, we practice the movements that we use throughout the day when we have something on the floor.

So let’s just say I have a bag of sugar on the floor and I need to put it in my pantry. That’s called a deadlift or a thruster. I’m bending down doing a deadlift, putting it in proper front squat, front rack hold, and then putting it and push, pressing it onto the shelf. On top of me, maybe I’ve dropped something underneath the car, the proper functional fitness, a movement to support that is a burpy.

Get down on the, so ability to get down on the ground quickly to slide over and grab what you need and then get back up, that is exactly what those things are. So proper exercise. What I mean is functional fitness, building, actual muscle tissue on the body. You don’t ever hear somebody, when they get in their eighties and they have walked all their lives, like they’re walking marathons or whatever, even like the old ladies, like my grandma used to walk all the time, but what she didn’t do was lift weights. And guess what happened? Her bone density dropped massively by the time women, if you’re listening to this women, by the time you are 40, you can lose up to 10% of your bone mass by 40.

Listen to me, if you’re both male and female here. By 40, if you are not using your posterior chain, which means if engaging your back, the muscles all across your back, down your butt, down your hamstrings down your calves. If you are not utilizing those muscles at that point, you’re gonna have a real hard time to even gain them.

Let alone, connect to them over time. Posterior chain exercise with your muscles are so important because if you’re plopping on a chair, if you’re plopping on the toilet, you can’t get up off the toilet. If you can’t get up off the chair, off the floor, if you happen to fall a lot, you need functional fitness and you need that posterior chain helped there.

So blood pressure imbalance happens because of a lack of proper exercise.

Medicine depletions, medicine depletions, so usually if you’re on blood pressure medicine, what’s the other popular medicine that we’re typically put on? Cholesterol, medicine, blood pressure medicine, other medicines in that we take can deplete our body of different minerals and so forth.

And over time, those depletions can add up and cause blood pressure imbalance. Think about cholesterol, medicine, cholesterol. I wrote or did a podcast on statins. It was a few episodes ago. I did an episode on statins and I talked about on there that statins or cholesterol lowering medicines can deplete your body of magnesium depleting.

Your body of magnesium can cause heart attacks and cause other problems with your muscles. So medicine depletions can cause blood pressure, imbalance, lack of hydration. And when I say hydration, I don’t mean water necessarily what I mean is electrolytes. If you are drinking, if you’re kind of like what I grew up, my, my dad still just drinks, coffee all day long, maybe a crystal light, maybe a bottle of water here, maybe a, what does he get?

What is that? Is it Seagram? Is it Seagrams like that? Fizzy water? That’s just like fizzy water. He’ll drink that. And sometimes got him on some of the flavored waters, but like that’s all he would drink. And so. What was happening. He was hydrated with liquids, but he was not hydrated with electrolytes.

Electrolytes are things like potassium, magnesium, calcium, I’m thinking there’s a couple other others, sodium, sodium. So we need some sodium in our lives. And what, what I would recommend doing is, and I’ll get here in just a minute, but lack of hydration and electrolyte balance causes blood pressure imbalance.

I will help you here, just I’m getting ahead of myself. Inappropriate consumption or sourcing of sodium can cause blood pressure issues. So if you’re still using the Mortons or the off brain of Morton’s table salt, that iodized salt iodized salt can cause blood pressure imbalance, iodized salt needs to be gone.

Do you know why we have iodized salt? Do you know why we have iodized salt? We have iodized salt because of the cold war and thinking that there was going to be a nuclear war with Russia. Now I’m not saying that that’s not gonna happen. But, what I’m saying is, is that is why we even have iodized salt.

We have iodine put into a lot of things, we have vitamins put into a lot of things. So we have fortified our food since like the sixties or whatever. Please forgive me if I’m wrong with the, the years I’m so bad with years, cuz it still feels like 1999 right now, it really does. And I’m preparing for the Y2K. Anyway, what I was saying is like, our food is fortified out of fear.

So iodized salt typically has other additives to it, and it is not actual pure salt with the ingredients that we need, so get rid of that. My favorite brand of salt is Redmond’s real salt. I should probably ask them for a coupon code for you. I don’t even want money from them. I just want you to have quality salt in your life and actually see the difference.

So if you are feeling like you have a headache in the afternoon or this past week, what, I don’t even know what day this is. , it’s the middle of June. It’s the middle of June that I’m recording this and it was in the nineties, like, and it felt like over hundreds this past week.

And there were people getting dehydrated and things and I’m like, dude, just like grab some of your real salt and put it on your tongue and you’ll be fine. Sure enough, like the headaches would go away immediately and people would feel better. So I always just recommend, again. I’m like moving ahead of myself here aren’t I?

I recommend using Redmond’s real salt in everything, including your water, anyway. Remove your processed sugars and flowers. Processed sugar is anything that is white. Please, please, please get rid of the white flowers, the white sugars, the processed, the bleached, all those things. Get rid of those.

Let’s just get rid of those because they do pull nutrients out of your body refined oils. Refined oils is something that I’m getting, I’m not perfect at, but I’m trying, and I’m trying really hard because refined oils cause inflammation in the body, they actually oxidize and cause oxidative stress and then cause other organs to function. I’m trying to say this in a way. That’s not gonna get me in trouble. It refined oils have been shown over time of use that they cause the certain organs or many organs and cells to work at lower optimal levels. Am I saying that right anyway, so refined oils can also pull out minerals and make you and not make you function well, either.

So refined oils, I would stay away from, stay away from eating out in fast food, as best as possible. My rule of thumb is one to two times a week as plenty. You should not be eating out more than that. Anyway, even on vacation. Even on vacation, you can go to a grocery store and get what you need for that day.

Even if you don’t have a kitchenette, I will explain more about that later. If your blood pressure can be imbalanced because of low fatty acid, acid absorption, missing fat soluble, vitamins, and minerals, which means mineral imbalance, which means. Blood pressure imbalance. And again, we’ll get into that here in just a moment.

Here are some things that you can do to support your blood sugar. Just said it again. Oh my gosh. Here are some things you can do to support your blood pressure. The blood pressure is lifestyle. Your blood pressure represents your lifestyle. When I was teaching in the classroom, I was over 320 pounds, I think it was.

And before I left and. Or maybe it was my first, it was my first or second year of teaching. My, I was over 320 pounds. I was drinking like a fish. And when I say drinking, like there wasn’t enough Jack Daniels in the store. I had a kegerator at home and I was drinking a lot.

And when I drink, I’m not one of those cute drinkers. I’m one of those drinkers that drinking makes me hungry and so I would eat crap food like pizza rolls, all the things. If you have not gone back and listened to my episode of Pinterest, Pinterest and porn, or pizza rolls and cheeseburgers or something, double bacon cheeseburgers, you need to go listen to that from season one.

But my blood pressure was astronomically higher than it is now. It was probably, I think it was like in the 150s, 150s over 90s. And now it’s like 116 over 70 something almost every single time I take it. So, it is a lifestyle thing. So think about, I mean, I’m not telling you quit your job, but maybe, maybe you should, maybe you should find a new place to work.

So blood pressure support is lifestyle support. I want you to think about stress management techniques. Just like I was saying in my classroom back when I was teaching in the classroom, I should say, when I was back in the classroom teaching, I was so full of stress. There was nothing in my life that wasn’t stressful.

And then I was adding more stress on by over volunteering, overworking, I was drinking, I was eating. I like, it was just it. I was just adding stress to my body. So a stress management technique that I like to do with my clients is block scheduling, like looking at your calendar and seeing what is actually attainable.

Is this even going to support my priorities, but then again, hang on. What if you don’t even know what your priorities are, so you might even have to back up and be like, okay, what are my dang priorities? I have three priorities my self care. My family and my business, those are the three things I will not do anything on my calendar that doesn’t support all three of these things and doesn’t take away from the other.

So my yeses to my self care or my yeses to my family, or my yeses to my business must also support those other three areas and be okay in those other three areas. So figure out your block, scheduling what is actually on your calendar that needs to be there. And what can you maybe delegate? Get rid of, for a season.

What is in your control? What’s not in your control. And I’d also think about if you cannot get your stress figured out, maybe think about going to some therapy. Like I have a social worker that works on my team at CIMC and she is phenomenal about I’ve actually walked her through all of this herself.

So she has my first hand experience of working with clients on that, but get some help, get some help with someone, just meet up with someone and say, Hey, can I, can I, get help on how to schedule my life? I don’t even know what my priorities are. Find someone to chat with about that. Learn, sleep hygiene and the value of sleep over, whatever else gets in the way.

Put the dang phone down in the bedroom. I have gotten to the place where I used to, I used to watch, I hate YouTube. I hate YouTube, ironic, ironic, right? That I’m putting this on YouTube. But I hate YouTube, but I somehow like found some, some like backpacking videos that I was learning so much from and I would just sit there for hours and watch them.

And it would be like one or two o’clock in the afternoon. I, or in the, in the morning. And I wasn’t reading, I was, I was on there all the time. And so instead now when I go to bed, I put my phone on sleep. I put my phone on, do not disturb, and then I flip it upside down. So I don’t even anything I don’t even hear anything.

I clicked a little button on the side. I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything. I don’t want to be a part of my phone after I have decided to lay down. So get into a habit of what sleep hygiene looks like for you. Learn proper use of exercise, get some strength training supports we have on the wilderness of wellness.

The Wilderness of Wellness is an app that is a social network. Like literally a social network. The Wilderness of Wellness is owned by me and my company. And we are the ones that monitor and put on everything on there. We have a workout app on there that allows you to get support form, help, all sorts of different supports for your workouts.

On there we have twice monthly mental health meetings that, that happen that are part of the wilderness of wellness. If you are a member of our group, you get to show up, you have weekly accountability sessions with a practitioner like myself, or one of my other people on my team and this would be a great opportunity for you to get the support.

You need to get some muscle on your body to support your liver, which supports the emulsification of your fatty acid, which allows your body to absorb minerals. That allows you to have electrolyte balance helps you build that posterior chain. Cardio helps your beat, your heart, beat more functionally. And we offer all of that on the Wilderness of Wellness.

Learn how to talk with your doctor or your pharmacist about what possible depletions you may have in your body from using medicines. So I would think about that. Like, especially like pharmacists, pharmacists are really adept in this kind of, kind of stuff, but have a conversation. If you don’t know how to have that kind of conversation, you can talk with someone like me or one of my people on my team we are or show up to, if you’re part of the Wilderness of Wellness show up to a weekly accountability meeting, ask your questions like, Hey, I I’m really thinking about going to the pharmacist or the doctor and really trying to work off of blood pressure medicine. Let’s have a conversation about how to get you off of that medicine. And let’s really put in the work to do so. The next thing is hydration.

So those are the top things to like, kind of think about. And the next one is hydration. Remember I said, hydration is drinking more than just water.

I want you drinking, not those cute hydration packs. Please don’t waste your money on those. When you can go to Amazon or and literally just get the blue labeled ancient fine sea salt and do that. There are a couple other brands I can link below in the show notes, if you would like that.

That are great. I think one’s called is it? Joseph’s, I’ll have to figure that out, but basically in the oh, and the Costco pink salt is a great option too, cuz that one doesn’t have any other ingredients in it. It’s just literally pink Himalayan salt. So if you want help, look at your label of your salt, can you believe we have to look at the labels of our salt, look at the labels of your salt and see if there’s any other ingredients.

See where it comes from. If there’s one ingredient, you’re probably fine. So add just a little bit of salt to your water. I drink out of a hydro jug when I’m struggling to get my hydration in and I will just like, kind of like go of the, yes I did. my gosh, this is embarrassing. Anyway, I kind of just like dump a little bit of salt in there and just kind of shake it up.

Let it do its thing and that’s my hydration. I don’t spend money on those stupid hydration packs. If you have bladder problems, if you have urgency or kidney problems, you should not be drinking those cute electrolyte packets, cuz they will cause you to have more urgency to pee. It could cause you to have kidney issues, just stay away from them.

Just stay away from them. The, the least ingredients possible is probably the best way to go. Make sure you use proper salt. We’ve already kind of touched on that. Make sure you’re using proper salt, stay away from Mortons the brand Mortons and the off brands of Mortons table salts.

Make sure you’re sourcing whole grains and sugars. So I like Palm sugar. I like coconut sugar. I like sugar and the raw. I like Stevie drops. There are some people will be like, no, but I like Stevie drops. You can get Stevie drops that are actual Stevie leaf that. What is it called when it’s like soaked in alcohol or something, then the alcohol is just what preserves it so it doesn’t go bad.

Anyway. That’s what I like to use. There are some crappy versions of those. So just, just pay attention, just pay attention again. If you’re part of the wilderness of wellness, you can totally show up to our weekly accountability calls and say, Hey, is this a great version or that kind of thing?

And we can support you and make some healthy oil swaps versus your processed crap. I’m just gonna say it’s crap. The vegetable oil should not be in your house unless you’re using it to. Like on a bike or on something else, it should not be inside your body. The vegetable oil, canola oil. If you just go to YouTube, can I leave I saying this, go to YouTube and look up the video on how they make processed oils.

It’s it is the truth. It is the truth. There’s there should be a shelf life to your oils. Get rid of the Crisco get rid of all of that. I actually tried to eat Crisco, I think two years ago it was in my son’s preschool homeschool. It was a thing we were supposed to make ginger gingerbread houses or something.

And so the recipe called for CRICO. I’m like, oh, I don’t even have Crisco. Where do I get that? So I used to, I grew up on Crisco, right? I grew up on deep fat fried and Crisco and the fried daddy. And so I’m like, gosh, where do I find that again? They even make that went and got it. And by the way, they make a buttered one and they make a regular one.

I’ve never seen the buttered one in my life had no clue they made such a thing. So I go and get the blue CRICO. And we make the, we make the gingerbread house pieces and my son and I were like, oh, let’s try it. It was the most dis like we both had his stomach ache. We both, oh, it was awful. And I don’t think he’s ever had CRICO in his life.

So he was five, four about four or five. Oh, it was awful. Please get rid of all of that. So limit your eating out and drive throughs. I am going to just tell it like it is. If you think you don’t have time to eat quality food you have a schedule that is too busy. If you think you don’t have time, you think you are more important than you actually are.

You think that you are, it is very selfish to holler through that drive through, instead of parking in the grocery store and going to grab something, it is so easy to run into Kroger or whatever your local grocery store is and say, Hey, can I get some lunch meat and go grab some fresh, a bag of carrots and some milk, or, you know, whatever it is so easy to do that.

And it takes less time. You’re gonna be fuller, more satisfied. You can go even, go get one of those bags of salad, go get some lunch meat. Or I think they even have like grilled chicken already sitting, waiting for you. Grab it, go. You’re gonna be more satisfied and you’re gonna feel better the next day.

Remember that the perfect fatty acid balance comes from pasture raised, pasture fed whole eggs, duck, a duck eggs fish, et cetera. If you are eating only vegan or you are only eating keto, you are missing out on such full nutrients of the way that God created our food to be eaten. He gave us the plants and he gave us the animals.

He delivered to Elijah, he delivered to Elijah, I forgot about this until the sermon that we had today. I’m like, he didn’t just deliver vegetables to Elijah, he didn’t even give him vegetables. He gave him bread and he gave him meat. We need meat from animals to have properly balanced fatty acids, like the most bioavailable fatty acids come from these animals.

So if, if you’re like, I can’t afford expensive food, like expensive grass, especially with our current inflation happening right now. The one thing I would recommend getting, or the one thing I would recommend maybe. Purchasing or investing in instead of going for the grass fed meats, instead of going for the organic, all the things like that, I would go for finding a farmer who can sell you a dozen eggs and use those eggs as your multivitamin.

Our local farmer, I meet him at Costco parking lot, he is the sweetest dude. He has the sweetest wife and family, but I use his eggs as multivitamins for my family. And he actually charges me less than what the organic. Not healthy eggs, not the proper eggs. He charges me less than what the grocery store does and eggs should have a dark yellow yolk in them because chickens were meant to be omnivores.

They eat snakes, they eat worms, they eat insects. So if your eggs, just because something is organic or just because something is, what is that free range? Free range is a joke. Free range can literally mean that they have like this much room access to the outdoors who cares. If they’re free range, we want them raised on a pasture where they’re actually cleaning up the yard and the grass and the fields that they’re in.

So if that’s where you want to like, spend your money and think about like, just looking at eggs as your multivitamin, that would be a great place to go. So this is it for blood pressure support and balancing your blood pressure naturally through lifestyles, lifestyle changes, life like little lifestyle things.

Again, if you are interested in joining the wilderness of wellness, we would love to have you become part of the team of, of our family. You become part of the CIMC family. And you get so much help, so much support there and a community. If you would like to join the Wilderness of Wellness or learn more about it, please just click below on the notes in the, I guess the show notes.

And we would love to see you there soon. Have a great day.

If you enjoyed this episode, it would be really helpful if you could rate this podcast at five stars, if you’re listening online. And I mean, if you’re watching online on YouTube, it would be really helpful if you would subscribe and click the thumbs up button that you enjoyed this episode so that we can help get the con this content out to more people like you that want to learn more about holistic living in a real way.

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I love Jesus. I love my family. And I get joy from having a front row view of people growing toward their goals because of what I’ve taught.

The Wilderness of Wellness

Everything you need to take back control of your health, start healing, and live your life abundantly, not held back by your body’s symptoms or size.

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Foundational Holistic Wellness

A clinical, bio-individual approach to your wellness by looking at your body from a foundational perspective.

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