Extra Weight, Normal Labs, and the Path to Wellness

In this episode of the Crying My Cheesecake podcast, host Danielle discusses the connection between weight, lab results, and overall health. She addresses the frustration many people feel when their lab results come back normal, but they still experience health issues. Danielle shares personal experiences and anecdotes from clients to highlight the importance of looking beyond the numbers on the scale and lab reports.

She emphasizes that true health is about vitality, energy, and how you feel in your own skin. Danielle encourages listeners to consider the impact of extra weight on their well-being, even if their lab results appear normal. She discusses the potential risks associated with carrying extra weight and the importance of understanding one’s current reality.

Danielle offers three key benefits of working with her as a practitioner: personalized guidance tailored to individual lifestyles and goals, sustainable lifestyle changes, and the unique perspective of someone who has personally experienced the challenges of weight and health issues. She urges listeners to take action and not wait to prioritize their health, sharing a personal story of her father’s health struggles as a cautionary tale about the consequences of delayed action.

The episode encourages listeners to seek personalized solutions and emphasizes the importance of making a positive change in their lives for better health and happiness. Danielle invites her audience to consider working with her to embark on a transformative journey toward improved health and well-being.

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Welcome to the Crying My Cheesecake podcast, where we are in pursuit of living life abundantly, not held back by our body’s size or symptoms, nor are we held back by our hurts, habits, or other obstacles in life. Learn the secrets to crush it in your health, wellness, relationships, and spiritual life. I am Danielle, your host and practitioner.

And in this episode, I am going to help you understand the connection between your weight, your lab work, and your overall health. Even if your labs come back normal, you know, this, this episode here was born out of this idea of seeing people, um, come to me, um, time after time again, or sending me messages in my DMS on Instagram and saying things like, Oh my gosh, what you just said.

Like really speaks to me. Why are my labs coming back normal? If I feel this way, why are my doctors dismissing me? And in fact, yesterday at the time of this recording, I had a call with a new high level one to one client and she was talking to me about how she just felt off and how everything seems to be just dismissed.

Everything felt off, but she’s overweight and just like cannot seem to be motivated. She was having like, it wasn’t just the weight, like it started there. Right. And then it moved into this place of where she started to just feel crummy. She was getting depressed, irritated, irritable at people that she loves.

And like standing on the outside, she could see herself saying things and she’s like, Oh my gosh, that’s not what I’m meaning to say. Like that’s not my heart. Um, thyroid problems. Like even though the thyroid numbers were coming back normal, the antibodies were not. And the doctors didn’t want to treat that.

The doctors just didn’t want to hear anything other than just handing over prescriptions. And. I’m not one that is, you know, anti prescriptions because I have to take prescriptions every day for my Hashimoto’s and so I’m not anti prescriptions. Like, there is a place and a time for them but they should not be our first or last, like the lasting, the long term thing that we look into.

There are so many other things that we can do to help prevent. Prevent, uh, prevent and reduce and, um, remediate, remediate, uh, words are hard today, um, remediate LLC. these diseases that we have. But my thing is, is that this specific client came and talked to me and she’s like, every single doctor, whether it was a functional doctor or not, wanted me on Ozempic, wanted me on this.

And we worked together, so she came back, um, and we worked together on some specific things before. And she’s back now and she’s finally off Ozempic and Ozempic was causing most of her digestive distress that we were dealing with. And I told her this and I said, look, there’s not much more I can do about this digestive upset because of the Ozempic that you’re on.

And so she got herself off and all the things and she’s working with me. But this episode is in my heart because so many of you specifically listening have been in my DMs and Instagram. And thank you so much for showing up there, by the way. I love talking to you. I love hearing your stories. I love connecting with you.

I want this podcast community to extend into my Instagram community and I want to get to know you. So when I say send me a DM or when I say send me an email, I really do mean it. Like I will be there responding to you. So I, it just makes me so excited to get to know you more. Because that means that I get to serve you.

I get to see what your needs are and I can talk into them. So the more I get to know you, the more that I can support you through this podcast, through Instagram posts and blog posts and things that I can offer you. So, anyway, I just want you to think about this idea of waking up in the morning and feeling refreshed and energized.

What does that feel like, you know, I’m 39 years old. And when I turned 39, my mom sent me a text message and said, how you feeling? Happy birthday. That kind of thing. And I said, you know, what’s interesting is I feel better now than I ever did in my twenties. I feel alive. I feel alive when many women, it is quote unquote common for them to start having hormone problems and all of that.

And my hormone problems have balanced themselves out for the most part. Like I really don’t have many hormone problems anymore, just the thyroid that I’m still working on. We’re always a work in progress. So don’t think that it’s a one and done kind of thing ever. If someone tries to market you, it’s a one and done.

Um, that’s not actually the case. So there’s always something we can be working on. Right. Um, but I told her that when I said I turned 39. This is the most alive I have felt and I want to talk about this a minute because I felt alive more so than when I lost a ton of weight. When I lost a ton of weight, I felt Emotional.

Emotional in a way that’s not good. One that was like full of anxiousness that I had to constantly keep going. I needed to be the energizer bunny because I was always thinking about the unknown, the fear of the future, like all of that. And I’m, and I don’t know, maybe that’s another time, another topic to dive into, but is it, I just swirled my empty iced coffee as I’m sitting here.

Sorry for that in the background, but if, and then there goes my dogs, my husband’s gone for work. And anyway, it is what it is. Welcome to my home, you guys. I’m so glad that you are here. And it is what it is. So what I wanted to get at was that even losing weight, like everyone says that the root cause of everything is too much weight on the body.

But when I, every single time I lost a bunch of weight, that’s when my hormones started going wonky. My libido went wonky. My periods were painful and long. And after I had lost all this weight, like this, it was like 65, 70 pounds I had lost and I was doing phenomenal, but I was eating like 1500 calories a day.

And this thing started happening where I was having I had a fever the week before my period, every week. And it would be on a Monday. It would be, I know this specifically, it would be on a Sunday or Monday. And I would be laying down here on the beanbag bed. We call it a bed. It’s a big beanbag chair in my bedroom and at the foot of my bed, I would lay there and not move.

I would feel like I had the flu, like my joints hurt. Everything was on fire. I was inflamed and I didn’t know it then. I truly did not know it then. I knew nothing of what I know now. And I thought that that was just part of getting older. I didn’t equate, I thought losing weight meant I was healthy. I also then, you know, moving forward, I was having migraines three weeks out of the month with auras that lasted two to three days.

That’s not healthy. I then started getting, so then like adding all these things on, then I started getting this cystic acne. I never I never had cystic acne as a kid. And you know, like when you think about hitting puberty and all of the acne time periods and things like that, I never had cystic acne.

Cystic acne is the acne that is like from your jaw line down. And so I was getting it. So badly and I thought it was because I was eating sugar or I was eating things like that. But really I was still eating within my 1500 calorie budget. I was following the if it fits your macros thing. Because that’s how I lost weight.

That’s how I was able to enjoy the foods I loved without giving up my lifestyle. And then I woke up and I realized I’m like, is my health worth my lifestyle? Is my health worth my lifestyle? Is my lifestyle worth my health? Probably reverse that. Is my lifestyle worth the, my health? I see so many bodybuilders, so many quote unquote healthy people, so many gym goers that are following this, if it fits your macros process and they’re infertile.

They’re having nasty periods, they’re having no periods, they’re having migraines, they’re having, um, uh, joint pain popping and clicking and actual like surgeries, super young, getting joints replaced before they’re 40. And people are like, Oh, it’s from the CrossFit. It’s from the working out and all of that.

And while that may not be helping, um, if we’re not doing it safely, which I’m a huge CrossFit advocate. So please don’t come at me on that. I love CrossFit. I love everything about it. Um, There’s some coaches that program maybe some questionable things, but I love the programming and the, the, anyway, I will always sing CrossFit praises, but you see all of these healthy looking people that are actually not healthy.

They’re not sleeping at night. They’re constipated. They have period problems. They’re um, no libido at all. They’re up, you know, six times a night or only getting three to four hours of sleep a night and I’m not even exaggerating because I work with these people. I work with you. I work with you. I see you.

And fitness does not equate to health. And the, and doing more to stay fit. or eating less to look lean is not the answer anymore. And I’m convinced of that. So I’m going to ask you again, what would it feel like if you could wake up in the morning and feel refreshed, like refreshed and energized? You could step out of bed with a spring in your step ready to take on the day.

You’re at your ideal weight and your body feels light and agile like you are able to hop around like those worship leaders on the stage and and dance and sing and and play with the kids or play with your friends or even Go play pickleball. Maybe that’s something that you’re like, oh, I would really wish I could do that Let me tell you pickleball is addicting and fun.

And yes, it’s amazing But imagine a place or a time or an experience in your life where you don’t need to worry about your health and you don’t have to worry about all the stairs that you’ll need to climb. Having conversations with your friends as you’re climbing the stairs the steps that you need to take you not have to worry about how many steps and how far something is from your car, the chairs that you may need to make sure that you can fit in the wedding rings that can finally fit back on your finger.

Maybe it’s not a wedding ring. That’s the problem. Maybe it is a, um, an heirloom ring or a watch or a bracelet or something that you would love to have and wear more frequently. And you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this because you know that you’re in a great shape. That’s the ideal life that we all want, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing. Many of us are carrying extra weight and right now it doesn’t seem to be causing any immediate health problems. Many of us are. Maybe your A1C levels aren’t screaming diabetes. Maybe your labs for your cholesterol and triglycerides look great. Everything looks great, but I want to tell you that there is more to the story.

And the extra weight on our bodies could be affecting our overall well being in so many subtle ways. That we may not even realize it. And in this episode, I realize I’m almost 12 minutes in, but in this episode, I want to try to help you to connect the dots between your A1c, your other lab levels, and your overall quality of life.

Because you see, it’s not about the number on the scale or a blood test result. It’s actually about your vitality, your energy. The way you feel in your own skin and the way you show up in life because that’s honestly how we’re remembered. We’re not remembered by our BMI. We’re not remembered by how much we weight.

Well, unless you’re like ridiculously crazy, um, super, super high, um, on TV, you know, like that 1000 pound guy on, um, when did, where was he? Was he in Mexico or something? Um, I don’t know. Was that in the nineties, early two thousands? I think he actually died within the last 10 years. Anyway, no one’s going to remember us because of a pant size.

No one’s going to remember us because of our lab work, but they are going to remember us in our vitality and our energy, the way we felt in our own skin, because we can feel when we’re around people, how they feel in their own skin. And how do we know that? Because usually people that feel un, or that are not confident in their own skin are usually rude, judgmental, um, lash out, irritable, and you’re kind of have to walk on eggshells around them, that kind of thing.

And they also remember how you show up in life. That is the legacy when you think of grandma when you think of grandma and like for me like one There’s a bunch of memories that come up with my dad’s mom she died last year last July and There’s one like I remember how she made me feel I remember how she showed up in life and she was a woman who got things done She was a leader because she had to be she was With, um, a terrible marriage, she had terrible marriages to two of them, but she, she chose to submit her life to Christ.

She chose to live a surrendered life that was so different that it’s like, Oh my gosh, grandma, how did you survive all of this? Was she always the best gal? No, but none of us are, and I will never profess to be the most put together, kindest, whatever, person either. Because I do know I have flaws, but I know that I serve the one.

Who trumps all of that and she taught me that by the way, she showed up in life She reminded me that as long as I stay surrendered to Christ that I would be okay and that the future would be okay I don’t have to like worry about the future. I don’t have to worry about the past God is in my here and now and he’s already written the story and he’s not surprised by any of it That’s how her legacy lives on for me So I want you to stick with me because we are going to under uncover some secrets to unlocking your health potential And I want you to like step into this.

I don’t ever want to just talk to talk I don’t ever want you just to listen to me to listen I want you to find little pieces and nuggets that You are able to start implementing in your life and implementing means that you have to take action But first I really want to talk right now about the reality that many of us are living in right now Because it’s essential to understand where we are before we take steps to transformation.

Because all too often we are so focused on the transformation, like, what we want, that we really don’t understand the reality of where we are. And if we don’t understand the reality of where we are, what is the purpose of the transformation? Don’t lose sight of where you are right now, even if you have come from not being, like for me, not being 300 pounds anymore, my next transformation, I want to remember that over 300 pound woman, I want to remember where I was because I want to make sure that I don’t go back there, our history, um, what is it, our history comes to play and affects our future, right?

Use your history. Use that. Don’t let it be lost. And for crying out loud, don’t stay in your history because no one else is there either. So, we need to really understand where reality is. Like, what is our current reality? It’s all about being honest with ourselves and someone else. And I know I talked about that in the last episode, too, about that honesty piece.

There are so many times that we forget. Our minds do that. Our brains are hardwired to make it so that we don’t hurt, so that we are not hurt. So you will, your brain, this is so stupid, okay, this is so stupid, but this is how our brain is. If you start to feel any form of pain by logging your food, for example, writing down what you eat in a day, your brain is going to say, Oh my gosh, don’t do that.

That’s so bad. So don’t do it. And then you’re not going to do it. So your brain is going to provide you evidence of all the bad, all the reasons why you don’t want to log your food. Oh my gosh, I’m bad. Oh my gosh. If you eat this, you’re bad. If you tell somebody this, you’re bad. If you do this, you’re bad.

So don’t, you don’t want to feel bad. So we’re just not going to do it. And it’s avoidance. And that works in so many ways. Like that’s actually really good for us. Like. Um, Oh my gosh, I don’t want to touch that hot stove because I’ve already touched it before and it hurt. That was a bad situation. So your brain is always going to say, well, maybe your brain, but mine, I’m always touching hot things.

So maybe there is a glitch in my brain that, and my dad does it too. My dad has always just touched hot things and we always joke and say, I was just checking it out. It’s, it’s crazy. And I do have, I’m literally looking at a scar on my arm. from burning myself for making nachos the other night. Anyway, all that to say, our brains are there to support us and help us and keep us safe.

So we have to fight through that by being honest with ourselves and honest with someone else who we can trust. In the last episode, I talk about. What kind of friends you should have around you and who you should not and the one friend that would Keep you where you are is that enabler that enabler is gonna say oh, it’s fine.

You don’t need to do that There are so many other ways. They’re gonna help you find an excuse Don’t let someone else and your brain give you excuses to not be honest with yourself and honest with someone else So let’s get real here And I want you to know that I understand, I personally understand the challenges that you might be facing because it’s not easy to carry extra weight.

It can feel frustrating, especially when all that lab work comes back normal, isn’t showing any red flags and you’re like, Oh my gosh, but what is going on? Even if your lab work is not wonky, there is more to the story when it comes to your health because you see our bodies are complex and they can be incredibly resilient, masking the impact of extra weight for a while.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not taking a toll. And there are so many studies that have shown that even if your A1C, your labs, your cholesterol and so forth are in normal range, that carrying extra weight can lead to health risks. It’s like an iceberg. You might only see the tip of the iceberg, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface.

And I like to call this the root cause analogy here. Because research has revealed that those with extra weight can increase or can have increased risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, joint problems, diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer’s, all sorts of, when I say disease, like disease, like real diseases that can kill us, it can also affect our energy levels, our mental well being, and here’s the shocker, that even though So you may not have lab work coming back crazy.

Your blood sugar could still be on a roller coaster ride. Your inflammation in your body could be very high. It could be, you could have massive impacts on your health in ways that you’re not quite aware of. And that’s so important, but it’s not necessarily because of the weight. The weight is not the root cause.

Diabetes is not the root cause. Um, I’m trying to think, uh, cholesterol is not the root cause. There are other things impacting this further down the line that most doctors, even functional doctors, will not know or will not test for or will not check. And can I just bring this up for a moment? So many functional lab doctors or functional doctors want to run functional labs that are like thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Is that awesome and an ideal way to like have this full encompassing picture of, of who you are and what’s going on in your body? Absolutely. But is it necessary? Probably not. So if you’re, if you’re going to a doctor that’s saying you need to do these thousands of dollars of, of labs, I would kind of like question why.

Like it’s not always necessary. You can piece by piece and go step by step and get down to that route quickly without having to do a ton of testing. That’s why one of my favorite tests that I run is the organic acids test. It shows so much, so many roots of things and it, and it’s really glorious. So that’s one of my labs that I do like to run.

But anyway, I don’t share these facts, these facts of how You know, all of this inflammation, all of this way, all of these things happening to you. I don’t share these facts to scare you, but rather to empower you, empower you with knowledge. The understanding your current reality is the first step toward making positive changes in your life.

Being honest with yourself. It’s like shining a light on the path that leads you to health and happiness again.

So with all that said, I want to talk to you about something very serious and near and dear to my heart. And it’s why you should consider working with me as the solution you’ve been looking for. Sounds audacious, doesn’t it? Sounds audacious that I can say all these things and say, hey, working with me is your solution.

Sounds just so audacious. But I promise you, you’re going to hear some differences of how I work with my patients and clients versus how many others do, so I want you to kind of think about, as I’m talking here and talking about what it’s like to work with me, I want you to think about who else you’ve worked with.

Was it really like that? Because you, my friend, you’ve seen the reality of where you are. And it’s clear that taking action is essential. But my question is. Why should you consider working with me? Let me break it down for you in three key benefits. The first benefit is personalized guidance. I want you to think about the last time you were at your doctor’s office.

I want you to think about the last time you joined a dieting program. Um, I’m not a dieting program, just FYI. Um, I don’t believe that dieting is beneficial for a root cause solution. Um, I want you to think about the commercials you’ve seen. Programs are things that your friends are doing. Scrolling Instagram and you see Dr.

Pompeo or whatever his name is come up. Or these other programs come up. I don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. Nothing on a grand scale can be personalized without some extra characteristics and extra care taken to it. Your journey to better health is unique, just like you are. When you work with me, you’re not just another client, you’re not just another patient.

You’re someone that I get to know personally, and what’s interesting is I know your kids names usually. Um, especially if they’re under your roof, I know your husband’s names. I know what they do. I know where they work. Um, I know, I know lots of things about you because I want to know you as a whole. And the personalized guidance is also that you and I tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and your preferences.

No more cookie cutter approaches that don’t work for you. And like I said, this isn’t a dieting. I don’t do dieting programs. I used to. And there will be a podcast episode coming shortly, um, probably within the next couple of weeks of all the mistakes I made when I went into this business. Because there are so many mistakes that, that dieting programs and nutrition coaches make.

And those mistakes are leading to why people are here working with me. And it’s so many mistakes that I made myself that I realize I let down, I let people down. You see, we don’t know what we don’t know. And I’m not sitting in that, like I’m not sitting begrudgingly in that, and I don’t sit there and harp over the things that I’ve done wrong.

But I want to make known to you that there are things that nutrition coaches do wrong, nutritionists even, that do wrong that they think is going to help you. It’s because of what we’ve been taught. We can only do what we’ve been taught. And what I’ve been taught recently is that the more I learn about the body, the more questions I have and the more questions I can ask you, the more questions I can ask my network of, of other practitioners and partners that I have that we can brainstorm that is endless and you deserve more than cookie cutter approaches.

You deserve more than a dieting program. If you have extra weight in your body or you’re having certain symptoms, you don’t need a program. That is not catered or personalized for you with personal attention, with someone that needs to get to know who your spouse is, those eyeballs that are living underneath that same roof as you.

And that’s what I do here at my, in my business. Benefit number two of working with me is sustainable lifestyle changes. You guys know these these dieting programs like people that come to me are like, okay What do I need to throw out? What do I need to no longer eat? Like what’s my good and bad list? I am NOT about quick fixes here.

Crash diets and extreme workouts may show short term results But they rarely lead to long term health like I was telling you about my own personal story I am all about sustainable changes that you can maintain for life And together we will build habits that will serve you well for years to come. And then benefit number three, this is something that really sets me apart.

And that you would have a practitioner who gets it. You are not alone in this journey and there is nothing worse, and this is going to come off judgmental because it probably is. Um, and I’m just, I’m just real here. Like I said, I’m just going to be honest. But there’s nothing worse than when you see nutritionists or other holistic practitioners who have always been skinny.

Thin gorgeous all their lives or maybe they’re so super crunchy that they make you feel bad because you you like to put certain skincare on your face or you know things like that or You don’t have chickens in your backyard or you don’t have a cow or you’re not making your own sourdough or like you feel bad They always have seemed to have been fit except for when they were pregnant Like I love when they show their before and after pregnant photos I’m like you just gave yourself away that you literally have no idea what it’s like You have no idea what it’s like to be that girl that was shopping in Pretty Plus at Sears, the Pretty Plus section at Sears, wearing the extra wide shoes, um, growing up and, you know, costing mom and knowing that you’re costing mom and dad more money because your clothes don’t, aren’t as cheap as the other girls your age.

And I don’t want to put down anybody else that has other health issues because I’m sure that These nutritionists and other holistic practitioners, I’m sure they’ve had their own problems, don’t get me wrong, because we all do. But they cannot even begin to understand the psychological and physiological issues that you’ve faced day in and day out.

Like the boils. The yeast rashes in your skin folds, um, I, because of the extra skin on my body now, um, where there’s not, like the fat has kind of like gone away, um, my belly skin just kind of like hangs. And my belly button gets yeast infections often. And it’s a thing in my home, like people know about it.

There’s fear of your rolls showing dripping sweat. There’s fear of, of the bra flying up over your side back rolls. And then causing even more discomfort. That trouble buying a bra that even fits and feels good. Trying to get yourself into some spanks. I haven’t done that in years. Thank God. I’m just like, you know what?

I’m going to show up the way I show up, right? But these people don’t understand that. They don’t understand being out of breath with a friend. Like when you’ve been walking with a friend, what it’s like to be out of breath with them and try to continue and how embarrassing that is. Not wanting to go someplace to try on clothes because everything you try on makes you feel a certain way.

Right? When you work with me, you’re seen my friend. You’re valued. Your experience is valuable here. You get to be heard. You get more than 10 to 15 minutes with me, and you get to be heard. With my personalized guidance, sustainable changes, and a supportive practitioner, me, sitting there with you, you’re not just signing up for a program.

You’re stepping into a transformative experience. Remember I told you we had to like really think about, before we even started transformation, where we were. We had to be honest with ourselves and honest with me. It’s about being more than, it’s about more than just shedding pounds. It’s about getting healthier and happier.

And you might be wondering, how in the world do I get started? We’ve covered a lot today. And I think that the most important part of this episode, and every episode here, is that I need you to take action. I don’t want you to be just listeners or take in information. I want you to achieve the transformation by taking action.

Your health matters and it matters right now because the longer you wait, the more potential you have for those subtle health issues you have to become something more significant. You deserve to experience the healthy, abundant life that you’ve imagined. And I’m here to help you achieve it. And I know that it can be intimidating to take that first step, but remember that change begins outside of your comfort zone.

And when you work with me, you’re not alone in this journey. And I want you to think about this. I was that girl in her twenties, 27 years old, I think it was, sitting in the heart hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana, all day nursing my little baby girl. Waiting for my dad to come out of a quintuple bypass. Yes, that was five arteries were bypassed.

They took five pieces of veins from his legs, which later were not, we found out which later those veins in his leg, those veins were slowly seeping blood for months. Actually, I think it was weeks, not quite two months, but for weeks, his leg blew up. Um, He was in so much excruciating pain, no one believed him.

He had five arteries bypassed in his heart. He has had a pacemaker defibrillator since the early 2000s. His first heart attack was when he was 42 years old. He was diabetic in his 30s. And when my dad came out of that surgery, that quintuple bypass, He’s never been the same. He’s never been fully back. And how could he?

He was on a machine breathing for him and pumping his blood for like more than 12 hours. How could he be? He came out of the hospital on insulin. He wasn’t insulin dependent before.

He started losing his memory. He started declining much faster. And while he was still alive, don’t get me wrong, I was grateful, I am grateful that he’s still alive. But the time that he was able to spend with us fishing, hunting, teaching us things, going on adventures, my dad loved to shop, he still loves to shop.

He loves going through stores and looking at everything and, you know, he’s not one to spend a bunch of money. He just wants to look at everything and bring home a little trinket of, hey I was thinking of you, I think that would be nice for you. So, um. The reason to take action is so that you can continue to leave a legacy behind.

Just like I talked about before, the way you show up for people can change if you allow disease to enter in. So here’s what I want you to do. Again, this is bold. I want you to reach out to me today. I’m going to give you ways you can do it. I’ll link it down below in the show notes. But I want to have a conversation with no strings attached.

I want to learn about your goals, your challenges, the aspirations that you have for your life. How do you want to show up for people in your life? You can simply do this by sending me an email. Seriously, I may have a ton of emails in my inbox. Just ask my assistant. But yours is what gets flagged as priority for me.

I will be reading those emails. I will be responding to you. You can email me at hello at crying in my cheesecake. com. And seriously, tell me about you. If you had no health issues or loom looming predispositions, what would you do? Where would your challenges or what are your challenges to those goals? I do want to get to know you because you belong here.

And you deserve to be seen, known, and valued. I want you to imagine how different life could be in just a few months. More energy, better sleep, better libido, a happier outlook on life. Simply by taking a step, you’re not just investing in your health, you’re investing in your future and the legacy you get to leave behind.

So again, seriously, you can simply start as simple as sending me an email. Hello at cryinginmycheesecake. com or look at the link below. You can also book a free discovery call or you can just go for it. Just go for it and book a new patient package with me. This is you taking the, any of these things, any of these steps, emailing me, booking a free discovery call, or just going for it and booking that package.

This is you taking a step of faith and knowing that you can make a better way for yourself, for your family, your friends. You get to live life abundantly. So whether you do send me the email, you book that discovery call, maybe you do all the things I am here to listen, to guide, and to support you every step of the way.

My friend don’t let another day pass without taking action toward your health and wellbeing. You have the power to make a change, and I’m here to be your partner in this journey. You deserve more than a coach, more than a template, more than 10 to 15 minutes with your doctor. You deserve priority care and that I can provide you.

Until next time. Thank you for listening to The Crying in My Cheesecake podcast. I hope it encourages you to make the next best step in your health. Take a look at the show notes for more information or other links mentioned in this episode. If you got to this point, come and find me on Instagram and send me a DM.

Tell me that you listened to this episode and what you got out of it.

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hey, i’m Danielle

I love Jesus. I love my family. And I get joy from having a front row view of people growing toward their goals because of what I’ve taught.

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