Eye Rolls and All, I completed Whole 30

I did it. For almost all of April and a few days in May I went on this journey called Whole 30. Please don’t stop reading because I mentioned Whole 30. Don’t roll your eyes. Or do. I don’t really care. I was the eye roller just a few months ago, too. I was the– I don’t want to hear about it from anyone and certainly not how great you felt afterwards.

I’m one of those that has to start something on my own and not be coerced. I don’t join your bandwagon because you’re cool nor will I join your bandwagon just because you ask. Nope. I must research the death out of everything, ask professionals, and then decide for myself. Hard headed? Yes, that’d be me.

Let me back up a bit, though, for perspective. Del was born last March. I survived. Reached for anything and everything to simply keep me awake and functional. Many of you know I haven’t slept a full night’s sleep in over a year. October came and I was in this dark place. I needed a way out. I felt bad about myself. I didn’t feel like myself. I wasn’t living up to my own expectations. But I was so tired. My husband suggested I go ahead and join the gym again and see how that made me feel.

I did. I joined. Was able to start running little bits at a time again–depending on my husband’s schedule and Del’s ability to be without me for thirty minutes. In November I wasn’t seeing much progress and still feeling crummy about myself. Cyber Monday I joined Weight Watchers and did the breastfeeding program. In three months I lost over thirty pounds. Felt great about the weight loss, but in February I realized I was still reaching for sweets and fast-filling foods, especially in the afternoons. Because of that and the WW program allowed me to utilize those points, plus working out more and more, I wasn’t seeing the scales budge.

Enter the book It Starts with Food.  I bought it from Amazon, devoured the whole book the same day it was delivered. It was so powerful and life changing knowledge to me that I meal-prepped the next day and started Whole 30 on the third.

Honestly, I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but I knew I with my family history and personal health history I needed to do something dramatic. I may be able to run and keep that going and be strong, but that doesn’t mean I am exempt from diabetes and heart disease. I am 32 and still not needing any cholesterol medicine and not a diabetic. Knowing my younger brother was diabetic at an early age and all of my dad’s health concerns, I’m a tad terrified of it happening to me.

Me at the beginning of Whole 30 journey.

So I began this journey. The detox was real. The cravings for sugar were insane. But after the first week, I felt I could do it. It was only thirty days, right?

My Whole 30 ended this past week. I glossed over the section of what you’re supposed to do afterward and went full on food on Saturday. I had donuts and ate whatever I wanted at Scotty’s Brewhouse after church.

Cannot believe I’m sharing this, but this is after my bender. The hangover is real. Not worth it.

After thirty days of clean, whole foods for every meal, my bender left me in the car afterward with unbuttoned pants and a food hangover the next day. I kid you not. I was so sick the next day. Sunday, I went back to Whole 30 compliant foods and felt so much better.

Feeling better isn’t the only reason I did this program. I just knew in my whole being it was time. It was time to make a change and not allow myself any outs. A few things I learned? I reached/craved pizza when I was busy, didn’t have time to cook, and wanted to be full for a long period of time. And pizza is fast.

Week 2 1/2 of Whole 30. Pardon the crazy eyes, but this is when I started to feel good about myself again.

My coffee consumption went down dramatically. I felt more energized. I started cleaning (what?!). My attitude was better. I became happier. More focused. Felt emotions I hadn’t felt in a long time. I learned to not be scared of real fats. I ate until I was satisfied– didn’t count points or calories or keep track of food I ate. I learned to listen to my hunger cues vs cravings. My workouts–I was able to push harder for longer periods of time and the recovery was so much quicker. I learned tomatoes don’t agree with me.  I lost over 13 pounds in 30 days! I also learned what processed foods really do to my body and how they made me feel after one day of splurging on what used to be normal for me.

Oh. And apparently my face glows.

At ease. Week 3. Flexible. Strong. Comfortable in my skin.
Last week of Whole 30!
Whole 30 done!

You know something? I craved my Whole 30 foods again after that splurge.

Are you thinking of doing a Whole 30? Have you thought about it? What’s holding you back from trying? Feel free to comment below!

Some things I’d recommend to help you stay strong:

1. Accountability partners. People to talk to. Yell at. Send crazy pictures to. Thanks to my gals that helped me through!

2. Meal prep. Get the Whole 30 cookbook, Whole 30 book, and check places on Instagram like NomNomPaleo for inspiration. Whole 30 has a great Instagram Story every week hosted by new people that shows their food, recipes, kind of Food Network style.
3. Add in some Collagen Peptides & Sunflower Lecithin.
4. Have some fun with your food. Try to make meals that are similar to what you normally make, just substitute what you need. Makes life a tad easier.

5. Hello Fresh has many meals that would be Whole 30 compliant. If you’re interested in that option.
6. Whole 30 is not expensive. It is a change in what you’re purchasing and will likely need to purchase more often. You’ll stop buying boxed or frozen items and you’ll be going through more fresh produce and meats. Did I use all organic everything? No. I did use organic when it was reasonably priced, though.

7. I know it says don’t weigh yourself, but I did. I did 3 times before the end. I needed motivation to keep going when all I wanted was to eat something from my former palate.

8. Be prepared to feel the best of your life after completing it! Celebrate! Enjoy freedom.

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