Favorite things August 2018

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July got away from me with the move and all. The only thing I remember of July 2018 include a 26′ U-haul and multiple trips from Indianapolis to Dayton with that thing. Freaking out Dustin would roll it and die. Gracious former students who helped us move on day. The U-haul getting stuck IN the pavement of the street (HELLO THE HOFERS ARE HERE) for about 10 hours on the day we were returning it. Boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Lots and lots of calories burnt moving all those boxes and the house ourselves. July– it was quite sweaty and orange and brown.

Once August hit we started home school. I still have a post yet to be published regarding our home school venture. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I share some in the stories of our day. It sure has been a great blessing to us to choose the home school route.

1.  The cards, the letters, the messages, the texts, the phone calls from friends who mean the world to me.


When I moved to Indianapolis I was an eighteen-year-old country girl coming to the big city. I left literally everything I knew to go to college. Even though Butler University was quite small, it was hard to make deep friendships. I still have a couple of friends from college whom I talk to on the regular (or not so regular but heart talk, ya know what I mean?), but it wasn’t until my uncle recommended I go to Indian Creek Christian Church with him. He drove an hour to meet me to experience a service. I never left. I was at The Creek for fourteen years. My people are there. My people now meet without me there. The women I grew to love and know as family are no longer forced to see me every single weekend. There is something to be said for just being in the presence of my tribe for a few moments each week. It’s empowering and uplifting. I don’t have that anymore. So all those pieces of communication are big for me right now. I need reminded that I am known, loved, and welcomed to the table with my tribe. The women who sit with me, pull me, push me to the limits, the ones that I don’t feel better than nor less than. The ones I feel in true community with. I miss that feeling terribly. I miss them terribly.



2. Global Leadership Summit

I guess this is a big deal here where we moved. I’d never heard of it. Apparently it is simulcasted all over the country and all over Indiana. It only took me to move to know anything of it. Anyway this was my first experience with it. I do not condone nor approve of Bill Hybels’ current situation nor his past situations. I would never have bought a ticket had I known he was the person behind the GLS. I’m glad I didn’t know it because I went and I had a blast. I was inspired by the likes of Craig Groschel, Bishop TD Jakes, Simon Sinek, and more. I chose to send my 34th birthday at this conference and I couldn’t have thought of a better thing to do– remind myself I was born with a  purpose and that I have influence. It was so much more than that, too, but that’s the gist. If you get the opportunity next year, go! (The link above is linked to the actual site registration information. If you choose the Locations tab at the top, you’ll find the simulcast locations around the world.)


3. El Jalapeno, El Meson, El Rodeo— WE MISS YOU!!!!

Guys. This may sound super racists and super politically incorrect, but there are like no Mexicans here. None. I mean maybe a few, but not enough to have a community like it is in Indiana. There are no Mexican restaurants to speak of here. They are chains. CHAINS! Mexican food should not be a chain restaurant thing. We may have taken a trip to Columbus, Ohio a couple weeks ago to go to Rouge Fitness, but to also find us some Mexican food. Every Mexican restaurant there was packed at 2pm. Every one was a very small hole in the wall. We finally found an okay one on the way back off of I-70. What. Is. A. World. Without. Mexican. Food.?!?!   Seriously do not take your Mexican food for granted because someday you could be in a place where there is none.

P.S. All visitors must bring Mexican food.


4. My garage gym

For so long I’ve always put myself on the back burner. If I had time to work out I’d do it, but only if it didn’t conflict with all the other people in my home or the volunteer things I did. When I finally got in the routine of working out we moved. I did not want to try to find another gym with child care and be told what times I can and cannot workout. Enter in our oversized third vehicle garage side. This is my home gym. I’ve got the basics. A few things I still want/need, but this place is a reminder that I am worth it. When the wall is finished the way I want it, I will paint on there or write on the mirror, “I am worth it.” Every time I squat. Every time I jump another rope. Every time I get up from a burpee I will see, “I am worth it.”  Again a special thanks to Steph for always putting up with my random texts of questions. Seriously if you haven’t reached out to her yet or Macro Missionary, you’re missing out on a whole new type of community of people!


5. Not Terrible Podcast Season 2


I don’t care if you are a podcaster or not. You must listen to Season 2 of Not Terrible Podcast. I actually took the time to leave a review I loved it so much. The setting is two friends from high school who get together and talk about real world topics: addictions, alcoholism, what it means to be a Christ follower, raising children now vs then, and so much more. While the topics are usually serious the humor in each episode helps to make it more approachable. These gals are talented. They are serious and seriously fun.  Season 3 starts next month and it will address some topics like human trafficking, the husbands take over an episode, and they plan to have on some experts or teachers of certain topics like The Enneagram. Oh! I think they are doing a book group now, too, on The Road Back to You.  (If you have my copy, I’d really like it back eventually. I forget who I loaned it to!)


What are you loving this month? Please share below!

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