I want to step foot where my feet have never been



It’s inevitable. Someday I will die.

I will die from this earth and everything will continue going on as if my existence was just a blink of an eye. That’s because my life will have passed in a blink of an eye. Follow me for a minute…

My dear friend Paulette, wrote a bible study called Rescued: A journey from darkness to light. In that study, she gives an astounding visual of all created life. She takes a large hemp rope and asks two volunteers to stretch it across the front of the stage. On the left, she stands and holds her finger on the end. This is created time. When God breathed life into existence. He literally said let there be… She walks to the right stopping noting memorable historical moments in biblical times and in our modern history. Then she stops a little to the right of center. Holds the rope with her forefinger and thumb. The moment she’s holding on time’s continuum is where we exist. We are born, our lives take place, we die. All in that little section of the rope across the stage.

The visual has stuck with me since I saw it. We’ve heard our lives are over in a split second. It is true. But seeing that my whole life is just a piece of God’s continuum of time… that made a huge impact on me. I was born and needed for God at this specific time. I have a job, a purpose, and a reason for existing. It’s not about me. It’s a bigger picture.

Christine Caine has a story posted on her website about how the fire she has for Jesus was emblazened. In that story, she says “to Jesus, ‘If you are taking me home soon, then I am bringing as many home with me as I can'” (Find the rest here.)  Profound thinking and I want to do the same. I want my existence to bring as many home with me as I can.

To bring as many home as I can I’ll have to do things that aren’t easy. I’ll have to deal with self-control, integrity, living the life I say I believe in my home and outside my home. In private and in public. I’ll need to be in the Word, know and believe that God is who He says He is.

My relationship with Jesus will have to keep moving.

Before I kick the bucket, I want to continually step foot where my feet have never been.

This post is part of the #FridayFive link-up with Mrs. Disciple. Head on over there and see what others shared as they talked about their bucket lists.



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