I will let you draw me about beyond the shore

Into Your grace.

That is where I sit right now, in God’s grace.

The twenty to twenty-five minute drive is now ten.
The place I once called home is now a memory.
This new place is so new.

New driving slalom.
New pavement.
New greeters.

New youth ministry.
New pastors.
New seats.

What’s not new? The message.
It’s never new.
It’s never changing.
It’s never ending.
It is the redemption,

the healing,

the restoration,

the love,

the endless pursuit of Jesus wanting us with him for eternity.


While all the new happening and all the changes occurring around me, Jesus doesn’t change. He’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
For the first time in fifteen years, the drive was different.
The place I called home since 2005 fostered by burning desire to learn more about who this Jesus was. That church poured itself into me and has been a vessel for the Holy Spirit to do His work within me and make me who I am today.


That place, the place I called home, provided opportunities for growth in skills of leadership, teaching, and learning how to empathize with people. Truly get on my knees with people in their hardest times and pour out my heart to God for them. Truly see them across the table and be able to hear their hearts. That place, yeah, that place allowed me to learn compassion.

It will always be home.
Where Your love,
In wave after wave,
Crashed over me,
Crashed over me.

You made me brave.
You made me brave.

No fear can hinder now the love that made a way.

Lyrics adapted from “You make me brave” by Amanda Cook & Bethel Music

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