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I had some reconstructive surgery done on my nose and sinuses this past May and struggled to get over the effects of the anesthesia.  My dear friend, who holds some beautiful knowledge and medical degrees, told me to make some of these shakes every day to help cleanse myself.  I felt so much better after drinking them, that I’ve continued this and usually have at least one a day.  I honestly can tell a difference on the days I do not have one.

The kale gives me a kick of energy and sense of focus that coffee just doesn’t–and this girl loves her coffee!

Ingredients: Kale, Coconut Milk, Mixed Berries

Hello easy!
So here’s how I make mine:

2 cups of curly-leafed Kale (I have no idea what it is called.)

1/4-1/2 cup mixed berries

about 10-12oz coconut milk


I use my Ninja Kitchen system’s individual serving cup.


This isn’t the full 2 cups, but it is a pic of what my kale looks like. Fresh, organic kale.  I get it at Fresh Thyme for sometimes less than $3 for 2 big bundles.


Any coconut milk on sale would work, I assume?  I just picked this brand up because it was on sale and at the same store I was shopping in that day.



These berries aren’t organic.  They are just the Aldi bag.






I fill the kale in first and pack it tight.  Then pour in my coconut milk.


Place your berries in.  My strawberry was a bit too big so I did have to take it out since it was above my max fill line.


Blend the drink as much as you can.


And here is your end result or a similar representation.  Notice I have no large chunks of anything left in there.


This drink may taste bitter at first, but it is so worth it.  My body craves this energy and fuel.  I don’t crave sweets the day I drink this and I also don’t over eat on these days.  Sometimes I mix up my flavors and use the mixed fruit bag with mangos.  Whatever you feel like.  Just don’t add any extra sugars or any other ingredients.  Stick to your three!

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