ReVive–Come, we all need renewal

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Revive Workshops

TYPECAST: Being a Woman of God No Matter What Role You Play
Marcie Luhigo
Having trouble not buying into the stereotypes that society places on you? We will be exploring what Biblical women’s roles are and how they impact your life choices.

Amy Byrd
Are you experiencing a life of stolen identity? Perhaps you have accepted the opinion of what other people think about you and strive to live out their expectations, carrying the weight of their disappointments. In this session, you will explore the life of a messed up, angry, out of control woman who was destined for disaster but discovered the transforming reality of the God who sees you, hears you, and cares about you intimately.

Liz McAllister
Fullness of life is a divine gift. Our busy and stressful circumstances in life often drain us and keep us from claiming the fullness God has so freely and abundantly
given. Let’s examine different ways each of us can fill ourselves with the vibrancy that only comes from being alive in Christ.

Erika Scheck & Rachel Snyder
We all have brokenness in our lives. Sometimes it’s the everyday human kind, and sometimes it’s because life has thrown us (or someone we love) a curve ball. We feel unlovable, unfixable. But we have a God who is bigger than our brokenness—a God who wants to take our brokenness and make it into something beautiful. Will we let Him?

Lise Caldwell
We’ve been taught to have high expectations. Of ourselves, of others, even of God. But what if the Lord is calling us to have surrendered expectations? Come and learn about how aligning your expectations with the Lord could be the key to a peaceful heart.

Danielle Hofer
Women are crafty and adept at putting on believable façades. What’s really happening behind the disguise is oftentimes scary, ugly, and overwhelming, so we isolate ourselves. When stuck in the darkness of isolation, the enemy is fast to attack us. We’ll explore how to journey from darkness to light bringing a deeper and more profound relationship with Christ and the women around us.

Laura Dingman
This is a 2-part workshop
Being a woman in leadership within the church can be incredibly rewarding, but can also be draining. Leading well takes time, work, and effort. In this 2-part workshop we’ll discover where our identity should be rooted as leaders, how to navigate and cultivate transparent relationships with those we lead, and how to care for our souls while leading others well.

Alison Scott
Do you ever feel overloaded? Do you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have it all together? God never said life would be easy. There’s work, family, finances, health, and so many other everyday struggles that can weigh you down and make you feel stuck. Let’s talk about living in freedom and truth to embrace the lives we were created for.

Joy Lane
We all have a craving within us that refuses to go unsatisfied: Our need to belong. This is the driving force for how we live and shapes our identity. So, what happens to us when the things that define us are stripped away?

A Hug & A Hot Drink: The Art of Life Together
Joy Lane & Darcy Southworth
Community. We are wired for deep relationships, but how many of us are willing to let people into the reality of our life. Having intimate relationships requires vulnerability and trust. Is it worth it? Let’s explore what happens when we choose to open our homes & our hearts.

MORE than enough.
Alisa McPheron
Setting down our own definitions of who we are and what we can do, and learning to look at ourselves as God sees us. Overcoming the need to be perfect before following His calling. He wrote my story and yours, and now He wants us to use it…

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