Candace Cameron-Bure Inspired

Candace Cameron-Bure posted a question on Fb that stuck with me.  I thought it was yesterday that she posted it because it is so fresh in my mind.  But as I went back to her newsfeed, I had to keep scrolling because it was two days ago that she posted it.  It’s obviously something important and God’s been working in me through those words.   It’s been something I have been pondering, praying over, and thinking about how to apply to my daily life now since I’ve read it:

When your kids fight or misbehave, after talking and correcting them, do you pray with them? #PrayerChangesEverything #IntentionalParenting

So it got me to thinking, what do my kids see when I am correcting them?  Is it bitterness?  Anger?  Are they frightened or scared of me?

Today my two children were picking at each other, picking at me, just pushing my buttons and each other’s.  They were tired.  I was tired.  We were all on edge.  Did I respond to them in a loving manner and correct the behavior, teaching them humility (and uh-hem, even humbling myself)?

Nope!  Not at all.  I was short tempered.  Not in the yell and scream fashion because that’s not who I am.

But more in the get out of my business,

go do your own thing,

quit bothering your sister,

leave your brother’s things alone,

Who’s bothering who?

Don’t hurt her!

Don’t pester him!

and on..and on..and on…

Until an early bedtime ensued at the youngest’s urging.  Which of course made me nervous because I don’t want to be up early in the morning.  I have a hacking son, who inevitably won’t sleep well tonight…


But what if  I had stopped and prayed with my children instead of being annoyed.

What if I had grabbed their little faces to looked into their eyes and thanked God for a home full of screams and bickering because at one time I was not sure I’d ever have that opportunity to be a mom.

What if I stopped what I was doing that I thought was so important… more important than my children…

The lesson for the evening…



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