Nighttime Diapering Solutions

Are you struggling with nighttime diapering?  Are you tired of paying for separate disposable nighttime diapers?  I have some bulletproof methods that will pay off in the long run.  Disposable diapers are so expensive, let alone the companies seem to think nighttime diapers are made of gold and expect Mamas to fork over money just to throw it in the trash… literally.

Let me give you a few alternative options.  Consider putting money in up front for your nighttime diaper solutions.  Imagine knowing that you can reuse the diapers even for future children or even share between children.  Consider the option of selling your nighttime diapers when you are finished with babies.  Yes– you are making some of your investment back!  Can you do that with those made-of-gold disposables?

Here is a video of my take on nighttime diapering solutions.  (Don’t mind the kid voices in the background ;))  I also invite you to click the below link to check out some cloth diapers and more information at my favorite cloth diaper store.


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