Radio Silence and Refocus

Radio silence is a terminology used when a set of radio stations, anyone that can transmit a radio signal, are asked to be silent. The radio waves are open and silent so that they may receive important information in a time of emergency crisis, safety, and security. Oftentimes this is used in our military and local law enforcement agencies. In the military a naval ship may go radio silent as they are trying to remain unseen and unheard when getting close to enemy territory. Law enforcement may go radio silent so as to only transmit very important information in pursuit of a criminal, for example. Essentially, radio silence provides safety to those wanting to remain hidden and also provides a means of vital information shared.


Lately I’ve been living in radio silence. I’ve shut down much of my social life, to include social media. If you see me on Facebook it is not sharing a ton of things like I usually do. It may be a like here and there, but I typically get on and check notifications once a day. Instagram has become my niche place because I’m in control of what I see and what I don’t. I want to see positive and encouraging posts and people. My mind has not been able to handle negativity lately. Negativity in all forms lately became something I couldn’t slough off anymore. I was carrying everyone’s negativity and issues around as my own.


Add onto that, I have not been meeting women for coffee or play dates either. All year long I make an effort to get out of the house and be the salt and light of the earth with other women and children. It’s the phase of life I’m in, I’m sure, and that makes it logical to do this. We schedule them as play dates. What those play dates end up being is life giving for me. I see God’s handiwork in humanity. Currently, though, I haven’t had the capacity to see anyone socially.


I’ve not been writing. Nothing has come out of my brain to my fingertips in a very long time. In fact, I couldn’t even compose an email. It all seemed so overwhelming. Any form of writing has been a struggle.


All this silence on my part is not without purpose. I know I was placed in radio silence so I could be open to receive in safety. My life has been through some massive changes and when changes occur, complications arise. Everything I know about my adult life, one thing I found security and routine in, is now gone. It’s a bittersweet moment in my life. While the change is most definitely a huge benefit to our family, it’s also bittersweet to realize the old way of life is gone.


Why is it we cling to the old so hard? Sometimes we cling to the old so hard that it hinders the blessings of the new. It’s kind of like choosing to get rid of baby clothes. Getting rid of baby clothes is so much more than getting rid of stuff. It’s also choosing to say, “I am done with this period of life. This season is no longer where I belong.” If we continue to cling to those baby clothes, we will miss out on so much more to be had in the reality of our present season of life. I’m doing this, right now, too, because major life changes aren’t enough.


It takes intentional effort to be open to receive during these times. It would be so easy to shut down on all fronts, but I’m positive this isn’t the purpose of this time. I went out of my way searching for ways to find my focus and to be in the word of God daily. Cultivate What Matters is the resource I landed on. As a type A, obsessively controlling, and strong leader, their Powersheets made me succumb to my emotions. I realized how much I put on my plate that wasn’t necessary. I realized what my goals really were. I learned places I could say no. It was quite freeing to finally give in and to find focus again.

I’ve also begun their Write the Word journal—Renewal. I cannot believe how powerful and straight to the point they are. It provides me a means of being in the word and also a means of reflection and application.


So during my radio silence, instead of crumbling to darkness, I chose to seek the light. I chose to lean in and focus on the real priorities in front of me. Powersheets helped me to see what my race was. I’m only participating in things that give me life and not suck it from me. As a wife, mom, and ministry leader, I must say no to all things that hinder, deter me from the track of life I’m on, and run the race I’ve been given not the one I’ve made for myself.

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