Remember that one time…

Remember that one time I wrote a blog about how great I felt at 31 weeks? Yeah, that may have been a death sentence! ? not long after it was published, I started to do my normal workout routine. Nothing new and nothing terribly strenuous. I was about 30 minutes into my workout when it was time for the side planks. No problem. I lifted myself and felt a tug and tightening. Refreshing I can still perform such a task.


Then apparently my uterus had enough of the side plank and started contracting. It was Braxton Hicks, thank goodness, (never had them before) but it started in my lower back and wrapped around my abdomen and then down my legs just like labor contractions. I may have come down paralyzed and laid there until I felt that familiar watering in the back of my throat. You know, the sign the porcelain thrown is calling for you?


That is all. Because I’ve been taking more and more time to rest and relax since then. This whole feeling pregnant thing sure did sneak up on me.

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